10 thoughts on “MR BREEDAH 2016

  1. Let me tell you this, if a man wants to go out and spread his seed to multiple women, and these women are aware of his ways and are okay with it, so long as he is being financially and emotionally supportive to ALL his offspring, I don’t care. However, the trend of impregnating women and moving on to the next, and the next but not taking care of your responsibilities, welp, they should be castrated. Women, you need to be more aware of who you are getting involved with. Children are a big responsibility and a huge expense. Not saying that you and a husband/partner can’t separate, of course, but make sure you choose someone that’s willing to be there for their child. Now men, some of you can barely afford to take care of yourselves yet still you are out in the streets just releasing sperm like it will kill you to use protection. Some people are just too irresponsible. (My rant is not necessarily directed at the man mentioned in this post because I have no clue about his family support arrangements)

    1. But how can any man emotionally provide for a trailer load of kids, none of whom he is probably living with and raising. What does that do to a child to know that they are the product of their father’s harem? I hear this all the time; that as long as he supports them then it is okay. It isn’t. Children should be brought up in a healthy family unit. Black women need to stop accepting mediocrity when it comes to choosing fathers for their children.

      1. Good Morning Gabby, I agree with your point about making better choices. Not every nuclear family will be successful, sometimes things happen and families divide, but it is the ideal model. As much as I disagree with the man having a trailer load of children and baby mothers, I can’t force my ideologies on them. All I can say in a respectful tone to the women and man in the pic (and any other person in a similar situation for that matter) is that you should make INFORMED decisions. So, if he told you he’s not settling down and wants to keep multiple women and you are “okay” with that, then by all means, sell yourself short baby girl. All day, every day. My only concern is that they need to ensure they can financially and emotionally support these children. Now, with regards to the him living and raising the kids, I have no clue, like I indicated in the post above. It is possible to love and support multiple children though, but it takes a lot of effort and time. Whether or not this man is doing that, welp, the baby mothers will have to come tell us.

  2. How many? As many as will allow him to treat them like a sperm bank where men come to make deposits they have no intention of withdrawing in the future, hope that helped

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