We the dancehall community would like to trade your dead wood, p**y eating , batty licking , Jamaican wannabe , big head , duty teeth boy. Dis P**y post up him woman. Mi hope seh she know him still ah f**k mi. My yute , mi neva did want fi do this but she need fi know. And you nah go tell har . HIM NUH WANT YUH !!! Yuh are one of many …. mi cah bother. You never tag har but yuh fren call har name. Star … mi find har. Soon send her screenshot of wah you are text me. Yuh need fi stop lead ppl gal pickney on with false hopes of relationships


  1. Kay he still don’t want u why u mad keep posting the man all over ur a low life dirty roach infested house scum bag with ur desperate man looking bum

  2. Jason is ah nasty bwoy, all him love do is yam yam yam pussy and batty ole, him love pillow talk, all ah bugzy and diva problems him air out,mi neva know seh bugz use to f**k jodi couture and pay diva rent,BDL and jason 13 business even worst [dats another topic lmfao]. Dj focus seh him bff flawless is ah unfit mada, him even seh banky play har out and she nearly commit suicide ova banky hype…..jason send me ah screen shot of flawless man ah tell har fi tek down him rass pic on boyfriend day, flawless yuh need fi run far from bloodclathhhhhhhhhhh djfocus, dj unfoucs is ah big big wanna be, him even chat minah, how minah did ah run him down but him seh due to how she big and fat him nuh want har. Dj unfocus yuh ah throw bare subs on Instagram and facebook about di oman dem wah ah wear lace wig, but yuh nuh see seh di back ah yuh head have bare razor bums and yuh head always ah smell stink when yuh sweat, yuh fi do better yute. Yuh seh yuh is ah teacher, we wanna know weh yuh ah teach di ppl dem pickney………meh soon sen in all this information to yuh job big pussy, all dj 4cus love do is beg fi bookings, yuh run down bloodclathhhhhhhhhhh boom and simple flex dem fi bookings, yuh nuh see seh yuh madda run gone left yuh, because she shame ah yuh nasty self….stop bloodclath feel seh yuh shit nuh stink, now mi see why keisha dash weh di belly, even tho yuh ah tell ppl seh she had a miscarriage, yuh is ah big idiat…..

    1. Lol so you’re threatening to send this to his job . Why exactly ? When did he ever say he was a teacher though. See y’all be doing the most for no reason. I bet you were the smartest in your litter. But then again I can’t expect anything better from a bunch of idle people. Another bitter person, I hope you have no skeletons in your closet . So annoying. Quick to “spill tea” from behind a keyboard . Why didn’t you tell flawless this ? I’m sure you can contact her via social media since ALL OF YOU have each other on Facebook. Have a sit .

  3. A next one who get trick, take ur L and keep it moving. Uuno f**k too much. I’m sure he told u he have a woman but u think u could’ve f**k him away from her didn’t u? Typical dancehall bitches, lol. U could a put up pictures till Yuh weak dem still nah leave, now move along and go cry or whatever

  4. Wow…. so much time on thy hands..LMFAO… I really wish you would explain why you’re big mad.. I’m not sure what all of this is supposed to accomplish… He’s still NOT going to take you back… :(.. why do you even know so much information about this man lol… Born Luddy yuh ago Dead Luddy my girl 🙁 story extra sad.. Mi done tell him seh yuh a crosses an him neva listen now yuh just a tek set pon di mon as if it ago change di circumstance or change di fact that yuh is a simple f**k and you get duck.. You is a big thirty how much? Tun inna man clown to rassclaut.. Get ya life BOO BOO.. maybe if yuh underneath and yuh as a person did have some ambition him would stay roun but now look pon yuh.. deh pon pink wall a vent like a likkle wash up bitch…. yuh couldn’t just hold yuh likkle medz? Maybe if you did that he would’ve realize the catch that you clear are not…. Congratulations you played yourself.

  5. @anonymous no bitch all him do was yam out my ass and pussy bitch…..what away yuh sit down and ah respond to every post, bitch yuh ah defend nasty Jason mek sure yuh nuh get the disease weh him have mi done talk bitch

    1. Kay y don’t u tell people how u lick out his ass too and suck his dick backwards while he’s asleep :cool :cool that’s a story u should speak he clown u out like the hoe u were and will always be you keep telling people how he f**k ugly bitchs u are not beautiful at all and while at it tell everyone how ur mouth sMell like ass get it ass breath

    2. How you know that person f**king him though ? Kay you making yourself look worse everything you post or open your mouth about this. Just stick a dick or pusdy in your mouth already. We know you like both. It’s ok boo boo . You’re multitalented like that . Add that to your resume under skills. Cause we all know your career as the bottom bitch on the track won’t get taken away .

