1. Guess she pointed to the chart the surgeon gave her and ask for granny titties lol. This bytch is fake from head toe and tore up from the floor up. More dancehall trash that needs to be dumped at the landfill. I guess when you wear designer knock offs you have to get knock off surgery as well :ngakak :ngakak

  2. Lmao^^^ “tore up from the floor up”. Yuh nuh see di picture she post inna di white sumn and har patch up nipple dem did a show. Dem look crawny bad and full a keloids, wid har bricks for butt self

  3. what she needed was a lift and bigger implants to take up all that space her long titties had

    or she should have been wearing sports bras from the day of her surgery til now and not let them just hang and take set at her navel

    tax time soon come , time for a re-do

  4. Dont blame the doctor blame shi shi should have waited to heal good b4 shi expose dem shi couldnt wait dem gal yah disgusting uno noh si how yankie michelle body look like wendy williams now lawd God

    1. Yes but people mus tell har seh not cause breast fake she fi go out without bra and now the breast dem look di way dem was before

  5. MET d gal dem a hyprocrite to dem one another cause mi hear dem close to her a ask if kim cah tell her but mi hear sah shi love bex fi d truth soh dats y ppl lowe er it tan bad man shi soon goh fix it shi a wait fi get d credit card load hahahaahahah more time u tell ppl d truth dem tink a lie an hype an cuss her breast dem spoil dem sick mon shi never wear d training bra shi did well wah show dem aff an dem get soggy

  6. Y’all love that girl Jody why ?? Why y’all care about HER breast , key word HER !! Come off ah di gal I bet she can still f**k yuh man

    1. Lol u fool bad, man take up anything nowadays so Ye she can f**k some girl man , that’s what whores do … we never said she couldn’t , we just said her breast long and look bad, awful boob job. We ain’t lying

      1. Granted , but y’all giving y’all opinion and she ain’t asked for it and I’m sure she doesn’t care , y’all obsess wid di gal her breast can b fixed so y’all don’t need to worry bout them and then y’all muthef**kers wanna b anonymous if y’all gonna talk y’all shit don’t hide behind y’all screens say who u r

  7. She didn’t wear the surgical bra for the time. And the implant size (cc’s) was too big for her frame. That is why it look so. Kmt u coulda save the money

  8. Listen I don’t get why Jodi do that to herself its sad…Her mother name June the mother got implants too. like mother like daughter. June her mother is a waste gal too… Jodi born in America and because her mother couldn’t take care of Jodi for whatever reason, she sent JODI to Jamaica with her estranged family to raise JODI. June did not raise JODI. Jodi not too long come back to America where she was born…She has no home training and no class. Her mother is a careless woman with no education.

    1. u learn something new everyday smh
      thought she was born in jamaica ole idiot yankee gal
      but come to think of it when she just start off in dancehall it was she and some yankee girls was parrin always wearing timbs and stuff .. mi frighten fi see she an kim all ana sudden

  9. @june daughter I notice every time a story dash up bout Jodi yu run come a chat bout har mother like yu have up di woman! Yu too bright! Jodi is a grown ass woman who make her own decisions but yu nuh know shit. How yu fi a blame June fi Jodi nasty life! June did her best with Jodi at the time. How yu mean fi sey har mother careless with no education who the phuck is you. Fi a careless woman she married bout 4 years now had a daughter 3 years ago and well happy with a har white man and her family and she still have har damn good paying job. How you doing???? Badmind reader! June did her best with that girl but Jodi just love follow crowd & don’t have a mind of her own. June nuh have shit fi do wid dat, pitch off a har now.

