IG thief all this ugly duppy walk and do is thief females money in every country like England Canada & Amercia is there anyone else who can say that he rob them




  1. I believe it. All him do is beg money and then nuh waan pay back. Him have multiple girls in his phone that he tells the same story too. Him other friend DJ Kidd is the same way . Love walk and borrow money from women.

    1. If you have 10 woman that you ask for $100 every week that equals $1,000.
      4 weeks in a month=$4,000
      52 weeks in a year=$208,000

  2. U up top weh a chat ova $100 move u rass an gweh it matters not if a$100 or $1.00 u borrow u fi pay back TEIFING fish looking Nick guh pay di people dem back dem money u rass T.E.I.F u

  3. Nick love thief ppl money no matter how small it is and ina dance a hype broke hype boy. Nick give the ppl them back there money you is a f** petty thief.

  4. Dj Kidd is nothing like nick. Him work more than two jobs. That’s y them say show me your company tell you who you are.

    1. U obviously don’t know him then. He work one job n then DJ. him is a next hype Fi nothing. Him love “borrow” money from females too and then give them hell when it’s time to pay it back. They claim that’s why he won’t leave his baby mother bc apparently she’s the breadwinner so him know him can get certain things out of her all while giving her bun with the Tri state area.

  5. Nick I need my 200 from you. I can’t believe a so much ppl money you a tek. What kind of heart you have. Me need me money f***g bright. You pon snap a show money I need it. Me no know what kind of broke hustle you is.

  6. So y everybody decide to come forward now ? U whe seh him deh pan snap and see him post money .. y didn’t u ask for it then ? FOH wid that shit

  7. Nick nick nick… nick link me bout some business weh day and i dont know him fr nowhere he was referred by somebody else. Ago tell me do work and him put the money in my account. Thank god me no fool and tell him when me get the money me start draft the stuff

    1. DWL one time he asked me to pay his phone bill and he would put the money in my account. DWL mi tell him mi nuh have noooooo money in my acct. I wasn’t falling for it. Like why u can’t bring the money first and I’ll deposit it n pay it . Him damn lucky

  8. He go around telling lies to get ppl money how you mean y come forward now. How you no know say a tired ppl tired fi call him phone so them put him pon blast now go sit dun fi u no have shit fi say. You need to get foh. Wait him soon f**k with the wrong people money. Stop walk and thief and broke ina ppl house. Lesson learnt

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