The only time bolt looks genuinely happy when he’s in his element. I bet he retires back to Trelawny and lives a simple life when he’s done hype.


  1. Suh sender you omit the part that Kasi is also there with him and his family in Trelawny I guess this is a deliberate act of selective omission. Unnu good to rass.

  2. Ooo met on snapchat Kasi is there with him and the mother n father and she calls his dad daddy so i guess there isn’t such a bad beef as u been saying. They were there for a like over night

    1. As me been saying? Please dont tell no lie pan mi cause u never in your dreams or while awake si mi mention kasi and bolt parents. I do not speak on what I dont know so dont tell not a lie pan mi desso.

      1. Met you must understand seh nuff ah dem weh come pon yuh site fail fe realize seh ah nuh you send in topics to yuh own site, ah people like me lol… Dem a go blame yuh till Thy Kingdom comes smh

        1. All dat tuh but di person deh pan a proving ting..Kasi calling Usain father daddy dont prove nothing but that she nuff and di rest we nuh business with

    2. You too easily impressed. Many people call their friends parents mommy & daddy as well….that’s a big deal? Lmao….no hate over at all…but seriously, that impress you to the point where you then “call out” Met bout comments you dreamt up ? Lmfao oh humanity! Calling his father daddy and staying overnight….if that impresses you, that says a lot about what you are used to in general….frighten baaaaad :alay

      1. Seet deh now! Glad fi get one “daddy”….not Bolt mommy on the other hand…Anon neva mention Kasi calling her “Mommy” or “Mummy” or “mums” norrrrr “mum” andddd not “mom”…..daddy is an easy win….I wanna know if she win mommy Bolt….tell wi nuh….

      2. The track girl he dated said he took her to meet his parents very early into the relationship so that’s why I couldn’t figure out why he waited so long to allow Kasi around his family and Sadiki still follows Kirstin and Milan so it would not surprise me if his cousins follow them too.

  3. He had said in an interview that when he retires he’s moving back there because the partying and going to clubs gets old after awhile. I don’t blame him, if I had certain amount of money I would move back to country right now.

  4. I’m not even going to ask where’s Waldo. Oh, I forgot, she said she would be in Montego Bay for a meet and greet with her “fans”.

    1. How was she going to do a meet & greet unless she and her mother were already in Mobay before Usain gave her the okay to come over late Monday night and, why would she want to do a meet and greet if someone had threatened her mother?
      If she spent Christmas in Kingston, why wait until late Monday night to go to Trelawny because she inferred she was spending Christmas in Trelawny.
      I noticed Kasi wearing a wrist band when she got to the Bolts’ place as if she had just left a club or event, so is this another instance where Usain told her she could spend Christmas with him and his family then changed his mind, then changed his mind again?

  5. Bolt yah drink nuff water man, it a show inna yuh skin very hydrated indeed.

    there is no place like home nd having a very big lot fi backyard, the crickets at night river, cool breeze the smell a kuntry I don’t wrong him plus being near to parents for the just in case

  6. Who isn’t happy around children? For most of us children bring out an inner and pure joy. It’s good to be able to give back.

  7. I’m sure sender saw how Kasi was there but, was probably waiting on someone else to bring it up.
    Kasi said she was spending Christmas in the country but, she spent Christmas with her mother and her family. Looks like she got to Trelawny late Monday or early Tuesday and was there for a few hours.

  8. That aside, she supposed to be First Lady and all but dem a do dem Dutti dancing ina the circle fi the whole neighborhood see say she anu nobody special.

    Me na say she cya buss a stoosh wine pan her man but all dem hand pan grung tings de when I’m sure his parents and fam was watching cuda stay.

    She seems like she want to be relatable and down to earth but I just get a vibe that she’s trying too hard.
    As somebody above say, we glad she a get little knowings cuz she work hard for it but she can scale it back…just a tad bit

    1. That’s because Gabby is Kasi Groupie, she follows Kasi on almost every social page. Now as much as people talk about Met site and the people here, none of Kasi friends mean her any good, when we talk about her, is for her to get things out of Bolt, when people like Gabby talk, is for her to get little knowings from Bolt. Snapping Bolts father and calling him daddy is no big feat, showing up to his hometown for a couple hours after dating so long is nothing, man a man so bolts father is easy, where is the pic with mommy? He dated girls in less time than that and they got introduced to his parents. Gabby, you and the rest of her so called friends need to tell her to stop settle for mediocrity. Even though she’s a gold digger, I want to see her living life like other top athletes or top man girlfriends because he was the one that give her the title “First Lady”.