  6. Kay saltier than the Dead Sea . Did you die sis ? Did he give you something ? You’re talking about what he have . Soooo that means you have it too right . If you say no then he don’t have anything . You steady trying to f*k up this man name , brand and relationships because ? He out here living his life . You here looking all types of crazy and bitter. Thank God he did what he did. Some many ppl had so much to say about each other . Now it’s out there. Look how much man in dancehall f**k and left gal , cheat on their woman , go out with next gal. And NOTHING !!!!! Which man in dancehall nuh chat ppl for pussy ? I’ll wait …… If he thought you were worth being in his life you would have been there. Now cut the shit and continue to be the best one f**k in NJ . Be proud that all your Uber money goes to driving around f**king men that recognize there’s better out there. We good women thank you for opening their eyes. Continue the good deeds of the lord .

  7. What a way dis gal hole miserable eeeee !!! So y’all just gonna drag more people into this shit AGAIN . Kay looking to get more attention . Y’all out here saying things and calling names . Be careful , remember you party in the same events . Make sure you can defend what y’all say online. Online and real life are different .

  8. Everyone who f**ked that man is nasty just like him they all denied f***king him until kay let it out the bag so u all are big mad sorry ass bitchs low life dirty talking about who’s ass he eat but not one of them talk about what they do to him.kay got a rotten smell to her she stinks

  9. First and foremost kay is all talk she claim she was gonna slap bitchs on the phone yet when she see the girl she pull up to ask questions about who searching for her :cool like bitch u already know what time it is,yet when the bitch told u to get out the car to fight ur sitting behind the steering wheel with the car in drive and ur feet on the break u didnt park ur car mama ur uber money cant upgrade ur hair and hair line ma ur head looks like it need pest controll the bitch stopped traffic in the middle street begging u to stepped out the car to fight as soon as u bought to get drag out ur car u drove off talking shit :sorry kay highly upset jason wanted everyone he f**ked except her I never saw a female so bold face lie she lies on her bestfriend and her so called friends kay u claim u want nothing to do with them yet u begging to be Thier friends girl ur 32 focus on urself and let the man strive all u bash him don’t make u look any wiser ur playing urself like a idiot u talk bad about everyone u associated urself with that’s why no one wanna f**ks with u stop being a mixy bitch u trying to fool nj but ur fooling urself everyone know u do this for attention rum punch slows down now so u need attention ur go ogling the man life line and he blocks u he checks on everyone else except u that mean u wasn’t and will never value anything ur such a dummy the same girl u claim ur gonna slap u should thank her for giving u a heads up that’s a real friend instead of hating on the girl when ur in no league ur mad jason had no interest of coming to ur house to meet ur kids grow up ur 33/34

    1. How much woman Jason have so he checking up on everyone ? Seriously de gal inna the picture ah just one of how much ?

  10. That’s a creepy bitch has nothing to do with herself u don’t got kids who need help with homework ur house is always dirty kay u should spend time to clean it nobody likes u,ur head looks like fowl scratching it out to lay eggs,URR mouth looks nasty like u suck so much cock,ur mouth smells and ur teeth is always dirty,all ur clothes are cheap forever21 low budget bitch,etc etc go get a lifeeeeeeee no one gives two f**ks about u focus don’t want u remember u cried for him buckets of tears,remember u was send him text begging for him to f**k u,remember u envy ur friends that put u on the map,remember how u was a groupie in they dm begging to hang out,bitch ur thirsty jason won’t ever want u he told me of how a stalker u are and he wants nothing to do with u go fix up ur self hoe he will never wants u,remember jason didn’t want ur kids at his house because he don’t want kids fool ur so illiterate now I see why u have to uber and lyft cab for a living real bitchs gets real job,remember u text jason saying ur about to move from where u live ur a hoe and ur kids should be disappointed in a hoe u are as a mother

  11. Leave Kay alone

    Do you all even understand how hard it is fi look like the lead male ape in planet of the apes inna real life ? No ? For 5 cents a day you can help save dis crosses from making a bigger fool of herself. But on a serious note though. I was really looking at this man like damn. He did her dirty. Just like that dove ad , I too judged before I saw the whole thing. But now Kay you show your ass. Where are your friends ? Wait you f*king their exs, current and future men . Let’s try again , why don’t you go with your man …. no that’s the ppl dem man … ok one last try. Ok got it why don’t you . Never mind . Waiting for you to text me this so I can act like I care but really I’m laughing at you. We all are. Mi love , just done with this please. Better yet mek mi send pinkwall a post bout you. Cause attention you want. Please hold.

