This boy weh eat off the whole N.Y. n Jersey n run gone a P.A. backa the Rasta, can’t believe the rass tek him bac round him d way how him do him wen him go jail the boy Rob up the Rasta money not even money him nu put pon him books, all him do a pay the gal dem fi lick out dem batty. Met d boy nyam batty more than how him nyam p***y, every snap mi watch frm wah mi see him n him old gal bby madda inna d ppl dem house, all poochie d mount class him class d gal, big feelings him did a bring fi the gal tru har man bring har a farrin. The way how him talk bout poochie mi surprise fi see him a d gal yaad, wah day mi see dem put her up pon d wall n all weh dem send in a the same thing him tell me bout d gal, is like the man jealous ova the Rasta n him woman, Big fool fool Rasta yo ago mek dis big freaky boy kill yo, him fake if him neva afi a do 9 to 5 yo think him woulda reach dunga P.A. f&&king fool n watch him n yo woman too cas him did all wah f**k yo bby man. This a wah yo call money fren


  1. ric man a suck pussy long tme , him tek all Vanessa bling money,debbie a jersey run him tired a di yammming , apple nuh want him ,browning tek all the money, him lie ,him get the girl a jersey pregnant and it was him fren gal,dutty man ,him mouth sink bad bad,him eat and bite lol.

  2. Big stinking Rickman yo a pussyhole fren d Rasta a fool all yo do a wlk n look yo fren dem woman n tell frm how yo wah eat dem out Rasta need fi watch yo n him woman if tru

  3. Ricman chat him fren them long time a so him use to do Rambo a him n Rambo wife a link now everyday dem deh pon phone, don’t be surprised if him ave a pica aids

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