1. congratulations to the happy couple! I saw this yesterday and was a bit thrown off by that person who kept commenting on every pictures of the couple, stating her husband is cheating on her. Like, girl, get a life and leave well alone.

  2. Congrats to her…not sure me coulda marry somebody me know a gi mi bun…but hey, a him a look after her all these years, so she woulda stick it out no matter what!

  3. When the ink not even dry and you already skip for better and gone to for worse smh. Social media can mash up u life u nuh
    Certain posts must have comments turned off! Instead dem a monitor and delete the negative ones

  4. this gal all hype over the gram buying stuff from boutiqueintuition and she borrow the dress. the man know he cheating and it was a big problem. so to keep her he rushed the marriage so as to shut her dumb ass up. ps i am waiting back on my dress miss

  5. Shotgun wedding. By the looks of the attire and the cake, this was definitely rushed. It’s either she wanted the New Years date or there is a bun in the oven.

  6. Yes stay bad fe boy Weh gwaan hype suh and she ave so many sponsors me bloodclaat …
    Dem cudda ave dis shit somewhere nice but hey people only waan see two people married fe seh Congrats so what the f**k ever …

  7. She pregnant so she affi hurry up and do what she a do and him naa leave Aneka.
    By the way fi smaddy so hype she could a take some time and plan a better wedding.

  8. Wedding seem hurry-come-up and slap dash. Seems like she gave him an ultimatum. Does not seem like much thought or proper planning with into it. Give-away-father look cross and angry, not even a little smile. Look like him just walk her up the aisle and say “here, galang go married to the kola bear” and walk off. Dress was nice, the groom always look unkempt. Shirt and pants never look good…this bwoy always look disheveled. Shot gun wedding!

  9. The wedding looks cheep and tacky u hype man couldn’t rent a suit my gosh him look tacky sah even thou it’s a beach wedding dat no seh ur the main man at the event go get a suit him just look like today yesterday n tomorrow I think on that special day u Fi sharp like razor

    1. You don’t wear a tux to a
      Beach Wedding… I work at a hotel as A wedding coordinator, I’ve never seen a groom in a tux at a beach wedding.. Never ever

        1. She had on a formal dress no need for him to have had on a shirt, beach or no beach..A common sense that, is not a dance is a wedding and if she wanted a less formal occasion she could have worn a less formal wedding dress uno too good man

  10. Obviously some of the commentators knows nothing about event planning. Additionally, why everyone stressing the cost of the wedding? The thing is, weddings are costly and most persons that have a big she bang, have a load of debts after. So the attendees come and eat all they can and are happy at home while your life is a wreck with the debt.

    As the young lady committed up top, a beach wedding should not have a formal attire. She was a bit overdressed. For the young lady who asked for her dress back, SHAME on you looking a hype off a dress that isn’t worth the embarrassment you are trying to cause for the young lady.

    For the other females, get someone to marry too and quit trying to tear other women down. #SickOfItNow!

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