  12. Yuh know wah is the funny thing, uno ah tek set on this girl wah name kay,DID JASOM TELL UNO HE IS BI !!!! (I’LL WAIT) but me ah wonder why uno ah glorified bloodclathhhhhhhhhhh dead hood, nasty couch,nasty bathroom,never change him dutty boxers,cheesy teeth, puzzle head,same black pants, same white airforces,same bloodclath shitttttttttttt breath,same stinking body odor and mi can go on and bloodclathhhhhhhhhhh on.JASON ALLEYNE……..Met mek mi tell yuh dis dutty bwoy wah name jason, jason Alleyne , was a battyman, mi know Jason Alleyne from my other battyman friend,ONE nighg we all went to a gay club in the village and jason was there with him man, when mi ask Jason weh him ah do here him seh he likes the vibes…….jason tun stalker on my gay bff, calling my gay bff from him job phone (Edited), my gay bff tell him seh di next pussyclathhhhhh time yuh call my number again him ah guh up to him job, thats HOW JASON BACK AFF….then all of ah sudden jason buck up with keisha wah got pregnant finhar man wah live in Brooklyn, due to keisha f**king both jason and di next mon, she went and had an abortion,suh mi know why jason ah tell bloodclath ppl she has an abortion, jason ah live a f**king LIE……JASON FADA AH ROLL INNA HIM GRAVEEEEEE…..JASON YUH FADA TRY FI GIVE YOU HIM BEST, AND WHAT YOI CHOOSE TO DO??? F**K BATTYMAN, THEN TUN ROUND AND CORRUPT PPL GAL PICKNEY……YUH ISSA A WASTE…….AND WHO EVER AH COME DEFEND BATTY BLOODCLATH JASON ALLEYNE……NUH MEK WE SEN IN COPIES AND VIDEOS WITH JASON AH SUCK AFF MY GAY BFF BUDDY INNA DI VILLAGE…..SUH UNO NEED FI STOP WORSHIPPING F**KING JASON YO

    1. Y’all killing me with this one. Sooooooo first he sleeping with the whole of NJ , now he’s bi , what next he’s an alien from mars ? And you’re bring this man father in this desparate much ? NEXT !!!!

    2. Oh honey , you sound more f**ked up than Kay. Wheres the receipts ? Y’all always have proof of NOTHING. A bag ah NOTHING. If yuh did have proof yuh woulda post it already . Full ah big chat and cah defen it.
      All ah dis is why him with a gal where nobody know. Unno ah pure badmind. FI NO REASON ! Focus mi nuh wrong yuh yah. Dem just ah try mash up yuh relationship. Don’t mek worthless nigga mek yuh woman lef yuh yah . Mi soon follow yuh and get a man outside dancehall.

  13. So wait Kay was about to get beat by Jason woman or someone else ? We need answers !!!!. Kay come defend it.

  14. Mi never believe it , she gone again. Ah wah do dis gal eee ? Left him nuh . We care ZERO bout him. You’re really looking like a man clown now. Yuh nuh done yet ?!?!?! Best stay far from me and mines . Just like yuh rum punch ppl tired. Because it’s not you he’s with she’s stupid …. riiiiiight. I get it now. When he’s f*king you he’s the best ting since bun and cheese. But now him pick him Queen him ah lick out batty and such. Hmmm wah yuh ah do . F*k ppl man …. check , chat bout tings yuh don’t know …… check , Line up yourself fi get knock out …… triple check.

  15. Kay too rass mixup that’s why she’s gonna get f**ked up even when u move out ur stinking apartment u still gonna be in shit one ur nasty two u don’t clean three ur always chatting someone business I told u Oscar don’t want u so why u calling and texting down his phone don’t want me on ur beating list because enough people looking for u continue hiding in parties Amma f*k u up soon enough

    1. she did ah go after Oscar while she did ah f**k focus. But bex seh focus lef har. Yuh BRAVE nuh bloodclat . Nuh trust no TRINI gal ! Ah she seh options . Mi nuh wrong yuh Kay . All incoming calls are welcome.