  10. Nasty bloodclat Shauna big stinking woman weh uh nuh stop watch out me young bloodclat life eeeee nasty saddamite gyal uh too old I wouldn’t f**k uh with a pole shit mouth gyal Mek me tell uh this and listen the f**k up me Deh in the streets from me a 15 years old ask my mother that don’t pass uh bloodclat place with me jerms bout love corwd a uh Pussy crowdy ! A uh Pussy don’t have a mind of its own loeeeeeeee me pit mouth shauna loeeeee me a unu a pink wall me and me mother you dutty woman ! Why unu big woman weh f**k out unu life and f**k out unu time love stop with young gyal????????? Uh know something bout me talk up talk what uh hear ! How uh know me love follow back a people cause a one friend me have and she will give me her last so me have to follow her and shauna ask. Y mother me have a mind of my own long time cause out of her 5 kids me stand firm pan me own long bloodclat time come suck me Pussy.

    1. Soooooooooo answer me this….. how all of that irrelevant information you just threw up stop the fact that your breasts are an EPIC FAIL?

    2. Sooooooo ummmm Jodie, explain how all that irrelevant information that you just spewed out stops the fact that your semi-new breasts long like a night in Central bookings? You should be ashamed that you been in the streets from such a young age and all now u nun BINGO lmao, all the clothes and shoes you have/buy/Steal you still ah kotch with Man Royal Kim? Tell me how u work out that maths mum? Worse u born in the US, No free school, no government grant, no voucher Uncle Sam pickney nothing just nothing so? Also Oxymoron, YOU CANT CLAIM U STAND ON YOUR OWN IF U HAVE A TOMBMATE (Yes Tombmate, cause the two ah undo dead) that’s not your child. You not even 30 and u dun like the last day of school smh girl bye and go take them plastic slippers and throw them in the recycling bin

  11. Nicholas a mad over me and wah fly me come Miami and give me him money and tell me all the sweet nothings in the world but unlike unu weh walk and mind cockey cause him telllll me I don’t but dream and no boy can’t trick me and f**k me

  12. Jodi, mi have yu on whatsapp voice note a bawl and a tell Nicholas sey yu hungry when yu Miami last year go do yu breast wid di ppl dem credit card monkey beat out gyal, ask yu mother nuh gyal neva beat mi yet but mi see yu get beat up regularly. Yu a f**k box from yu dey a Jamaica, yu spread out fi anything and anybody waste basket. Yu lower than germs, yu sad nuh bloodclathh not even if n when yu clean up yu nasty cob web Riverton Dump walking cemetery life sick gyal Jodi you can’t stop with me. Mi a better n badder woman fi yu but yu know DAT. All a yu fren dem will turn on you with one phone call strength out elastic Jodi. So shut di f** up n go chew a pussy cause yu confuse.

  13. Nasty Jodi, June chat yu like dog! She tell mi how much yu jealous ova har cause Bounty did a look har n go behind har back n phuck Bounty germs! Yu mother tell mi how much yu plan baby shower n yu baby father run yu n how much yu a send invitation to him mother gyal every man yu tek dem run yu whey. Don’t phuck yuself n mek mi release yu video & yu tape whey dat same Nicholas send come give me. Nobody wants ugly water mouth stinking Nicholas only you cause a him a feed yu! Yu a him personal house dog! Him a look mi & mi run him. Me nuh tek regular drug dealer cause mi have mi own money & mi own things. You & him match di two a unno dunce alike. Oh him sey yu carry an odor. Homeless Jodi yu eva inna money problem and always a share room and apartment wid ppl. How much time June kick out germs! Dirty smell bad shit up pussy Jodi come talk up now. Yu haffi thief things fi keep a man attention. Yu hungry n tiad yu DON’T LOOK GOOD JODI, YU LOOK LIKE SOMETHING WHEY A DRY UP N WITHER. GYAL when you get a regular paying 9-5 or 8-5 where you get a W2 then I might give yu di side eye nastiness. Until then anything a anything when mi see a New York mek sure yu lip dem heavy n yu fingers hot same way yu hear mi Germs.

    1. U love her just say it u wanna suck her pussy cuz y’all know so much about a person u don’t like clown bitches y’all love Jodi admit it

  14. I DONT GET Y THIS GIRL LIFE AH BOTHER UNU SO MUCH , Y DO YALL KNOW SO MUCH ABOUT HER y’all all sound stalkerish and in love wid di girl

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