58 thoughts on “MOBAY FOX GET HOLD A MD WID 5 KEY

  1. Should have retired long time an a run a clean business n just build. Damn craven choke him fi di next 20 years
    Dem dont know when to top.

  2. a 2 years now them a watch him met and the fool go a dream weekend go dash weh 50,000 pon gal and rent porsche car and villa and kept big show sunday with 95 money with rapist elephant man to fire man and show get flop him and informer stun boom did a par


  4. @ DMV bad gyal or bitch mon the day I get a hold of you will be a very sad day. U sit around close by and talk mad shit wey u don’t know. Stop hating all your life and get a job you hating ass man bitch….Since you love chat everyone in the DMV.

      1. DWL. This ya smaddie must a suffer from all types of crazy to be threatening an unknown person. Go see how them pressure high.

        1. Well fox is my friend from school days and am sure that he is no fool at all he did what he did to make himself happy and comfrotble in life some people just chat too much and don’t know one thing about fox.

    1. stun boom fake ass girl weh name tanya wet can’t dress for shit stop been an internet bad gal i don’t have be anonymous likee i said dmv bad gal so you and your sis can do is talk i stake a nerve

    2. stun boom a call the man named hard inna the baber shop she now bill till next year and the man just call him the boy can talk likee girl with him fake gold chain and clothes them him toon get pick up to oh i forget him and chang the red boy and 95 marvin got there badge they good

    3. Make sure you ready fi go rub a prison sentence whey mek you regret the day you claims say you baddda dan any bull bukka n duppy conkarah!

      DMV bad gal big up yu self!

  5. Who making threats? People sit here and make up lies & talk things wey they don’t know. Telling someone it will be a sad day is not a threat……
    Now saying I will give $5,000 to the person who can lead me to that person. Now that is a threat!!!! Know the difference…If people can come here and throw people name in mixup about shit they don’t know you are threatening that person’s life. Are you not?!?!? You don’t know who come on here, read and believe this bullshit!!!

    1. The time you took to come here and try bully people into not typing/talking why don’t you get ready for the 20yrs worth of trips you going to make at the jailhouse for your drugs man? He got caught honey, go deal with it. Hopefully you were not one of those females who namebrand out his money and I hope you stay loyal the same way you are loyal to come here with your tired threats.

    2. Nah bitch you made a threat!

      Now you SOLICITING!

      Your IP needs to be reported then you will be able to rationalize you bullshit to the law.

      Btw,since you so hell bent on doing harm to the blogger you don’t need to remain anonymous…or you a coward? Yu fi dwell a prison like a cage ape.

  6. Met one thing I can say about FOX he is very ambitious this is not to FLIPPA MAFIA this man has businesses upon business’s !!!!
    He Has apartment schemes
    He just built a nursing home
    And he has a record label or whatever something in music
    Has yachts all over Mobay
    This man money longer and larger than life this ain’t no idiot FLIPPA Mafia unu don’t come diss me man so dwllll

    Very low key nigga but he’s very cocky this nigga ambitious bad love him down Fox you had enough money illegally and legally …
    Sad to see This happen my dear friend

    Oh cocky sweet bad to

    1. Well I guess you will be a very busy lady. You have businesses to run, yatch’s to sail, Lots of rent to collect, and a nursing home to administer. By the way will you be hiring? I know a few people who a look a work.

  7. The illegal money stifles the growth of other people’s legal business. I’m very happy he got caught. Tired of them.

      1. You nuh have NO behavior :ngakak These people are so foolish and a set a bully they think they can come on your site with their madness and people will stop talk. I hope they put some of Fox money away because all the businesses when the feds get a hold a them everything shall get taken away. Before they gwan go think how to hide some a fox assets they here with they silly fingers banging their phones. lol.

        1. But how can someone go online go tell someone they dont have no idea about seh dem a go cut out dem tongue dem mad more than bad :travel

  8. I know Fox well, cool dude !

    A bit greedy as someone stated he was good financially and definitely not a flippa mafia floss and broke mentality ! def not

    he is a long time big man for real matter of time i guess.

    he’ll be alright he well connected

    1. Just a question wicked, no badda cuss me. What does being well connected has to do with maybe 20-40yrs with 5keys and that money? Yes he will be alright sitting in prison looking at the walls. Me just a sah. lol Greedy dog loose them bone. I feel sorry for these hustlers, not to mention the kids and family that they leaving to go serve them time.

  9. Hi Met and good day….mi ago wah you and the bloggers tek time wid Anon enoooo lol di he or she just mad their ppl get hold and a vent lol….but Anon u wah cut out ppl freedom a speech weapon a bet if you can vote you would vote for Trump….be honest cause all the dream him and Fox sell you must be true and we are all fools not to take their sides don’t?

  10. The FBI who just set up shop on our island will probably be on their grind trying to piece together the money trails and assets for confiscation along with their colleagues in the States.
    The drug came has two set of addicts the users and the sellers. Tired of seeing people who more than made it stay in the game only to get outplayed in the end.

