Carolyn Cooper | Di Attorney General Lik Her Head

Marlene Malahoo Forte no ready fi prime time. Look how shi draw down scandal pon Jamaica wid her fool-fool tweet gainst di American embassy rainbow flag! Look how much bad name Jamaica have! Dem have it fi seh wi a di worst country eena di whole-a world fi fight gainst homosexual. An fi wi owna attorney general a carry we down?

All over di world, people sorry fi di murderation eena di gay bar. An, yes, di attorney general seh shi sorry, too. But when shi go add on bout American embassy a disrespect Jamaica law wid dem rainbow flag, it sound like seh wi got one law gainst di flag. Marlene Malahoo Forte a big-big attorney general an shi no know Jamaica law?

Pon top a dat, wen pressure drop pon Malahoo Forte bout her tweet, shi turn round seh wi a ‘misconstrue’ weh shi did seh. Misconstrue mi backside! Better shi did just seh shi sorry an no try mek it look like seh everybody a tell lie pon her. Mi a feminist. An mi glad fi see woman get big work. But wen dem can’t manage di work, dem mek tings bad fi di rest a wi. Mek di man dem tek di whole a wi fi eedyat.

Marlene Malahoo Forte judgement no good. So a how come shi turn attorney general? Whosoever gi her di attorney general work, dat deh smaddy judgement bad same way. A friend an company business a run tings. An a same so di two party dem dweet. Wen election done, everybody weh di last govament put een, dem lose fi dem work. Dat no mek no sense.

If people a do dem work good, dem fi kip it. Wa mek yu a go shoob dem outa di work an put een one next smaddy weh no know wa dem a do? Dem got ongle one qualification. Dem belongs to di party eena power. Eena dem ya time, wi ha fi do better dan dat. A dem deh eedyat runnings a keep Jamaica back.

Instead a Malahoo Forte a tweet seh US Embassy a disrespect Jamaica law chruu dem put up fi dem rainbow flag eena fi dem owna yard, shi should-a seh a high time Jamaica change fi wi backward law gainst certain kind a sex act. Wa big people do eena fi dem owna bedroom an fi dem nightclub a fi dem business. Wi fi lef dem in peace.

Marlene Malahoo Forte come een just like some a dem fool-fool dancehall DJ. It look like seh she a look a forward offa homosexual business. She done know seh eena Jamaica, from yu start burn fire pon certain people, di whole heap a hypocrital Christian dem a go big yu up. Yes, dem hypocritical. Some a dem tek wa dem waan outa di Bible an left back wa no suit dem.

Di said same book a Leviticus wa call down judgement pon homosexual, it burn fire pon fornicator an adulterer. An mi no hear di Christian dem a talk bout dat to dat. Must be ongle Andrews Memorial Hospital one a threaten fi fire all a di fornicator an adulterer dem weh dem ketch. Mi no wid dat. Look how much time a go waste a follow-follow back a di worker dem a watch-watch dem sex life!

Den mi hear seh one big rainbow did deh eena di sky di said same day Marlene Malahoo Forte a tweet gainst di US Embassy. It look like seh Massa God no respect Jamaica backward law. Di rainbow a judgement pon Malahoo Forte. Shi fi lose di attorney general work.

Marlene Malahoo Forte no redi fi praim taim. Luk ou shi jraa dong skyandal pan Jamieka wid ar fuul-fuul twiit gens di Amerikan embasi rienbou flag! Luk umoch bad niem Jamieka av! Dem av it fi se wi a di wos konchri iina di uola worl fi fait gens uomoseksual. An fi wi uona atorni jinaral a kyari wi dong?

Aal uova di worl, piipl sari fi di mordarieshan iina di gie bar. An yes, di atorni jinaral se shi sari tu. Bot wen shi go ad aan bout Amerikan embasi a disrispek Jamieka laa wid dem rienbou flag, it soun laik se wi gat wan laa gens di flag. Marlene Malahoo Forte a big-big atorni jinaral an shi no nuo Jamieka laa?

Pan tap a dat, wen presha jrap pan Malahoo Forte bout ar twiit, shi ton rong se wi a ‘misconstrue’ we shi did se. Misconstrue mi baksaid! Beta shi did jos se shi sari an no chrai mek it luk laik se evribadi a tel lai pan ar. Mi a feminis. An mi glad fi si uman get big wok. Bot wen dem kyaahn manij di wok, dem mek tingz bad fi di res a wi. Mek di man dem tek di uol a wi fi iidyat.

Marlene Malahoo Forte jojment no gud. So a ou kom shi ton atorni jinaral? Uusueva gi ar di atorni jinaral wok, dat de smadi jojment bad siem wie. A fren an kompini bizniz a ron tingz. An a siem so di tuu paati dem dwiit. Wen ilekshan don, evribadi we di laas govament put iin, dem luuz fi dem wok. Dat no mek no sens.

If piipl a du dem wok gud, dem fi kip it. Wa mek yu a go shub dem outa di wok an put iin wan neks smadi we no nuo wa dem a du? Dem gat ongl wan kwalifikieshan. Dem bilongz tu di paati iina powa. Iina dem ya taim, wi a fi du beta dan dat. A dem de iidyat ronins a kip Jamieka bak.

