0 thoughts on “MR BLEACH ULTRA

  1. what a red eye (well in this case red face) bwoy, him look like him is naturally brown, my youth you’re a good looking guy, please stop the bleaching

  2. Lady could you not tell your BF that the bleach is severely peeling away the top 7 layers of the skin on his face. How could you allow him to take pictures given his pink coloring? I don’t know which is worse, this dude or Jay Hikahn!

      1. Metty, di bloggers dem well versed and educated cause si Hottie ah chat bout glycolic peel and meed tink ah orange peel…yuh learn summen new everyday…Hottie, what is a glycolic peel?

    1. Look good pon di last pic…she don’t even want his face touching hers; boy done messed up this lady’s baby shower pics..

  3. Unnu horrible enuh…unnuh nuh see seh is a chemical peel di man do fi him babyshower and di color nuh come back in time dwrl

  4. @realldoh n which man get chemical peel unless him bleaching weh DA fuk these new bbreed a man a come from sick stomach if my man tell me hes going for a chemical peelme run leff ddat! Ur man look like a red lobster yuckkkk

  5. He’s trying to steal the spotlight with his face and belly…seriously though she looks like she is thinking I hope my baby don’t come out with a pink face!?!

  6. neva knw jay finally reach coolie stage a extension dat inna yuh baby daddy hair happle….ctfu yuh knw anuh him ***shrugs shoulder***

  7. No dis kaint be right :hoax2 What is really going on wid dese females?? Who would want to tell people seh dem eva sleep wid dat sumting dere….much less breed fi it. Females please tuh do betta. Tonks….:travel

  8. I’m guessing he has a ‘skin disorder’ causen sey that would be the ungle reason him face shud look like dat :malu2

  9. I never understood why when you already light skin you still bleach…Alkaline bleach reach though but a nuh rub himma rub cause him nuh patchy patchy so a something else himma tek

  10. She’s not happy cause a trick the boi trick her like things did a gwaan fi him n she go breed, only to find out say d boi did just deh around some man a Maryland weh a 1-2(it wasn’t him chile). She put out her cousin that was staying in the basement with her d man n her son, because the cousin started to tell ppl she’s pregnant lol, me say mah. This is the 3rd man from the same crew (SSC/street sweeper crew) she deh wid (grew pussy gyal) just cus she a try prove. She know d boi from ja but she was f**king his friend at that time smfh.

  11. A must har friends/family put her up because them been a tell her fi tell him to stop the bleaching. Wah day a d 2 dem inah a competition with the bleaching lol from I born.

  12. Dem man ya a nuh man at all …still mentally enslaved. .this shows high volume of self hate…this boy either want counseling or a a good beating

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