  16. How y’all know the girl Kay made this post??? Hold up, ain’t that girl Trinidadian??? And btw Anyone can come on here and post and comment shit. The sky is pink lol. Y’all believe that???Focus you need to go down the list of exes/women that you sold the dream to, and pillow talked with or whatever. His picture go up and the first thing yall doing is saying is the girl Kay did it. It’s obviously someone’s really bitter and posting up his pictures bc they have the opportunity to do so now since the cat out the bag. Do Kay even know some of these other girls personally to even seh. And it’s Jason that Dum to pillow talk about his bff Flawless or Amina to some crazy bitch he just met? Yall all over the place with Jason about he gay, he suck ass he this and he that and y’all keep bringing Kay name up about this and that. Now y’all gonna f**k her up when y’all see her.. I wish the person who ah seh they gonna f*k her up just come out and say who she is, it’ll make it easier. Jason yuh see how you you putting that girl in the middle bc of the he say she say… He ah hoe, she ah hoe blah blah blah… Shit the Koreans about to blow up the US and y’all worried about J K L M O P kmt… It’s only a matter of time. This is crazy… I hope y’all smart enough the put the pieces together rrrrrrrrrrr…
    Bitter bitch
    Crazy bitch
    Hoe bitch
    Fish bitch
    Man looking bitch
    New bitch
    Old bitch
    Blue bitch
    Red bitch
    You get my point???

    But which bitch did this to Jason AKA Focus but that’s none of my business.Lmfao
    Shit I can come on here and make some shit up and y’all might believe.
    How old are you guys??? 30’s to 40’s
    Y’all still coming for Focus and Kay negatively…
    None ah dem na ah respond bc it’s pure f**kery ah gwan.. Just remember, People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Kay girl we waiting on the tea☕️

  17. You say you got a girl
    And how you want me
    How you want me when you got a girl?
    The feelin’ is wreckless
    Of knowin’ you’re selfish
    Knowin’ I’m desperate
    Gettin’ all in your love
    Fallin’ all over love, like
    Do it to last, last
    Hanging out the back, all up in your lap
    Like is you comin’ home?
    Is you out with her?
    I don’t care long as you’re here by 10:30
    No later than, drop them drawers
    Give me what I want
    My man is my man is your man
    Her, this her man too
    My man is my man is your man
    Her, that’s her man
    Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
    I just keep him satisfied through the weekend
    You’re like 9 to 5, I’m the weekend
    Make him lose his mind every weekend
    You take Wednesday, Thursday
    Then just send him my way
    Think I got it covered for the weekend


  18. So Lips and Patrice y’all not gonna come to Kay defense????? All summer 17 it was hot now winter is here it about to be cold… WOW! Kay if this is the case, these girls was never and I mean never your friends.How y’all gonna do the girl like that. Hold up, lips Kay helped you. Didn’t she have you on her snap all happy and shit when she Uber you for your job interview. The job you got up to this day. Patrice idk what Kay helped you with but you was on her snap too. Talking about we going to the beach. But you know if you keep harrasing someone that ain’t doing shit, and have nothing to do with shit, it’s gonna eventually blow up right? I guess this situation is one you learn from.
    Y’all all need God.. JASON FIX THISSSSSSSS. ASSUMING YOU WAS RAISED RIGHT you was mad that that girl and your ex girl was still cool after they decided to leave it be. Lips you was confused and mad. who knows focus like feh pillow talk, so he definitely called you talking shit about Kay and her pussy bc he bitter and you believe it bc of course your loyalty is with him. And anyone else in the mix just mad and trying to put the pieces together. Kay we waiting on your side. Kmt
    LOWE Jason and Kay kmt I like them both.
    Kay you was at the wrong place at the wrong time, just unfortunate bc ppl gonna keep trying you. My opinion is to drag these bitches bc they coming for you. And Jason think before you f**k and suck another soul out deh oman dem bc you sucked and f**ked a bitter one.

  19. All I want to know is why are so many people involved in this ? Seriously if Kay and Patrice were /are friends and he’s moved on what exactly is the issue ? I know , a bunch of idle people assuming they know exactly what’s going on . Gossiping in groups like teenagers instead of saying This isn’t my mess. No y’all all want to add your 2 cents , drag other people who don’t need to be involved in this shit. If he’s not commenting the obviously he doesn’t see the need to after that first post. Like y’all working for CSI or something. I feel like people are using this to come after Both Jason and Kay . Now who would be so bitter to do that . Who ? Let’s think now people. Keep your friends close and enemies closer . Think people .

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