1. Met a true Saudika Dira show did a special on her show on friday with some celebrity fathers an she featured chino as one of the dads and is chino, yendi baby rosie baby and ROSIE inna di interview! Me eye pop wide open when when rosie come pan the interview a say of Daniel is a good dad etc! Well up inna interview with Chino. A must dat bun Yendi

  2. Why Lisa Hanna bitter now ? This Yendi gal is like a demon – neva ago figet the 60 grand a month weh she wanted lol

  3. Anonymous 6:37…. As a man I’m always surprised at comments like yours. Will you please explain. Just curious. Maybe you can enlighten me. Not knocking you.

  4. Is just recently mi see parents a tell each other happy mothers day and fathers day. When mi did a grow it was the children who did that. Mi nah wait fi no special day fi acknowledge deze tings. Sometimes a card or a lil treat throughout the year for excellent work. Give di man or ooman dem due before any special day come forward. Mi only called one Faada tideh and is way dung eena fi 5 o’clock mi called, outta five kids a me one call. At least him got acknowledged :ultah

  5. 60 gran a month is based on the lifestyle the child is accustomed to… It’s really not that much when you start spending it even tho i agree it’s a handsome amount for an average Joe to give out

  6. Besides Chino didn’t refuse to pay that his only concern was the limited visitation rights she wanted to give him

  7. Kmt u don’t have to live a lavish lifestyle to spend sixty grand a month for the child. A tru some ppl use to them baby father a go dem $2500 a week time if Suh much,when dem here $60gs Dem skin katch a fire. Have u been to the supermarket recently as u tek up two snacks fi di pickney guh school a $5g dat.

  8. It bun MI do sum woman. kmt… 60g a month not even that little girl school fee n lunch money. Cause I’m sure she’s going to a school that’s up there. N have swimming dance etc to pay for. That’s how I would love my child to grow. Not basic… N some woman just think basic suh n let the few who want only the best n know the man can give his best if he cut out certain life style like we mothers do a D time. (the sacrifices) then D child can have it. My two year old grocery bill is like 30,000 a month. He’s a boy who eats everything n refuse nothing. N eat a lot n can push a side table across the house. N may I remind u he haven’t started school yet, where other things come in like transportation n babysitting or daycare if a regular mother would have to work

    1. agreed, i picked up a few snack that can last my child for just about a week and the bill total almost 6000 so please and this is not even juice or food for my child to eat. Dont talk about the wholesale cah them just as expensve

  9. Yendizzle u my boo n all but u Wrang Wrang 4 this hun!At no time have u ever said Chino is a deadbeat or bad dad so why not give him props??

    Remember is u same one testify on his behalf against Rosie getting extra money n perks for their kid enuh??So wha dis fa boo?

    1. Yendi asking fr 60g was NOT unreasonable at all!! That is less than $600 US a month and this child has expenses that are not typical of most jamaican children. Like other people who commented said, it is likely that the Uptown school she is going to will cost 60g or even more by the time she leaves kindergarten. She is being unreasonable in her actions with her baby father. If he is paying child support and is not a danger to the child then she should allow him to see teh child

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