1. That look more like ah vagina crease; asides from that nice pants…and mi certain seh Kizzy mek dat curtain fabric suit fe Jay X…Jay, ah hope yuh still working yuh good god 9 to 5 job …

  1. Skip all the rest and reach a de bottom…is only bag happle have inna har wardrobe? Onu can run onu backside pon de wall come play ghetto fabulous defenders but the truth is:
    Happle and har man connection is superficial! Which man who love them woman have her a road in less than him a wear?
    De next two CRIMINALS are just that CRIMINALS (not like the fuss two exempt)…Daffy you look like you gum dem a shrink.
    De bag dem standout more the de human dem, sad.

  2. I will pay defender of Mr. Ikahnikalik for the moment as to his Baby Mother Happle’s attire…….The man is proud of the body she has, he is doing his thing to keep her and is certain while he is doing that SHE WILL NOT BE GOING ANYWHERE! Look all you want, lust all you want missa men, he feels confident that she is his….after all, he paid for the upgrade!
    I will say there is a time and a place for everything however I proudly walk on the beach with my Husband breast and A$$ on display!

    1. “I will say there is a time and a place for everything however I proudly walk on the beach with my Husband breast and A$$ on display!”
      Beachwear, night wear and club wear a three different things; Defense weak mumma. I strongly doubt dog heart, progressive, and professional men a look that way. Surely you husband wouldn’t want her..hmm?
      …it too early

      1. They may want @Phantom but like Jay Icahn I am confident in knowing my Hubby is not going there, I saw Happle recently and the body is one to contend with, body is lookable maaaine!

  3. happle go put down the chanel bag cause it nuh go with nothing u have on.u should a stuff the bag with some paper and give lillte life it look dead. And the shoes nuh go with ur outfit.twine look better than u.

  4. If I see a channel bag one more time me must have a strokes. Come on man, yeah you love di brand but same style same time. Goddamitman

  5. Since Jue gone I wonder if daffy and Donald a go do the twin trips now ? Just wondering are they now the new bey and jay and Kanye and Kim ? These people push more Chanel than multi millionaires I’m just wondering
    But look Pon bobbette black foot in the red boot real life puss in boots lol dem just have a dirty look like dem nuh bathe ?
    I’m sorry I don’t care how much money your man spend to do your body a real man that loves she respect you would not want his wife to be displayed for all men to see !! It’s all a hype had as he gets older he will wake up and say why him with this walking naked gal I mean she all tie up the lickle girl shirt and with bag etc force ripe the pickney I don’t get it

    1. What price have to do with this?
      HIM HAVE ON CLOTHES AND SHE NU HAVE ON NONE! Money and I are friends so me nu business bout $, plus that is a waste of 2k when you weave could have used at it. Also, that’s isn’t an OUTFIT that is lingerie, nightie, nightclothes, nightwear, undergarments, unmentionables, ect, ect, ect.

  6. Metty good Morn! Yawdy yep top of the morn! When mi c the pic them mi say to mi self wat a bunch a people look like a pan a dutty wata. Apple u no look good at all u man suit is way too tight him bow tight lean like u happle. Twinny mi wa ask u a question all a oonu shop same place anyway u wear the sandal betta, also do something both u face it no look right. Pot wata gut AMY u old ugllly a don’t look good if u going to wear body suit at least buy one Weh cover u bald pussy. Nadine husband him look nice way betta than tightgan. A tightgan tell them don’t wet u cause wen the powder wash off u face it look like scald chicken foot. China doll u no look good u cheeks them Bigga than u nose.

      1. See one a de blogger a try kill me…dem call robbaz Bobby Shmurda to rass…… drop and twist me back to rass :ngakak

  7. mI REALLYYYYYY wah know if JAY X & PAUL RANGE inna some kinda relationship, because as of late dem deh everyweh togedda and all of a sudden jay x is paul range “bro” ah wah gwan mi nuh understand di hurry come up linkage and is Paul smooth dem a try mek jealous … cuz Paul and Jay nuh match … sumn inna sumn
    so tired of Apple & Jadion ….

  8. me so tired of the fake chanel bag them come on know man who u bitches fooling a how so much of unno bronx rats can afford different color $6,000 bag suh and still in the hood and still a beg $20 something nuh right. . kerry ann that green chanel bag is fake bitch they didnt make the chanel boy bag in that color i know because i have a silver chanel boy bag and i wanted a green one and they said chanel never made any green so stop walk and tell people u buy it a barneys beacuse a lie ur man in jail and his car repoed so how u ago tek him stash money and buy bag? apple your head big bad that hairstyle dont fit you you should of kept the bang , the chanel bag real because tamara sold it too you(saks worker in jail) . But still u so frighten to wear the bag u didnt see it didnt match your tacky nightgown u flop this year a yuh man party come better than that.

