Pinky  me a text from a fake page.Mi cum fi talk bout Waah little road blocking weh gwaan ina Gordon Whitehouse bout bridge fixing. Mi a born PNP n will forever be… but Pinky dem have a SUCH MAN ina the community weh full a shit n a run fe Councilor position n tbh, him a PNP n me nuh like a  bone ina di man cuz first, him nuh talk to ppl gud wen dem go fe get paper work dun. Some a di ppl dem deeven have no choice, dem haffi put up wid him shitty attitude n disrespect n a him dem waah vote fah chu dem knw him. Anyways, the MP man him now need fe show him self more regular to di ppl dem suh dem n do more ina di Gordon area to. See how long nobody nuh hear from him until bridge a fix.. but still, di man have a point. How u fe a fix bridge n naw follow correct procedures. If anything happen a the man ago get the bad name weh bridge start pop dung again Just do the ting right n dun but some ppl just run behind such man n a follow him with him foolish chatting cuz him a look gud name.
Mp n such man fe work together regardless a which side dem on. A unity time… time fe get things done. Police di deh n cyaa do ntn bout a nuh police dutty fe unblock road. Say dem unblock it n di ppl dem block it bk so a nuh fe dem duty. All dem full a shit. Beta the ppl dem block eh road n keep party den cuz a nuh fe dem duty fe unblock road.Mp, u need fe be more present ina the area n see wat u can do fe help the ppl dem. Nuh mek SUCH MAN always deh one step a head a yuh…

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