dhq_nickeishaM&N #CLEANNFRESH my Bae my main one my best friend I love him soo much WHY because HE KNOWS HOW TO TREAT A WOMAN he make me feel special,the make sure I’m ok and have everything I needed, he make me feel like I’m the only woman in the world,he’s a very kind an loving person, he makes me smile every day especially when we are home playing around like two kids😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 even when we watching scary movies he always frighten me an then we started to play again he reminds me when I’m playing with my son when ever my son got all his spellings correct😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
there is never a dull moment when I’m with him if I’m sad about something he’s sad too an and always give me good advise , he is a very smart person,and always speak positive THAT A WHY I LOVE HIM and I KNOW HE LOVE ME TOO @marvinthebeast__ 😘😙😙😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍❤💛💛💖💛💛💛💖💛💏💏💏💏💏💯💯💯🖒🖒🖒🖒💖💛❤❤💛💛❤💛💛💛💛❤❤

28 thoughts on “MONDEH CLOWN SHOW

  1. Anytime dem nah get enough attention this a weh dem duh. The worst part bout this is that she can’t deliver herself properly and her grammar is awful. This need to be deleted from her page. This proof of a First Class Dunce!!!

  2. Sas peas, she owe me a Panadol fi the headache me get trying to read that. Me like she, I will only be posting emojis….

  3. Half a the Jamaica inner city girls can’t do better. Big up u self Nikki. No a new fan… dunno leave the girl men she love har man. Have a unno who a chat for even know how love feel. Bitches..

  4. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :nerd if I laugh I kin ova a wah book an pen duh har she nuh gi dem nuh ratings doe. Marvin gi har stew peas… him bring har dung star mi nuh like it.

  5. As Shebada wudda sey, a wey cudda cause all a diss. Some people fi leff di typing ting alone. Social media just shows up the dunce bat dem…Met yu nuh si sey Yardie needed back. Only him one numo could a decipher wey shi a sey cause chuss mi, when mi dun read wey shi write mi bine up!

    1. :ngakak this girl is one a dem whey har madda shudda beat man outa har head because a nuh dancing alone did full it up in school.

  6. Whether one is a fan or not, this nuh right. When you inna the lime light one can ATLEAST use proper grammars and/or spell checks. Both a dem cah bad. Smart phone these days have spell checks. One or two mistakes nuh bad cuz the average human IQ will allow you to pick up what is intended to be written. But this is not fi nickesha alone. All the social media kings and queens. PLEASE TO GOOGLE THE SPELLINGS BEFORE YOU POST OR UNU MEK SMADDY WTITE THE STATUS OR UNU JUST KEEP THE STATUS SHORT


  7. Mi nuh know why di whole a dem nuh guh back a school a get even di basics. How shi a guh help har son. Merciful fada. Mi nuh sey everybody fi have nuh heaps a subject but as a dancer wey a look international stardom, yu haffi can read an write well. A suh cums promoter tek unno fi idiat and rob unno an gi unno likkle an nutten. Mi is an information junkie, mi memba Shabba Ranks sey him did a buy house up inna di hills and because him is a likkle ghetto yute, lawyer bwoy did waan rob him. Movado has that same story. Shaggy, Sean Paul, Wayne Marshall (mi love him yu si, if Tami nuh want him mi fuss wudda grab him), doan face dat type of discrimination because dem can articulate. Mi love, a nuh juss skin out or love for your man a dweet, tek yu book. Cause all di fire wey yu tink yu a push, unno love neva hot like D’Angel & Beenie Man, Carlene & Beenie Man, Raine Seville & Bugle, Yendi & Chino and seet dey, where are any of those couples. If yu waan likkle free tutoring link Met an mi wi gi yu mi niece number, shi a high school teacher dung a Jamaica. Mi serious *kiss di cross*

  8. The only people who hate on this chick are females who are either:
    1) Side-chicks
    2) Single with no man
    I’m sure with regards to education, I’m with in the top 5% of individuals who frequent this site and I CAN understand her clearly.
    With that said, leave the girl alone! her lack of proof- reading shouldn’t offend you to the point where you have to constantly sound off on her grammatical flaws. Believe it or not most of the dancehall crowd is not highly educated and she’s fairly articulate for the realm she’s in.

    1. The only person who would write a comment like this is someone whose head is half way up a man’s ass so much so that his wedding ring goes unseen. Why would you put other people in a self-invented percentile that doesn’t even make sense. You are one of the top 5% of individuals that visit this site? Does that make any kinda sense? Talk trute? :travel

      1. Stupid much aren’t we MET? I think you need to re-read my sentence about the 5% more slowly because it is clear you don’t understand what I wrote based off your moronic answer. It’s obvious to me that the way you go after girls who are in relationship with men (DHQ Nicki, Kasi) with such anger and vigor you definetly are apart of one of the categories mentioned prior or possibly a third category #TeamLesbian :ngakak :ngakak #SucksToBeYouLiterally

        1. Who cares? Yuh put yourself ina unknown percentile yessideh and come announce your team today. No one cares. Yuh could be team dog or horse so if that gives you freedom then by all means

          1. Again another misfire from your end on the gist of my point and you’re there calling this girl a dunce and you can’t even grasp basic points… The team I was highlighting was yours not mines. You should follow your own messages and apply it to peoples relationships who you seem to be overly invested in “no one cares!” Whether she wants to profess her love for a man you don’t approve of, I’m sure she doesn’t approve of your lint licking lifestyle either. MET stop bad minding heterosexual relationships you sodomite.

  9. Dwrl is wa could a cause dis?!!! It is not even the spell check, it’s the elementary diction as well. And by elementary I mean the simplest or basic school grammar. Not buying out Met and Anon ting but I don’t get the 5% thing either. Do you mean you are within the top 5 persons who frequent the site?

  10. so what Anon is saying, is that… in regards to education, out of all the people who visit and comment on this site, only 5% are educated (i think that’s what it saying) and that they are among that 5% and she/he don’t see any grammatical error with the post, so the remaining 95% are dunces***, apparently, and is either single or a side chick that’s why we have a problem with the post, and we have a problem with ppl who have man…

    Sorry to say #TeamLesbian you’re wrong, you alone and thats 0.01% share that view… the damn post wrong… for an adult the post no sound right not even my grade 5 cousin would write that crap, her vocabulary is very limited, she must refrain from writing those epistles, bout Marvin make her happy like when her son get all him spelling right KMT Her son have to start teach she n Marvin fi spell and construct a decent sentence…

    P.S. Nobody in dem right mind can hate pon a man clown, no, a concubine man clown!

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