March Pen massacre refuels gang war – Klansman split leads to murders – Men vow revenge for killings
Rudolph Brown/Photographer People look on as Sonia McDonald (in blue shirt), the mother of two of the persons killed, is hugged and comforted by a resident and Elder Omar Ricketts from Harmony Gospel Chapel, prays yesterday.

Rudolph Brown/Photographer Jennifer McDonald, (centre), whose daughter and grandchild were killed in the attack, is comforted by residents yesterday.

The killing of five people in the March Pen Road area of St Catherine yesterday may have started a war that from all indications will be bloody, leads to more loss of lives, and could threaten to shutdown the Old Capital, residents have said.

A reported in-fighting within the Klansman gang is reportedly at the heart of the killings, and according to residents, men from the community where the tragic murders occur have vowed to exact revenge on their one-time partners in crime.


The residents say the recent acquittal of a top member of the gang has refuelled a long-standing power struggle between the group’s top brass. They said the man who was recently acquitted is going against another top member, who recently returned from abroad for the gang’s leadership.

It is understood that some men from the March Pen Road area, including some close to the family who were murdered yesterday, have been aligning themselves with the acquitted member. This has reportedly angered the other top member resulting in the attack being carried out in the wee hours yesterday.

“Everybady know dem one anedda, everybady know who dweet an’ di man dem nah go tek it so, so prepare fi di worse,” one resident warned. “It look like di man dem did dun mek up dem mind that even if dem no find who dem want, people did haffi dead.”

The five killed and burnt included three children and two women. Another child and a man were also injured in the attack.

“This is wickedness, what di two-year-old could have done to deserve that? This turn di place inna ghost town,” another resident said, adding that the police might need to have a base in the area.

Police Commissioner Dr Carl Williams confirmed that the return of the man who was recently acquitted has coincided with the upsurge of violence.

“We have noticed a resurgence of violence primarily in Spanish Town and surrounding communities, since the release of this area leader, the investigators are working on a strategy to deal with the problem,” Williams told THE STAR .

He pointed out that he was not saying the area leader is the cause of the upsurge, but the police are doing their investigations.

“The police have collected statements and have been made aware of the major players. They have received directives to release the names of wanted persons and persons of interest therefore we need the assistance of the citizenry to assist with solving this crime,” Williams said.

Last night, a curfew was imposed on the March Pen community and surrounding areas.


  1. Adding that police needs to have a base in the area? What about all a YOU in the area give the murderers to the police? How about that? What a thing Jamaica come to? Women and children are being killed, 2yr old babies? SMH. The man them a go hard and they have no heart.

  2. The people in the communities being affected kno is who doing it…if police hold anyone them not going talk and seh that is the person…if police kill none a dem, dem same one inna di community is who going protest and bawl pon news bout innocent and all want go bun down di station because of the killing!

    Tek how nuff a dem ppl yah talk with a grain a salt!

    And this killing and burning out been going on from last year summer. Di boy dem a guh round and a put out the ppl dem, who nuh waan leave get f**k! A nuh the other day this a gwaan! It jus a get more brutal!

  3. Mi believe the POLICE dem well aware of the murdera dem, they are to be blamed as well..most Jamaican POLICE licky licky so the don dem have dem on payroll. Sad to say but Jamaica need a RENATO ADAMS to deal wid the heart less vampire dem. Growing up in Jamaica i use to notice how most dons always have top class friends like POLITICIANS and POLICE.

    1. Shut the hell up! Me sure you know more than the police. You motherfockers always come bout police licky, licky and don’t know shit about laws. Police can’t do shit if they don’t have legislations witnesses, or citizens worthy of the efforts.

      Unnu love chat bout Adams and the very phuckry you type about police this n dat is wat cost him and others like him dem jobs or elevation in the force. A walk softly Ellington and Williams unnu deserve…you dumb bastards.

  4. suh police know who do the crimes and the area leaders and d man dem still a walk.

    PPl wise up cause whether u pnp or jlp or independent, your party leaders are some how behind this. Demand more from your politicans and stop mek dem trick we.

  5. Bwoy…Afrika come een like Haiti; dem cant ketch a break! Ever so often, something horrible happen over there. Omg….It ago get dread….GOD HELP US ALL….

  6. @anonymous 8:45 Why are you being so STRESSED? ? Please to calm down and breathe. No need to be calling ppl mf’s or bastards. Btw are you one of the LICKY LICKY police?

  7. @anonymous 8:45 Why are you being so STRESSED? ? Please to calm down and breathe. No need to be calling ppl mf’s or bastards. Btw are you one of the LICKY LICKY police?


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