Met like really da girl here dont and culd not be real. blackberry is ur man supose to a hole u down nu u say him over everybody else u brite bad bout people must hole u down an a talk bout best frien. u are stupid because not one or di other cannot help. do u love ur kids? u know wat u must do to make things right for them my god a so u wicked u would take them to jam dung true u are in love and telling people that they shud hole u down maybe if we never see u a act so fool fool mi never see u like that before an it is a shame u cannot be ok with urself and as much as u act like things ok we know it is not come back a u yard wid ur kids


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  1. Hi good morning Ms. Morris:
    I would like to give you my opinion as someone on the outside looking in; it is not that you don’t have a best friend or a friend to hold you down. It seems to me as if you’re looking for love and/or friendship in all the wrong places. Sharon, you have to start with loving you first, and being able to hold you down before you depend on anyone else. NEVER put your trust in mankind, but instead the Almighty One ( whichever your religious preference is )…as Metty, Obara, Foxy and several other bloggers gave us some insight last week on the human spirit….We should choose to walk in Faith and not by sight, because seeing isn’t always believing…and the most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even touched; that is because they are felt with the heart. Start by loving yourself. Have faith in yourself and your existence and everything else will fall into place. Once you have faith, hope, determination, wisdom, knowledge and strength within yourself….there is nothing or no one, that can break you down. Stay strong for yourself and your children girlfriend, and keep your focus on priorities that make a difference in your life and the lives of your children…and HE WILL see you thru it all…I promise!! :peluk

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