How much man u go change befor u find the rite one and 7 man u go threw befor u deh wid a nxt dj. Dancehall hoe
Nordia look hw u bbyfada a done u shame on you stop change man


  1. So dem gwan when you no longer giving them the pussy, boy go sit ur ass down and stop carry pussy feelings..

    Sender a nyam you want nyam har pussy ar wah why you a tun pussy detective?

  2. Baby father lame! If him did busy with them pickney deh him wouldn’t a find time fi a watch di baby mother and a mek status pon Facebook!

  3. mi caan tek de dunce man dem enuh,worst de ones dem weh carry pus-c feelings nd just a realize seh yuh pus-c nuh gud but dem did a eat, sleep nd live out weh leff in deh. Him call ooman babes suh much dat him dont know de difference between it nd babies

  4. Melissa why you never go dun the girl weh did a dun you yesterday at least me have a pic with my man can you post one I have to collage nuh pic

  5. But this gal change alot a man fi true ova the yrs i knw her but bbyfada have him gal weh look like she dont even like the child send maybe u never wah to pay childsupport so u bbymada have u away

  6. Me use to talk to kriss and him tell me she is a bad mother to her kids and a dutty bastment she live in and ever nite she party she and her friend them but come think off it me just see them put up one her fren monday all a them a wast gal f**k out the dance man them and nt taking care of there kids but she a the biggest hoe doe …

  7. Lol but wait a the hole crew them a put up cause frist it was tanisha then shorty nw nordia who is nxt but u have a big black one deh mate stay bad in real life she use to f**k me man lol till she fine one fi herslef crew name elite ladys

  8. Lord wait deh im on this girl page she dating a guy name Jason so when the f**k dif she change man again kmt i never see her put up her kids and tell them these wards but new man a get it see her post her son going to hight sch and the way the sister done her u dont buy shit for her son and u take down pic and talk about ur frist time to sch these girls need to take of there kids and mi a read the bbygafa thing and i dont see wat he stay is wrng

  9. if a me like you mi guh back a school and stop come pon social media come embarrass yuh self ,bout yuh have some ppl wah love mek babes after babes lmaoooo yuh come back lame and weak nuh f**k .Try harder next time uneducated bitch .

  10. Stinking mouth Mellisa a company yuh a look nuh di people them basement yuh live inna as well yuh not even have good plate fi eat out of but yuh a walk and a mek trouble ,trouble yuh want to mek on social media alright mi aguh mek it fi yuh

  11. Midget don’t make me have to come a Hollis and ring u f**king neck little one draws and one bra gyal. You is one girl who not supposed to talk about anyone. Because how much time Nordia put you up little dutty gyal. You talking about people and your life miserable. Why u don’t go and focus on your little ugly pickney weh u send a Jamaica. Just continue and see I don’t call f**king IRS and the damm state pon You, and tell them how u collect food stamp and a file tax and the dammm pickney nu live with you. Girl I tell bout when u sorry fi dutty neaga a so them tunnn round and chat. You need to go and learn fi read and write before u start make trouble.

  12. My question is why y’all on here a worrier who the girl a f**k tho like really y’all don’t have a job are something else to do with y’all time

  13. Big up mi fren an har man in a real life luv them..a bitch just bitter cause she only can post har man when him a sleep an when she cut out him picture out a news paper (which we not even sure if a really him) Drop dead ugly gal u don’t have anything better to do go post ur son the ugly monster weh u make by yu self lame bitch

  14. Mellisa reading is Fundamental, go and learn how to read and write. You on here making up names and posting shit. And it’s ELITE LADIES AND NOT LADY’S. U DONT Even know how to construct a good sentence. Bye bitch and go and have several seats, that’s if u even have a chair Inna u place weh u live. No one is not even thinking about you, you’re a lost cost.

  15. Midget tek yuh bloodclat and come back over here mi have something fi tell yuh ,Mi just come off di phone with child service bitch watch wi and yuh nastiness

  16. A swear some bitches are lame as f**k dem life sad like funeral,walk and give trouble all because dem wah feel important.leave the bloodclaat gal alone if she wah f**k w a next nigga a fi her bizniz DAT one door a next one bloodclaat open, so what? she won’t be the first definitely won’t be the last non progressive jancrow dem, miserable bobohole guh look a life germs the time Yuh tek fi send in this tek a good look pon Yuh ugly self u nuh see how u life dutty u stink nuh f**k guh bade wash u dutty crotches.

  17. You’re so obsessed with Nordia and the crew so bad. It’s a dammm shame that you don’t have not one friend because you tell too much lies and love to mix up. Bath and body works a have 75% off sale you need go there and buy some stuff cause me never see u with lotion, perfume or a bathing rag yet, but yet u come pon ya a show up u dutty self. Gyal don’t get me bringle.

  18. Tannice yuh nuh si seh all the different names what yuh commenting under it only show that it’s you dutty bitch wah the girl duh yuh more than try fi help yuh when mother frog and baby tadpole was homeless .Lmaoooo wah yuh really call pon yuh self Midget

  19. You a talk bout how much man Nordia take, but the question is, how much have you taken? Lmao, you’re so jealous of Nordia you want to be her so bad. Why r u so obsessed with her though, she nu love and f woman and even if she did love woman she wouldn’t f you. There’s a reason why God created man and woman on earth so that they can multiply. But you don’t know that because you’re a dunce. Gyal you need to go and see a psychiatrist because you have mental problem, because all Inna you dumb head is that people are thinking about you, ain’t no body thinking about because you’re irrelevant bitch.

  20. Nordia yu a gwaan bad nuh wonder why Jason can leave you alone I don’t get if you talking to a different man is a problem to ppl live ur life my girl f**k who you wanna f**k a ur pussy me happy fi yu

  21. Tannice Gonzales yuh sen call di f**king army bitch wait till wi dun rub yuh little bloodclat everybody yuh think yuh have strength fah wi going to fix yuh ,guh f**k a bad man and come nuh homeless gal .Tannice yuh memba when yuh pussy did deh deh a stink and a rotten pon yuh memba a mi di Afto tell yuh fi guh doctor enuh bitch

  22. Tannice u f**ka Yuh karma is a bitch wat goes around comes back around, u swear u get wey don’t it? jokes on u now bitch u f**k around so much ppl and tell sooooo much lies, who laugh last laugh the best dutty bitch.Betty di goat weh Yuh deh yuh nuh done nyam grass yet.

  23. melissa you don’t have nothing more to say you run out of words and lies lol pick up something that you cannot finish

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