1. Once again, this shows you that we the Jamaican people will promote another foreign brand than establishing our own. we will continue to be slaves and servants to others that sees us for nothing else.

    1. KFC de a Jamaica from whoppie murda phillip!

      We have Chester Chicken and we no need no more chicken place.

      Tastees, Mothers and Juciey Beef no need no competition.

      Fire retardant cheese from little ceasars and nasty burger king is who yu fi boycott. But then again, burger king have dem menu that compliments the cultural taste of the visiting brats who are a pain in the ass to feed…I guess.

      KFC nah do no harm. Worst when couple bucket can satisfy a repass :hammer

  2. Met, from time to time you fi put up an open post so we can talk bout whatever is on our minds. Cause right now mi a wonder why Chippies teck out the onion powder out dem banana chips and why there was an almost two years old piece of rainbow trout at the spur market, how can frozen fish be good two years after. We need to get all these companies to start listing their production dates, cause dem can tell we best before whenever, but if we don’t know the production date it really doesn’t matter.

      1. I naily drop dung when mi see di print from 2017, and it said it good until September 2019. You see di crap we buying and eating call food. My Home Ec teacher taught us that fish fi cook within three days from catch for the best taste and deze ppl come a sell two year old frozen fish. Imagine.

        A Chippies alone me consider banana chips, and di likkel onion powder did give it a bang enuh, why dem teck it out. From mi a guh high school from Satan was a bwoy mi a eat Chippies, and is $3.50 for the big bag here, so it is far from cheap. Chippies kindly bring back di onion powder cause unno cutting ingredients and hiking prices. Why unno nuh look new markets fi sell to or reach out to the new generation. Cho. Embrace the digital age and do some marketing fi meck money instead of cut ingredients. So annoyed.

        1. But u know dem have fake chippies here too? I dont know if there is another company in Ja that is copying but they have a fake one that dont taste like the original

  3. Look how mi black women dem hug up the nasty white man especially the browning she frighten till she nuh stop hold him hand like is her man btw white men dont wash them hands when them use restrooms smh

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