11 thoughts on “SUN BUN FIT YUH DOE

  1. Him look better the bleaching never a work if him …………………………. J icon bleach from 2000 how long and still can’t reach give up

  2. In my opinion, a natural dark man looks more manly anyway.

    I’m not trying to take anything away from the NATURAL fairer skin man, but when it comes to the bleaching, I feel it just gives men a feminine type of look; not my cup of tea at all.

  3. See it deh jay with cyan talk good tings bout you to suh you cyan seh wi always a bad mouth you…you look like a man now

  4. I told you guys from the time he made the video, explaining his side of the story regarding the situation when his brother lied and told us that he sent men to “kill him”, that he WAS NOT ugly; but indeed, a handsome/good looking man! Jay, please don’t resume the bleaching; it does NOTHING GOOD for you.

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