Them Mobay Man Yah Yuh See All Them DO A Walk Rounf And Beat People Gyal Pickny ! Unu Fi Stop It This A One Yah Go All The Way Northlane Yesterday Go beat Up the people Dem Gyal Pickny And Buss Up Her Eye She End Up get 4 stitches! All because dem a argue and him tell the girl hot word and she tell him back ! Gyal Strength alone Unu have


One thought on “MOBAY WOMAN BEATER

  1. Woman fi stop walk near di man beater dem…a nuh jus today nuff a dem get up a lick woman…but guess wah woman still run go deh and all wen dem get lick dem still a go back and a nuh till dem and di man lef dem a cuss but how him did abusive…woman fi stand stand up fi demself and stop tek crap!

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