0 thoughts on “MS TRINI A QUESTION PLZ

  1. Big ooman Dawn dun dem dis weekend :maho shani run di presssssssssss….mi tink a feba dawn fi call handicap…caw em blind as bat…sourjuice soon run guh mek status fi jmg yet yuh doh care bout ova ere an a fi har hole but bitch you’re very low n dirty living such a careless yuh big son look at yuh fi a marrid ooman?? nasty juss nasty :hoax2

  2. Good Morning,Met, Metters,Peepers nd Others…
    What cud av happen suh fi she walk weh from twenty years plus?!?!?

  3. Hey my girl u target this man from day one from U first buck him & find out him weakness . Every check of yours is for this man ” yo woman like u dangerous to rass hope u don’t give him the ting cause it’s high amongst trinidaians cause IAN look like a walking dead . Any man them woman YA TEK Funeral home waiting for the body to cremate .

  4. Met she Beat iron fe get this man , cause him used to deny her & kept there friendship mutual . Her dollars tan up she’s inlove & it’s no secret husband of 20 years get lostttttttttt

    1. nufffffffff man @fabulous an den run cum pon fb seh a fi har puxxy an blah blha den inna di same breath seh dem a goodas an dis n dat…disgusting life dem hav up like dem a smaddy

  5. Real talk I believe u, cause apart fr the husband is thid one alone out deh with her. The rest use to hide her and just tek her lil post office money

  6. she and the husband left how much years now, that’s a old pic, the husband have up a nice lil young girl, that he’s living with, keisha stop tell lie plz, u and the husband is not together for some five yrs are more now, stop it now man, cho. kmt

    1. young gal a mad har til she motivated fi kip dance title 40 id di new 20 a wah dedddddddddddddddddddd ole turbit dem need fi guh sitdung caw trini is no 40

  7. Trini aka shorty size kick. shorty deh a afghan…and a hold blog on Har fb page mix up. she all ah post Dawn mix-up and har fren sour juice name a call up inna the mixin. instead she defend har dwag she a add gasoline to the fire and dont give a fuk how cyaa she want likes. Trini your frens will eat and drink with u–behind dem suss pon you. Shorty a playa hata str888 we all tink dat.


  9. keisha I know u… And sammo been left u and have his young girl. U nuh stop run a new burg to go watch them too. Your liquor consignment man is gay and I give it to u u work a post office and can always fall back on doing hair. But really!!? All the parties u kill yourself to be at and ppl do not come out to urs like that… Stop it please and the Marshalls credit them weh u a sell fi keep up the hype not make g it either… U not a sessing anymoreeeee Sammo doh want u noooo more oh gosh sammo young gal a mad kiesha ohhhh my

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