Dear Met,

I’m sure you know Jamaica full up of hyprocrites and if you don’t well here is the proof. This yute come pon the bus and laughing n snickering spoil.Instantly me realize why everybody a dwl cuz u can’t help but notice “The bag”. The yute go pon him phone n I swear Met him talk EXACTLY like pluggiesha. So I was hearing all the remarks n snickering so it was obvious everybody wanted to know where him get a bag dere n wha brand.

Met di hyprocrite a chat di yute n fraid fi ask so I did! I was like “Excuse me sir is which brand dat nice bag yuh have??‎” He was like ” it nice don’t it ” Di man a grin off him teeth dem n proceeded to say is Christian Dior. Google is my fren,so me Google it n see it deh, mi nah lie yuh!! The bags dem come up as “Lady Dior”,So me sey Lady Dior nuh women handbag boss??? The bus erupted…di yute sey bus stop Driva plzzz(in that Plugiesha voice agen kmt).yute tek whey himself n all the ducta a ask him if him nah bother go Town again di yute sey a cross roads him a go n just cut!





6 thoughts on “MR LADY BAG

  1. Mi say…..sender try doe tek dat bus again. Dem go beeeeeeeaaattt yuh. Dwllll. Leave Pluggiesha an him Lady Dior. Dwlll. So wait. ….. him did have di original or di “mini”. Dwl

  2. Happy Friday the 13th dear Phantom Phoenix and Mamacita!!!Big up Unno self,Pinkwall to di worl!!

  3. PP mi get mi Friday chuckle….the writer lucky it end so nice cause the Pluggeisha dem luv tracə and gallon bod…

    What a bag ugly eh man and I bet the real one cost more than a used car

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