  9. But kuntry ppl on a whole mannerable like that everybody a Aunty, Uncle, Mama, Papa, Mas,Miss etc..suh Spoon yuh do have a point there….all I know even when de post is not about Kasi it’s here nd her frens who come here and make it about her nd then it tumble dung pon har

    1. Thank you! It’s nothing more that a manners & respect thing….nothing to get excited over….and it’s true, dem always find away to put Kasi in the mix when it’s not about her…annoying bad…

      1. Anon up top is Kasi, she wanted us to know she was there, like going to your man hometown after how many years of dating is a big deal. What am I saying, it’s a huge deal yo her. If she’s happy about that well I’m happy for her.

  10. Anon 11:41 is correct, she did not appear to be there for the entire holidays with him only at the end. Also, little to no interaction was seen between his mother (the love of his life) and her. Something is just not right or strange with the whole entire thing. Sometimes it appears very scripted and not natural. For example, take Weir and Alexan for example. Don’t know if they are still together but Weir may have extra-curricular things going on with other women but one thing was for sure you saw him with Alexan often sometimes with his mother (love of his life) and her. Alexan did not appear to be trying so hard to prove a point or fit in either. It is or was what it is or was. No more and no less. It appeared more natural.

    Bolt did appear happy at home and seems to be a really fun guy; especially with kids when he is helping them. He gets much respect for that. However, I don’t get the “washing the pots thing.” My man and I host Christmas gatherings for my family and friends all the time. I have even served food and gifts to the elderly afterward. We will put on gloves but neither my man nor I are above washing pots. We actually have fun playing in the water together.

    1. The reason it don’t look natural because everything is for the snap chat. Usain knows it and caters to her by playing up on the snap videos because he knows all she cares about is being seen with Usain and his family or anyone in Usain’s circle. She did the same thing at the premier and at Cabana City. The moment she got to Usain, she turned on the snap chat. She couldn’t put the phone down long enough to enjoy herself because she wanted snap videos to post.
      Before she got to Trelawny Usain was barely making videos until his Christmas Treat event and those videos were shot by the Digicel people.
      Usain could have gone out clubbing last night and brought home 4 other women and Kasi won’t care because she got her snap video moments and, some of you think Kasi don’t go anywhere, she does but, She’s selective in what she put on snap chat.

  11. Sender sends in a post about Usain being happy in the country with not a mention of Kasi, people in the comments bring on a war about Kasi weh neva mention inna di post LMAOOOOOO

    My god you people (yes the ones bringing up the girl who was never mentioned) are OBSESSED with Kasi!!!! Unnu follow har every move until unnu can tell what time she reach ah country…that’s not dedication to being fass, that’s an obsession. “Little to no interaction between her and his mother” lmaoooo a few little 10 second snap videos and boom unnu know everything. 2017 I pray some ah unnu addresss this obsession cah it nuh look good

    1. Miss Unpopular opinion, you need to stay off this site, you seem to not understand how gossip works and that this is a gossip site. For many of us, this is just a guilty pleasure, a pass time, why it seem like every time someone post something bout Kasi on here you tek it to heart? Miss, 2017 just right round the corner, nuh bada bring up yuh blood pressure. Happy new year when it comes!

  12. I watched all the snaps & Kasi was damn near
    On her deegan headtop she was there pan her eyelash
    Literally!!!! This girl bwoy it seem she was trying to fit in
    Wid d country people so dat dem can like her !
    Bolt had her jumping up and down and acting a damn fool
    U can tell it wasn’t no good good plannings fi even all sleep over
    Kasi was suppose to go home because if unu notice
    She has on the same set of clothes next day she not even
    Look like she brush her teeth or bade cuz she damn sure never
    Wash her face could see the eyeliner running.
    Kasi stop mek bolt give u his what’s left if him can’t come correct
    Don’t come at all it’s embarrassing man! Like the part when
    She called his dad daddy she wasn’t directly speaking to the father
    The father said something and Kasi repeated it to bolt and said
    Daddy seh it Nuh wash good heheheheheheh and bolt start making
    Like 200006789000 more snaps about the guys washing the pots
    Bolt is like so immature to me seriously ! Kasi u also looked veryyyyy uncomfortable in the snaps like u Nuh sure if u wanted there almost nervous bout u deh round table a drink soup dem gwine tie yuh eh see lmfaooooo

    1. Look here no all them snaps look like her ads just showed u cuz @ an ungodly hour and the man just say alright yuh can hold a one par, she wasn’t invited she just show up cuz she ova yah daily a read about herself & feel she has to prove something to others. I never understand people these days everybody has something to prove to others. Maybe true I care zero about what ppl say or think about me still. But Kasi yuh a put in too much effort into proving that you a 1st lady, which makes me to believe you no too sure no matter what

  13. All I know is, Kasi owe her improved/improving relationship to JMG, everything people point out that bolt isnt doing for her on here, she end up doing it. Yall said she wasnt gonna spend Christmas with bolt and seeit deh. Uno better not continue to talk about her not getting the ring, she might… lol. I love this site. Happy new year when it comes guys.