    1. that is exactly what they will do, but these guys are smart and will purchase these assets in other people’s name like some cousin or friend. Rogerdot yuh a the next one cah mi nuh know why unnu love social media so and unnu know unnu inna wrong doings and love show off so pon people yuh post the porsche the apartments and the lavish trips abroad. word to the wise no neck Rogerdot…

  11. Daja is the one who been helping the feds build a case againts fox for some time now. she been a work wid the feds for the longest. 2 people i personally know she send away already.

  12. So if u know Titania then come see me. Point blank period. I’m pretty sure u know where I stay…Apparently you see me all the time so you at an advantage huh? Stop hiding behind a computer you f**g pussy!! When people calling me early this morning about ignorant no life having bitch niggas. You a straight battymon!! Trust me we will buck up!

  13. Boy u love call people name? People an informer? You are the REAL informer! You see how dunce & ignorant you are… People chat like gyal but bitch nigga you the one on pink wall like a straight he bitch!! You must be jealous and love mon or you go bi cause you on my name too! You must be one of those hating ass niggas or his pop down baby mother/wife/girlfriend Begging my man for clothes from his “fake” gold chain all the way down to his versace draws! You say i can’t dress but you nuh stop look pon me! Stop watching us. You hating so much that this wasn’t even about us but you still put us in it . F***G CLOWN! You must have our picture in your house or as your screen saver cause you are truly obsessed! Keep talking cause my next post I’m going to start calling names on you hating begging bitch or he bitch!! Mi ago draw u out

  14. Boy a lot of haters on here, when people don’t work u cuss dem when them make money you cuss dem the man is no murder just making money any means necessary as Malcolm x seh a we seh rich and happy

  15. stuna boom wear a lot of fake clothes tho and do a lot of counterfi miney and crewit card so don’t let met pull his file cause the whole dmv would lit just me just go back in your corner

  16. stuna boom do a lot of counter fee and credit card scam so what are you talking if met should pull is file the whole dmv wouldd lit

  17. All now no response…That’s what I thought. Begging like a true sufferer…..Begging like this a third world country. I know when you see me u will not say shit!! You call yourself DMV BAD GYAL!! LMFAO!!!I can’t stop laughing. You a real f***g joke!!

  18. What are you talking about??? Shut up you illiterate fool. Learn how to spell before you come on here trying to get 5 minutes of fame….About credit card scam and fake clothes. Pull the file nuh and put me in my corner!! You sound lame…come with something different.

  19. Gregory ‘FOX’ Lindo born July 13 1978 I know that’s not the name he got locked up in!! Fox have him American book that him buy years now! During the incident a mobay with movado in 2011 he was the same person trying to buy out the people them. When the police lock him up,and let him surrender his documents. A the American book him fly out pon! Nothing about fox is cool,someone up top said he was very low key,nothing about fox is low key!! Him love social media too much everything him post! But a long run short catch! Young lady up top that say the cocky sweet,where it sweet you in your ASS? Because fox nuh fraid fi talk say him love f**k in a batty!

    1. Yea he was a freak yes ! that don’t mean he not cool tho lmaooooo he’s a cool guy.. Girl what fox do to u? Come tell me leave the man alone he is low key ! U don’t see fox in no dancehall hype mek u nuh Gweh .. Why u hate di man? Him have up him things and fox just come on social media JUST! He was never on social media and the reason he on there now is because of the music business .. The bookings etc so stop chat what u don’t fckin know !!!

  20. dutty boom boom leave me out of your mouth wen kay no stop sit down inna your face when you have fi a take pill for you little buddy and don’t get me started before mi run you file batty wash boy the gal them a talk and your dumm ass girll wet a stay inna your mother basement with don’t known wet you did eh last tuesday so if you known what i known parking lot pumpng shut the f***up before i melt your ass and fyi am pretty brown wet you always a look no need to hide ask chang bout me and **fyi your fake ass $5000 wet you got on my head will get ppl doing feds time oh i forgot you did 9 months and no parole nor probation (informer) and get money m lock up i run your file if you call my name a again

  21. Yesss i draw u out!!!! I already done you washed up DMV BAD GYAL! Come again. You sound sooo frighten right now. Why i need to ask about you? You the one dig in my business and worry bout me & boom…. Therefore bitch/ bitch nigga your NOT the important one here darling!! You wish someone put a hit on you dutty begging DMV GYAL. Remember your behind a computer dumb bitch!??! Your head hurting you boo? Stalking obessed bitch nigga!!! You a fret while we in here together comfortable laughing at your dumb ass!!! Continue talking waste gyal bitch nigga….

  22. Boom Boom yu need to go easy because a you next the Feds a come fa! Remember say how you and FOX get “RICH” a uno own friends uno guh round. And take over the people dem links! Country boy BOOM BOOM don’t make wi start talk the things dem bout yu! FOX a social media too much!

  23. When people delight and rejoice in other people misfortune…they should remember rain dont fall on one”s man house top

  24. Now Ms DMV BAD GYAL….wat did fox do u for you to have time to come and stir up an antsmest ….u seem to be a go-getter and someone who has your ears to the street..wats d deal my dear

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