    1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak @me too pretty. Mi drap a grung no sahhhh
      Natalie you don’t look 3 bad, that spanks tuck een the gut very good :2thumbup

  9. Bobby smurda me weak bad !! Bobby robbers where you’ll come from I just can’t !! Them repo Jue car ? Suh Kerry don’t hustle

  10. These tacky classless birds give chanel bags a bad like if they don’t have one even when it match nothing you aint hot inna dance

  11. Here is my question for the power couple, Jay and Happle……If Happles outfit is two grand, and bag is and shoes is and Jay’s outfit and shoes is and Champaign is poppin off like that, WHY AS CLOSE FRIENDS DID YOU ALLOW JUE”S CAR TO BE REPOED AND KERRYANN TO LOOK FLAP OUT SO??? Why? Friends that vacation together should not allow friends ‘ish to be repoed at the slightest stawm!

  12. I can’t with these dancehall rich people ,, bumbocleettt look pon Robert robbers and Daffy Duck :ngakak :ngakak ,, lady in the blue dress what your son doing in dance with you lmaoooo so Kerry Ann along when u was flossing and hypeing u didn’t have any money save for rainy day ?? :hammer :hammer

  13. poor I, I wouldn’t know a real Channel from a fake Chanel (purposely misspelled). Reason being I just don’t look at $6000 bags. I can think of sooooo many things I could do with that kind of money. Like renovating my bathroom, adding granite countertop to my kitchen cabinets, stoning my backyard I could go on and on but u get the gist.

    by the way how do u do it with rico????/ him bleach out and ugly, him mumma a obeah wuka, she f**k pare likkle bwoy she big dutty and careless
    apple the sista a criminal and she badmind and grugeful the whole entire family a crassis
    Happle you growing to look like mommy dearest, face tuff like turbit very unattractive bigooman u be. u out fit flop 100 time, mi nuh know weh u did a trry offa but u get pare wrong bang mi love. your shoes are to die for though dem badddddd very sexy shoes
    your hair looks like bird nest it lumpy up a the top. my girl a weh you do u edges mek dem hate you and run leff you suh? a wah u badmind dem too?? jah know dem juss nah come back sah. im not even gonna comment on the outfit
    natalue looks the best

  15. Look pon Jadion cool pinky peach complexion. Jay di suit was ugly, it put mi di mind a summen men used to wear in di 70s, all u needed was u big heel boot to complete the look.
    Love the girl in the neon green dress, looking good and classy. I like how a lot of the ladies in this set of photos were nicely covered and look classy. Ladies in the first and second photos and the one in the blue dress are all nicely attired, I would kindly ask the lady in blue to pay a little more attention to her makeup in the future, there are many tutorials on You Tube that can help with that.

  16. mi seh fi a old woman apple muma mixup eee my god what a woman she a cuss ar dawta inlaw an when di girl ansa ar she av a problem,ar son mus hate she….she one mad rass she swear seh apple likkle gal a di ongle gran pickney she got she haffi hype fi ar daughta maybe fi get tings…she is a disgrace…she need fi come off a social media and go worry bout ar son weh nuh like ar…how yuh nuh seh apple tie jadion oh.bout apple look betta dan twinny.twinny look 100% betta dan lean apple

  17. but how unnu put up all these monstrosity but unnu never put up poison Ivy herselfaka Erica no so outstanding……She deh pon everyone of the picture site dem. I was standing next to her group with her sister, her and her big body man look friend Nancy Cutlore. The first thing she do a walk in wid her mouth screw up wid this ugly green lipstick i guess it was to hide her black ass lip. within no time you can hear she and her friend them a chat decent ppl from who look good to who nuh look good. next thing you know dem start tek out cash a try mek up to buy moscato to throw pon ppl … i mean if your going to dash liquor pon ppl make sure its a moet or ace of spade. mi did haffi shake my head to see how bad this woman a try fi be popular … 2 years ago you and your baby was sleeping on ppl floor in philly and instead she learn from her bad experience and save sge tek her paycheck and buy close and cheap moet to dash pon ppl. so you going to buy like instead of security for your kids imagine if ya did have to pay rent and Pony dont even fart give you a dollar for our kid. she run round the whole party begginng the camera man fi tek her picture within 20 mins she move from our area and did hicth up unnder apple and icon..all bobbette and Daffy a beg dem fi come a nancy party…..smh erica do better and stop dress like a pretty clown wid them tacky wig

  18. @ease and cum again….wat a way u a defend di dwata in law like you kno di ppl business. Is two dawta in law Christine have n she love off di other one so u fi wonder wat this ya in law do fi Christine react like that. N u too bloodclacct wicked is not apple daughter along she have up …Christine always ah talk bout her grandkids. Unno fi stop it..wat Eva har past was or wat Eva she was is none ah ur business. It doesn’t mean say har daughter in law fi disrespect har n get in between she n har son. That’s not right. Period

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