Good morning met,I couldn’t wait fi wake, I hear d man nearly mad d Gf (one in d valentines pic) fly dung last yr valentines come f**k har fren,,mi hear d fren can gi e good deep throat n bare things,so d man a don n wanted to have things his way den again mi hear him married n live wid woman a LA but d Gf was a side chick weh him a mine n sch…so d fren was intro to d man,n a say how she can’t find dem good man deh,n ask d girl fren wah she put I. Har pu**y,,lolll wait d Gf D fren had big duty drama n d fren all accuse d Gf of trying to teef har vehicle,n use to rub it it d Gf face say she tek har man,call d Gf n confess n mi hear. Gf record har,mi affi go get that. Fi part d short hair one who is d fren,run in n tek over d man,n call police pond gf a redhills mall,,,but I hear dem lef n she find bk har old lover,but d Gf lef like dog a mad,,mi hear she stop go a sch.mi use hear d gossip d Sulla 2013 fi dem drama hot in town,,mi wah share dem story long time but,,Neva wah finish mad d Gf,,,bwoii mi hear she did love all d man more Dan har self,cuz bwoi did check fi har,,,but a dis he get fi valentines last year,,,lol mi hear d lil gal not even have frenz,,smaddy tell mi she n d Gf went out a wan party n all she said was,”mi feel hurt mi chest hurting mi,wish I could wake up from dis dream”..hear she did ago college d bwoi was sending har,,but after d mix up she drop out or stop sch,,idk if she fail out…mi say wen she use to post d drama,mi fren dem use to save it n send it cum,,never too too inna d Gf from high sch,,,cuz she no chat up to ppl,but a d fuss mi see she cum public wid a man,,,mi hear say d fren who f**k the man happy with har x lover,,,d man now happy with other women heard a married man she did a own up dwl…wonda if she deh bel view now.


  1. Nuttin worse dan frenmies. Look like di whole a onoo did grudge di girl, u dere a talk bout di girl neva too talk up to people, suppose dats hear personality? See it dey di one fren she trust go deep throat weh har man.

  2. Is this anything to be happy over? Look like the girl never “chat up” to these people for good reason. Now people really a luk fi see if people reach Bellvue sake a man problem?
    I don’t chat up to people, either. I wonder who is looking for me to reach a mad house.

  3. Sascrise, that Gf looks familiar,,,,,all she ever post a pic a she n d man on FB,bb etc but seems d man was also disrespectful cuz mi hear him use to st n chat har wid d fren,,,cuz d Gf use to tell d fren hw she n d man happy n shut,so anything weh d man dislike a dat d fren capitalize pon fi tek over d man,,,,all mi a say still d man shouldn’t violate d gal dem way deh,him shoulda fk a gal a rd worst d Gf found out him have woman or wife a la,,but. Idk weh dat wife was,cuz when him deh ja a use to him n d Gf every weh n dem never hide dem pic,up pon har bb n FB ,,as fi d fren who g deh wud d man,wat happen to fi har self esteem n pride,,,bwoii a muss badmind n a hope she finish sch npn mek d duty man gwaan.

  4. Rass,no d bwoi dat from paperworks ent in la,who hype, n gwaan like him a don,,,wtf,so him lef LA cum ja fi fk side chick fren,who gi him head dwl,mi hear say a bare buy him buy front n bribe woman wid money,,so weh d so called wife deh it woman in LA?

  5. I SWEAR I hate a good mix-up with grammatical errors and too much short hand! Somebody break this $hit down. BTW, Ms. noisy why yu write like de person…?

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