1. Lawd a Massi, onoo nuh easi u kn. Suppose d lady getting in touch wid har natural side. Me woulda love to go back to my roots but di hair too tuff

    1. You can do it with the right hair products. You have to use non sulfate products to prevent drying. Use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners.

  2. Not necessarily. I used to weave and rock a ton of hairstyle until it down on me that nothing is wrong with my natural hair. It is beautiful. 8 month after my big chop I rock Chiney bump, the janell Monet style and a ton of other natural styles. I save time and money and if I want a protective style I still can weave. Natural is in.. Go Miss Ting

  3. Suh because shia rock chiney bump mean shi pop dung? Smfh. Suh ah guess dat mean seh everybady weh a wear dem god given natural hair pop dung den eeh. Maybe shi get smart an start save ar money ka d weave bizness costly!(shake mi natty an lef da post ya yah man

  4. I agree. I used to rock long cream hair for years (my own), then I cut it and went natural i wore chiny bump and 2 strand twist during the summer time and weave in the winter. The weave damaged my hair and I had to start over. I agree natural is in and it’s very healthy. Your hair grows faster when it’s natural. Try it for a few years and them cream it and them you can stop buy hair.

  5. Sender, you need to go and get and education, get a job and be of some value to your nation. You obviously have nothing to do. Hoe does this prove she’s “popped down”? hmmmm??? I’ve seen the richest of the rich with “chiney bumps” or nubian knots, which is the proper name. Go get a life sender!!!

  6. I still rock my weave but started using shampoos n conditioners wit no sulfate n mmy hair is so soft n all my life i thoughr i had bad hair but its the products

  7. Live is so funny. I’m a natural soon reach one year (post BC) next month. Leave work this morning and stop at “Mr. Chin”. Purchase a bokkle a gel (edges stubborn) and some bobby pins. Total about $6 bucks. He looked at me and said ” Oh come on!!’ I have rent to pay”. As in to say since unuh black woman a go natural business slow up. I just laugh and said Good! I’ve learned to accept my beautiful hair and I get way more attention from men of ALL raced.

  8. good morning,met,metters,peepers nd others..

    stop de phuckery de gal nuh pop dung chiney bump will neva be stale although fe most its a bachume hairstyle ….de gal wash har hair and feel like duh it suh instead a wrap it fuh guh actual add in har hair..sum time unno tink too deep into tings nd mek it more dan wat it actually is kmft

    1. Dem more than too deep! Damn fass and a try create issues where there are none. Senda go stand up in a road way and make JUTC gi yu a new hair do.

  9. G’mawnin Met & Metters.
    Bwoy mi tell you sender petty nuh bloodclat. If you all see me right now. Money inna mi account & mi hair twist up all ova. I’m natural & I like to wear my braids, twists, fro and weaves. If this is pop down den what is look decent?Nutting don’t do Ms. Thing. Her hair cute, outfit cut & bag match. Sender go look a life.

  10. Dis sender ya really badmind …she nuh see seh a mostly natural hair a run di place now,.mi weave when mi ready and mi wear my natural hair when mi ready and mi prefer mi natural hair more…sender guh get a life…get wid di time my girl,a weave ,wig and natural hair a dweet now…but look pon di time a year she a sen een dis to,she nuh see seh a black history month dis

  11. Look like me pop dung to because me just bald off my hair and my nah mek it grow pass 3 inches again ever…love my natural hair…..

    Hi Met, u never miss me? mi miss unnu

  12. kmt………..unoo bias inno………..she pop right dung fi tru…..BOASY ms ting lub har weave …not a natural nuttn ……..GTFOH #rollEYES #kmt

    1. bias wid wah luk ere tuh each dem bloodclaat own de gal nuh have in har weave mek she pop dung?!?!? f*k outta here wid dat

  13. Q: If she did chiney bump de weave she would a pop dung said way?

    Side note: I see a bunch of POP DUNG chicks wearing weaves! :mahongintip hoes so broke dem can’t even find coins fi buy a can a sardine…lololollllllll

  14. its not that its a natural style why she pop down, the chiney bump dem look like them soon unravel. and the edges want a little gel. Phantom u right mi tired fi see the 32 inch dry a$$ weave too!

  15. Met, mettaz & peepaz. Yuh kno seh mi shame fi di senda. when did natural hair mean seh black ooman pop dung. Di senda lost and need fi find demself. Twisted and retarded mind, unenlightened, embarrassment to de race. As a man weh conduct many projects wid various subjects, there is no greater satisfaction than a black ooman au naturel.
    REAL MEN prefer natural hair short or long. Real man prefer real breast tuh. De soja titty dem ongle look good inna clothes, not fun to play with. Keeping it REAL.

    1. Same so. Dem would say (mind yu me hair down me back) me looking like a homeless troll cause me CHOSE fi not straighten me hair on some days.

      I love and welcome the stares when my hair soles out…white people are facinated by it. I’ve gotten some “indecent” proposals just because of me hair LOLOL.


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