Happy new year metters!

Met i notice that warren weir and his man (Lexan) deleted each ada pictures off the gram and i think i know why!

So you have dis gyal a UWI name Kim, real mattress in every sense a di word

Ms Kim and Micheal Ohara deh good good live on the same hall and ting but she a f**k everybody who on the hall, off the hall and who have name

Anyways Met one day everyting come to a head when Ohara see none ada dan him bestie/training partner Warren Weir drop off di gyal a di hall 😂😂😂
One big commotion outside all crowd draw
Ohara get mad!! And start cuss di gyal and seh “make sure u f**k him yer” …all she a do a bawl and seh sorry 😂😂😂

Now tell me met .. Warren Weir nave him good good man of 2 years?

Up to today day Weir & Ohara malice ova di gyal 😂

One gyal can cause alla dis? Where was Lexan? She nuh tired fi get bun? Is this why dem delete all the pictures?
Find out next week on Weir Are They Now 😂


  1. Lexcee need fi wise up and lef Weir ah road ! All him do is give her bun !!! Not to mention is freuqently buys prostitutes . Dem nuh fraid a AIDS ?!

  2. Mi seh de way dis yute yah did hypeeeeeeeeeeee,wen mi seh hypeeeeeeeeeee nd now a just him nd de de expensive camera a roll nd troll

  3. This isn’t the first time nor the second, that Kim and Warren name reach pon dah wall yah…but why dem man yah love a run down dem whore out gal yah and a gi dem hype and worse a try wife dem up…mi caan understand!

    Mi wouldn’t pay attention to the Lexci and Warren train, Lexi like di likkle light and hype, if we nuh see har a link wid nobody bigger than Warren then she’ll be back! As for Warren for somebody washed up I’d recommend calming dat buddy, cause all it seem fi a do a get u inna trouble!

    Between di 2 a unnuh can go start throw shade pon Insta and Twitter bout over yah! Lol!

      1. He won a bronze medal in ONE Olympics. Didn’t even qualify for the Jamaican team after. He’s still living off the hype from that one win years ago.

  4. Lexan can do so much better than this broke chakka teeth boy. She love the hype and being attached for a sports figure but this is just not a good look. Nice looking girl, leave the careless boy alone.

  5. I think the way the mix up dash out sweeter than the actual mixup.. “Weir are they now” dwl, dwl, no senda yuh bad. Warren is so dam irrelevant and the many gal dem weh him a ride yow, uptown people nasty yuh nuh?

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