Insted a Malahoo Forte a twiit se US Embasi a disrispek Jamieka laa chruu dem put up fi dem rienbuo flag iina fi dem uona yaad, shi shuda se a ai taim Jamieka chienj fi wi bakwod laa gens sortn kain a seks ak. Wa big piipl du iina fi dem uona bedruum an fi dem nait klob a fi dem bizniz. Wi fi lef dem in piis.

Marlene Malahoo Forte kom iin jos laik som a dem fuul-fuul daansaal DJ. It luk laik se shi a luk a faawod aafa uomoseksual bizniz. Shi don nuo se iina Jamieka, fram yu staat bon faiya pan sortn piipl, di uol iip a ipokritikal krischan dem a go big yu op. Yes, dem ipokritikal. Som a dem tek wa dem waan outa di Baibl an lef bak wa no suut dem.

Di sed siem buk a Leviticus wa kaal dong jojment pan uomoseksual, it bon faiya pan faanikieta an adoltara. An mi no ier di Krischan dem a taak bout dat tu dat. Mosi ongl Andrews Memorial Hospital wan a chretn fi faiya aal a di faanikieta an adoltara dem we dem kech. Mi no wid dat. Luk umoch taim a go wies a fala-fala bak a di worka dem a wach-wach dem seks laif!

Den mi ier se wan big rienbou did de iina di skai di sed siem die Marlene Malahoo Forte a twiit gens di US Embasi. It luk laik se Maasa Gad no rispek Jamieka bakwod laa. Di rienbou a jojment pan Malahoo Forte. Shi fi luuz di atorni jinaral wok.

n Carolyn Cooper is a consultant on culture and development. Email feedback to [email protected] and [email protected].


  1. COoper u mussy a f**k AminA Blackwood!! why must Ms.Fort be a puppet eeeh? bout shi shuda seh long time wi fi dun wid wi backwArds LAW U dAmn hypocrite bitch!! all A UNU UP A PULSE NAASSY! nuh di sAme Ms.Cooper dis WEH idolise Dj KArtel weh bun out bAttymAn gallAngins? reeeal hypocrite bitch KArtel fool fool den

  2. I agree with Carolyn. It better Malahoo did say she nuh agree with homosexuality. But fi talk bout laws weh nuh exist then she just look like eediat. The law says Sodomy (anal sex) is illegal. That means if my man sex me in my bottom we can be arrested for it, even though I am a woman. I dont agree with homosexuality but malahoo put har foot inna har mouth when she talk bout laws. She should have stuck to morals. Then she come a talk bout she went to Harvard like say we fi frighten fi har education. Whole heap a ppl go ivy league college and them common sense is on the same level as a donkey. I’m not kissing America’s ass and I am not happy with the infiltration of homosexuality into our country but Malahoo was and is wrong.

  3. The Attorney General spoke her mind loud and clear, and dis non-factor ah buy out di story. Carolyn Cooper guh neatly fold up yuhself and tuck right up inna Kartel. You’re the perfect size fi plug him batty…..

  4. She said the flag was disrespectful to the laws of jamaica. Which law mention nothing bout batty man? AG needs to have a seat as well

  5. They need to burn the gay flag. I’m so sick and tired of the gay shit. Lord help me not to make that mistake again

  6. Carolyn Cooper, yes, you are in academia, however, you are not a legal eagle. Seemingly due to your disdain for the English language, you did not discern what the AG had to say. By flying a flag on Jamaica’s soil that embraces and promotes anti-buggary lifestyles, is tantamount to an affront to Jamaica anti-buggery law.

    Disrespecting and the breaking of the law are not one in the same.
    Whether you agree with the anti-buggery laws, the ones should not pretend that the laws do not exist. Work to have the laws repealed, if you object to them.

    This Patois zealot has been given a platform to make a fool of herself and she is not wasting a scintilla of time. Carolyn Cooper, this campaign of yours is a study in futility.

  7. Yes, I feel that being gay is a choice made out of curiosity and it was a learned behavior for me. I hope those gay ambassadors will refrain from misleading some of our children. What I was missing was love from my parents, my mother especially, so I sought love and comfort from another woman in a twisted way. There was never a desire to be involved in sexual relations with my mother at all. They say all sins are the same but I’d rather not sin that way again. Don’t believe the hype

  8. The point in all of this is that our AG should have known better than to tweet her personal feelings from the same platform she represents Ja. from. Any Embassy in any country by Law is not govern by the foreign land that they are on. Our AG MUST know this so in this case the Queen has no interest in the land that the embassy is on our Laws does not affect them. So while I understand where Miss AG is coming from she needs to go read up on her laws.

    1. You and are Cooper are wrong–here is what the Vienna Convention has to say pertaining to embassies on international soil:

      “The mission is protected and is considered US property, but the territory does not belong to the US (or any other country with an embassy). Again, the Vienna Convention does not state that the property belongs to the embassy‚Äôs country.”

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