1. If it wasn’t for Trinidad wat would dis loose hole gal do wid herself look like she use tuh dead fi hungry inna Jamaica

  2. Bye girl bye :bola ..yuh fuhckin nose wide ah big like 2 car garage…gweh from bow ya wid yuh nasty penny stock lesbian pusssey, CHEAP nuh blow wow!!…fuhck outta here hoe, guh fine sitten constructive ah valuable fe duh wid yuh witless self ah time you bum bitch!! *middle fuhcking finger*

  3. Ah di truth, Jamaicans badmind, red eye, and chat too bloodclaat much. We nuh luv we hate pon we one anada. When we go to other islands THE people r different minded. Dem nuh sit down all day a plot and badmind people. Them seh progress and lets live. I live In Guyana with my Baby fada and Life cudda neva sweet suh wen we did deh a yard. Gweh, jamaicans r Crosses and mi as a JAMAICAN seh suh. Mi nuh tek back mi chat. Some ah unnu Life need SHAMPOO ,DEEP CONDITIONING AND OIL TREATMENT CYAAA UNNU LIFE WELL DRY. BIG UP THE UPTOWN PEOPLE DEM.

    1. Then sumbady can lef dem good good yawd like JAMECKYA n gone a Guyana a tawk bout sweet kmt girl byeeeeeeeeeeee a mus the damn iguana whey u nyam sweet u

      1. You know the wuss example it come wid to bout Guyana sweet girl bye. Met you nuh fi gi dat Muppet aka crusty the clown anymore spotlight is hype she a look, she is disgusting lip dem red like newborn baby pokey.

    2. Bitch YU can see seh yu did really a suffer a jamaica….yu sound frighten because guh see di nastiness weh yu a guh true in a Guyana … A which jamaican grudge u and ur man,a must some idiot like yu,yu know wah frighten friday u and da bitch deh up top can guh chuck off in one pit together because that’s where u guys belong….

      1. All Jamaicans are NOT the same…she mussi did mix ah mingle wid dutty bungle *which might I add, EVERY country, continent, race ah people have dem deh* but she cyaah jus class all Jamaicans as the same set…poor she, bout Guyana sweet..if she eva know smh lol…

    3. Mongrel gweh bout live sweet life ah Guyana wid baby fada. Unno deh deh ah wait pon di neighbor dem young banana dem fi ripe suh dat unno can get fi nyam. Wid yuh low life neva come see self. Which Yawdie left Jamaica fi Guyana fi purpose. Gweh one drawers gyal…..

  4. @Anon 12:55, me rejoice at your happy life in Guyana. But if you no think GT people and other Island people no bad mind an chat people a lie you a tell. Bad mind, greed, chatty chatty, covetousness is not restricted to Jamaican people. It’s human nature of any nationality. Been wid a Guyanese man and run left dat go back to me sweet Jamaican man. You soon get whey you a look fah dung inna di mudd. Enjoy you wild meat and sous.

  5. Guyana Indians them not suh bad like da Dirty niggas them look like bad mind is a black ppl thing which Eva part u coming from

  6. Dear Met, merry Christmas and happy new year to you and all its been so long but as usual me always log on. look ere wid you ears dem, dat likkle gyal is chubbled bad bad. Yes she is 25 years old, she come from country (Spalding Clarendon) like me self yah. She deh a Trinidad a prostitute harself and a talk how she “get pay fi lime” she have a son a Jamaica weh she run weh lef. She did pregnant the other day but she “loose it”. I wouldn’t tek a oath or tell a lie, this girl mother deh a jamaica a bax from pillar to post and har son a suffah. You know what, I gwine run har file the real way in yah tiddeh

  7. Har mother name Rosey wash people dutty clothes fi provide and man a beat out har claat. Mind you she is a nice lady inno but she breed up one back a one aneddah and is mostly sluts she have. She a care fi dis child and little to no help. The next gyal you see har wid is another rub cratches one from the same likkle community. No man nah look at dem a yard so dem tek it to the islands, she gwane like she bad and the amount a train dem run pon har woulda put MTA to shame

  8. @Met, a this dem fi say “FIX IT JESUS”….Me mind tell me this gal was a ole harlot, poor she, what a waste!!!

  9. People ah dead fi Hungry a jamaica. neva see people from other island guh deh guh mek Life. JAMAICA damn crowded, Hungry, sufferation wusa dan the south of the sahara dessert. The only island weh dem people get deported. The island people tire ah unnu. Tan ah unnu yard and build tings and get Good government. Too damn corrupt. We just tired tired and nuh want destructve people inna we country. Deport dem behind since dem seh dem little crowded island noice…go home to unu sweet struggle destructive weh unnu come from. We love peaceful Life not destruction.

  10. Ah who bad mind and gossip like Trini people, dem hateful too di whole ah dem ah alien cause dem class Jamaicans as outsiders that must mean dem not apart of planet earth, the gal dem hate you if u look better than them, if this gal is Jamaican she real stupid fi ah pic up fi DAT Nation dem is satanic and evil nobody wuk obeah lacks dem. No Jamaican nuffi guh Trinidad. Dutty shit house dem

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