12 thoughts on “MR PANTY WASHER

  1. So what wrong if him wash panty?? Jamaicans have some stupid tendencies I tell, a civil time now,we must can grow our sons with common sense..if u can wash ur underwear y u can’t wash mine?? Yun nah scorn it when u a ten him off n a nyam me front tho.

    1. Greetings anon,

      I’m not sure that’s a direction I want my country to go in.We simply cannot become a nation of panty washing/panty watching Yardies.

      I will slightly be understanding to specific cases like in the event of major sickness a man can wash a one french cut or thong yes fi him Wife/common law.The principle being if a you a tek it off nutten no wrong if you help keep it clean. Under no condition a man must wash the sidechick panties. .yuh mad!

      Notwithstanding all that I will stand firm on my selfish principle. …mi nah wash what me nuh dutty up..plate,cup,draws..whatever!

  2. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak If a laugh in yah di piss weh mi a hold mi piss up….whooiii yuh get ketch cause yuh naw dweet wid pride lol hang out di panty dem in line my youth.

  3. My ex washed my panties and clothes when I went to visit him in JA and he hung them up too and I was thankful he wasn’t even shame of doing it… I do not see nothing wrong and why he felt he had to behave that way but then again I can understand because JA’s finds anything to chat bout more time..

    1. Ok kool …but look how much bag a crap n friggery the elephant man him sing.But his best song rings true ..

      Bad man don’t bathe with them baby mother’s rag

      One just simply don’t dweet or wash panties as part of our rich heritage n culture.

  4. thats a real good man right there, I would marry that man. Nuff man a take off dutty draws off a woman and not even the clean one dem dem naah take up, all if rain a wet them.

  5. Yardieltug…I have a strong feelings that if u get with u would make it your point of duty to wash my baggy dem… And believe me when i say baggy.because them two thread sewn less than a fitted sheet. Yardie let’s agree to disagree that it’s because u haven’t found the perfect princess to turn u into a lovely DRAWZ-MAN…

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