  14. What in the hell was so funny about somebody else washing pots? His mother should have made him get off his as- and go help wash the pots.

  15. @Miss Unpopular Opinion I so agree with everything you said. The obsession is real bad. Also, there is this one person on this sight who is busy tearing down Kasi every second she get meanwhile fi har man treat her like shit house. Don’t think I don’t know who you are and one of these fine days you are going to get outed right on this sight. Nobadda think a few of is don’t know who you are just watch and see when fi you business going to get spilled on this sight I hope you can tek it.

    1. You’re gonna “out” people on this “sight” and you cant even spell “site”… have several seats… We are all here for fun!

    2. I hate when persons speculate about who they think is sending in stories or commenting because most of the time they are WRONG! Don’t call up anyone name or try out anyone here because the persons writing comments are whom you least expect.

  16. Im not on IG but I trust you guys are body language expert. Do you think the mom don’t like her because she slept with his brother?

  17. I for one was very happy to see that she made it to Trelawny and spent time with his family. She put up with a lot from Bolt so to get something she really wanted is nice. She did come off as being a bit uncomfortable, but who wouldn’t be the first time meeting people, especially the man you’re dating family? His mother looks serious too. During the “pot washing she was very abrasive. I’m sure it must be hard impressing her as a mother in law because she look feisty bad.

    I’m glad she went and spent time with his family. I was nervous she was going to flop herself again because she was in that hotel club alone, appearing very bored but thank God she got the call and shortly after she was with Bolt. I agree with whoever said it didn’t look planned as she wasn’t prepared and didn’t pack her personals, but happy for her same way. Slow and steady Kase.

  18. I think the sender sent this in under psychs. There was already mention of Kasi being in Trelawny under Shamiele post and it was ignored. Then they come here with a random pointless story of Bolt looking happy. When nobody mentioned Kasi, they came again to call up her name.

    Friend or foe, It’s a pity you did that because she is getting dragged. People are noticing and pointing out everything that was wrong with her couple hours in a Trelawny. You should have left it alone and let Kasi enjoy her moment.

  19. Kasi wast with no parents she haven armband that guest got at the gate. How me a first day and a check in at gate?second bolt have couple house in stone bridge scheme and that’s where she was. Not in ms Jen house

  20. Nooooooooo! She got checked at the gate? Not even the dog a di house nuh know har? So if she go a di gate , di dog ago bark cause him nuh know har

  21. I think she is trying too hard to appear down to earth and rootsy so much so that it comes off as fake. She is faking it so hard in hopes of being the one to walk down the aisle. I like their handshake though. It’s kinda cute.

  22. Kasi was the only one there wearing the green arm band and, it looked like the same arm bands they were wearing at I Love Soca so maybe she was out somewhere when she got permission to come to Trelawny.

  23. Omg gate check? You guys are reaching! Clearly it was all family and friends at that party and nobody else had on those arm bands. What’s on Kasi hand looks like the hotel band she had on from when she was in Mobay wid har madda.

    Bout gate check. This was no super exclusive event. Please!

  24. Don’t know the sender’s motives. I didn’t mention Ms. Bennett when I saw Bolt interacting with those children because she was not in the pictures or snaps at that point I was speaking about. He and The National New Feeds already had posted pics of him that morning. That is when I saw him at his happiest. It’s not the first time. He is always happy when he is sober and around children. He has always said he is happiest when he is back home. When I did finally see her in one it looked un-natural to me. I noticed the same thing about the next morning as someone commented above. And yes, the “momma thing” is a big deal; especially, since Bolt always talks about how much he Loves his mother and has said she is the only one that can bring tears to his eyes.

    I personally didn’t mention her too much because I’m sorry another big event for him (giving gifts to children in need in the community for Christmas) and she appeared to be MIA. But instead, we see her bent over grinding at night. I know it’s the culture, but damn where is the balance? Now if we had seen something different and then her grinding at night after a day full of good deeds, we could have thought something different.

    Isn’t that handshake or one similar common among his friends and him? If I’m not mistaken, Tara and he used to do it and Chris and Damian does something similar at times I think. Over the years it’s been seen a time or two. Maybe this is a new special one.

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