1. GM Met, neva dream mi could eva hear a Jamaican wid a Trini accent, frighten gyal, mussi jus a can nyam a nite meal since she reach a Trinidad so she dash stone backa har. Tan dey tink dem Trini does love you like u claim

  2. @anon shi neva dash no stone behind har back. Like shi said “this nuh hab nuttin fi do with Jamaica”. It’s about the people troubling her. I am not Trini but we are one after all. So what if shi speak like them, ah nuh dey so shi live? Jamaicans who live out side of Jamaica usually sound like their adopted country.
    Do betta and stop the cannibalism. If you ‘re black and Jamaican ‘member it’s because of slavery an not a choice. All of our black fore-parents came off a slave boat and was auctioned off to the highest bidder. WE ARE ALL AFRICANS.
    P.S. Hi Met, it’s been a while I wish you continued success in all areas of your life this New Year and going forward.

  3. Is this a mannnnnnnn or a womannnnnnnn??? Met why yu choose fi frighten mi dis morning with dis ugly Shebada looking bitch.. Did this bitch check di mirror before she mek video because di lipstick look like she slap it on while sleeping…no sah…she frighten sah it look like too much pussy juice get to har brain and a mad har

    1. Morning mi nah ansa she this morning because she go a people place go tek up dem style…one ting we r known for is OUR GOOD TIGHT HOLE………………all who don’t have it carry feelings fi it…she know dat and because she tek up trini style she a talk bout chip up…AH WE SEH GOOD TIGHT HOLE SHE FI GWEY

      1. Morning met, she dun done out har big nasty hole wid all kind a trini hood and dildo suh now she come a hate pon jamaicans fi dem tight hole, mi nuh kno a which man a settle dung wid nuh big scandal bag hole gal….she up in a di trini dem and dem don’t give a f**k about she… A hate when dem left jamaica and throw stone behind dem back..she sick f**king stomach

  4. Rrrrrraaaaayyyyyyy!!!! Yessss Met, empty di batty man looking gal like a bokkle a Fiji! Kim yuh man eva tell yuh seh yuh fayva a dutty battyman??? Now yuh know! All yuh have ah gwaan fi yuh ah yuh teeth.

  5. Why do I get the feeling that this he/she is the person who has a cell phone with the PSYCHO theme as his/her ring tone? Well, the he/she needs to change it because the he/she and its ring tone are so much alike!

  6. YES DYKE BITCH!!… :nerd….We Jamaicans ah hog ah dog like yuh MUDDA SCUNT SUCK PUSSEY MUUMMAAAAAAA weh nuh stop wear cunt juice like chap stick AN YUH FUHCK BATTY DADDY!!…tan ah Trinidad rat puss gal ca wi nuh wa yuh come backa yawd….

    1. :ngacir2 :ngacir2 :ngacir2 :ngacir2 she betta try hope dem don’t dip har raas back to jamaica because dat police woman weh she a talk bout wud surely deal wid har case….but cuh pon she to bout she have papers a Trinidad….and soooooo bitch a who grudge yu wid yu man royal self, Trinidad people nuh like yu neither f**king idiot

      1. Da police lady woulda deh ah airport wid baton in hand, ah lay wait ar bumboclaatt…she woulda get one piece ah Rodney King beaten out deh i.e. si…RENK!!!

  7. a when trinidad turn the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, ENGLAND, OR CANADA…. a who ca get rass visa fi go foreign go small island so she can go suck back her mother weh had a ugly HE/SHE DAUGHTER

  8. It’s a MAN Maury, it’s a MAN!!!!! Listen to de accent, it twist up like airport inna pocket!!!! People,I’m not violent yuh nuh, but give me 1 minute and 2 hammers wid dis Part she, and part him……….and I’m done wid dis SHE/HIM!


  10. I could tell this girl is a REJECT from her community in mandeville or where ever she claimed she from & nobody nuh see her either to wife up or rate up. All pon her fb page she aint getting no knowings just a few likes under some pics so just because she get a buss thru a freak to freaky trinidad (no offense) cause I did have trin frens but mi drop dem fast too badmind & freaky (like unu think a only some j’acans badmind)she waan showoff her nasty frill mouth self gal gowey wid yu dun out hole & lowe the tight hole ppl dem whey scorn yu bayyyy nastiness unu gwaan wid but the nerves of this bitch to call the ppl dem nasty from her community whey shame of her. Trinidadians don’t like Jamaicans so never get too comfortable I warned you

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