Hi met I have been scammed. About two months ago I gave this girl “Kelly” (Donaline Dumerville) $4500 for a three bedroom in Queens. After giving me the run around and putting off the move in date five different times one evening I just popped up over there. To my suprise I ran into two other people who said they gave her money for the same apartment one since July and the other since june. To find out four other people were victims. She has an accomplice name Marlene who she says is her best friend who is also in on the scamming. MARLENE IS SCRATCHY BABY MOTHER FROM DUNKIRK.
I want back my money!!!!Kelly is now in Rikers on 4 counts of GRAND LARCENY this lady has no papers and is from St.Lucia. Two ah unno need to go look a workkkkkkkkkk n stop the scamming people haffi work too hard.



  1. who is scratchy from kirk, and dis marlene yah? unu too wicked inna dem hard times yah gi the ppl dem back dem money

  2. Listen me dear dem nearly catch me friend but guess wah wen dem start show her d house she start like she a show her husband just fi get the inna d video guess wah???? D next day she goh a d house pon springfield a 7 other ppl dah bout wid d rightful owner listen mi.dear a pure scam dah bout goh report it

    1. YESSS BOTH OF THEM ARE TWO SCAMMERS THE HOUSE IS ON (Edited) Springfield…both of them are scammers Marlene act like she dont kno whats going on.

  3. Sender, I don’t think you going to get dat money back. She dun inna jail and illegal so what would be the incentive for her to make restitution? Rental fraud has become very prevalent in recent years, tenants have to do their due diligence with private rentals.

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