A pall of gloom now hangs over the community of Tucker, St James, following the murder of a 12-year-old student and his mother by gunmen early this morning.

Reports are that about 2:45 am the mother and son, as well as other family members, were at their Tucker residence when gunmen kicked open the door and opened fire.

The mother and son received bullet wounds and were taken to hospital where they were pronounced dead.

The other occupants of the house were not harmed.


13 thoughts on “MOTHER AND 12 YO SON SHOT DEAD

  1. The target seems to have escaped, along with the other child, as reported by another news agency. Why state that “The other occupants of the house were not harmed”, when they had to run for their lives?

  2. What is really going on why were these innocent people murdered in their own home, your not even safe in your own home after you lock up your doors… SMFH… I just can’t see it yet, that your not safe even in your own home… R.I.P.

  3. Living in a home with habitual unemployed, idlers that are getting by in life mysteriously is always dangerous.

    They are also a risk when mysteriously dem living way above dem pay grade if dem work.

    People associating, embracing and sheltering criminals just nah tek heed that IT A GO REACH WHERE YOU LAY YOUR HEAD!

    Innocent child gone so-so so…me sure not a soul know a who do it kmft!

  4. I agree with you 100 percent but it also these types of things even happen to working people that are living by there means, no one is safe or exempt when someone is set in their mind that they are going to commit a act of violence against you, your not safe from those types of people… Just to kill these people were they lay their head everyday it’s just sad, I can’t put into words how I’m getting tried of these types of violence amongst are young children, elderly, innocent men and women…

  5. Deze fckrs have no clue what dem doing. Kill kill and unno kill likkle more,nuh meck nutten stop unno. One day unno rass going to wake up and is pure outsiders going to lay claim to that land. At the rate these bad breed fckrs going in about 100 yrs time no authentic bloodlines will be left on the island. Jamaican ppl going to go di way of the Arawaks. Wtf did our ancestors fight for if a dis was going to be the end? Where are Jamaicans for Justice and Stand up for Jamaica? How wi can never hear dem mout when simple ppl a get wiped out?

    1. Yes preach ooooooooo…with all the killing of the youths and dem parents dem a dat a go reach dem. Guh si what dem kill dem fah tuh

      1. Met, what else can be the outcome? Who deh a farrin nuh waan move back and who live dung deh a get wiped out. Wi already see di many strange faces who coming in dem numbers and buying up real estate, some of them own the entire commercial districts in some towns. and any student of history will tell you dat a hundred years is a short period of time.

        Mi sick to the core of mi being. I ache for the pain I know my ancestors are feeling in dem grave. I feel it cause it is their blood in mi veins. I feel it cause I have no clue how to stop this. What can I do?

  6. It’s unfortunate to see the place you call home, is getting worse and not better… There’s a lot of outsiders where I’m from as well, I can’t go back home and see faces of real authentic Spanish people, but what I do see is all this mix breeding with the Asians and then you have Columbians coming in with the drug trade and they killing people in broad day light, it’s not the people of my country behaving in that way, is the outsider coming in and corrupting everything… I wonder at times what is my government doing to assist it’s people… Why not get rid of all the bad apple in the country…One day want to return and buy my house and live out the rest of my days but I will return back and forth from foreign and home… I pray that things get better for everyone all around…

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