Hi Met! Just wanna know, who is dressing Spice?! What a woman look horrible Inna clothes! Even the Jerusalem pics, yes we know she had to cover up, but why choose that? Who told her it looked great on her? Spice need help and she seem like the type of person Weh u caan give advice to.




24 thoughts on “SPICE YUH NAH BINGO AGEN

  1. Why Spice go the Ppl dem holy grung eena pjamas?To make matters worse look how she wear the concentration camp uniform the Holocaust victims use to wear in WW1 and WW11 in the HQ of the Jews!!Spice go siddung with ur tiyad wigs dem and butto dressing.

    1. Look like she inna prison and the other pic look like some tuff turbit high school pickney di one dem weh haffi repeat them grade.

  2. My naw lie spice look like a piece a dutty mop head, dutty dish towel , Dem piece a ole clothes deh Mi granny used to throw dung a di door way when she done polish an shine di

    floor a satdeh mawning time.

    Ntn bout har nuh spicey at allllllll. :sorry :sorry

  3. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others….

    Let me start off by saying congrats on touring and making your bread back to back,where the females are concern at this moment in time you are doing the most and consistent with even a bit over the men,Vega s duh some touring to mi nuh hear of no one else a duh as much,now that that out de way.

    Grace will never improve on her dressing,I think she loves to dress up so much that she gets so many idea in her head but tuh actually carry it off she can’t do it,dancehall is about being different yes and standing out..whe tango blacks do it’s mad funny but it fits his personality,Grace try too hard and a that a the problem,she has yet to find her own style and until then she is gonna always come off looking a mess and dirty.

  4. She’s in Jerusalem so she has to cover up. But it’s great to see a female in top of things. SPICE YUH GLOBAL. Just need a stylist

  5. Mawning Simplicity,she seem to be suffering from delusions of grandeur. Look at how way out there Lady Gaga is and even how Madonna was bk in the day in their dressing.Geezam even Bey’s sista Solange,they all pull off some creative mess of wardrobes and not ONCE did anybody criticize dem for looking like a dutty piece a wipe and shine used,ragged cloth!

  6. It’s truly just her. Something with her is off. It’s not that she darkskin because u have beautiful darkskin women out there n she is not a ugly women. But there is just something about her that is not adding into what she trying to do. One thing I will say dem colour hair ting has got to stop. All this money she is getting from these tours her hair should atleast be on point. If dem gyal on Instagram hair can look good y can’t spice own look good. That makes me believe it is her something about her. No matter how hard she try’s she can’t dress herself up it don’t suit her.

  7. She needs a makeup artist AND stylist, I wrote that on one of her pics and she blocked me on Instagram. I’m dying to see a refine look from you, Lowe out the colored stay bad hair dem, or gwaan a kadiehairstylist Mek she sort you out.

  8. Sum’n about Splice never look clean and fresh. She always look like she out a road hanging out for days without taking a shower. She is making enough $$ to hire a stylist because her personal style is not right at all. Gm All!!

  9. Leave the woman alone some of you pestilence that are sitting down judging her dont even have shit in your ass the closest you will ever be to Jerusalem is spice photo so look at the gal accomplishments and stop chat about her attire…if spice happy in what ever she is wearing then am happy for her,are you the ones wearing it??? Talking bout her looking dirty….go look under some of your beds and count the cobwebs and garbage under there…it seems that some of you tuff tired and old disgusting never accomplished anything in life love sit down on ppl name…come off the woman name n go look a life.

      1. ________________________________________________ cause mi nuh know what location hafi do wid har clothes. Spice put on everything she think pretty…she have on di hair di suit di shoes di watch di necklace ..cho :travel

  10. I’m convinced that the way she looks when she’s dressed up. ….has nothing to do with her clothes, her hairstyle or her stylist. I’m convinced it’s just the way she looks physically. Andddddd before you start eating my head off…. I don’t care what color you are or what shade of brown you are…… but I think that Spices’ complexion doesn’t have a “sheen” to it. Suh everything she wears just looks drab an dead pon har. Lol. She look unkempt nuh matter what she wear. Mi see she wear simple clothes an look fukk up same way. An mi hate fi say dis but she jus mek the place look untidy.

  11. She ALWAYS wear the wrong shoes KMT, i doubt she wants to get a stylist cuz she’s mean as fck she will always look like shit

  12. I thought i was the only one who would look at spice and think the same thing !!!! Something just nah come together fi real she always just look dutty

  13. From all the bad comments y’all make u tink she lose a dime or sleep? The way y’all go hard over ppl life an accomplishments I wish unuh do the same fi unu selves, prob the world would be better.

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