met so karla stash had a party and not really much to say. very few people look good. majority of them tan bad as ujual. same shit different day with atlanta lames lol. toya gal u couldn’t find a better looking broom mop fe cova u balding big head lolol.

0 thoughts on “ATLANTA BADDIES

  1. Jennifer has got to stop wearing things that’s not her size the boots can hardly fit her calf she look like an elephant no man she’s to huge nd sweaty !! Nd she could’ve found a better outfit than that just look cheap nd dirty !!!

    1. Jennifer is always loud and tacky; she stay sweaty cause she too extra ah nuff baad..always tek the club turn gym..real clown dat :hammer

  2. Met, you have a kind and charitable heart. You’re always always trying to help the less fortunate. Can you please start a clothing donation drive on the behalf of Atlanta? Clothing bank? Something, anything?Thanks :angel :angel :angel :angel :angel

  3. Unu look good good pa the last pic and check out the girl toes ah heng ova the shoes :tkp :tkp…@Glama *pink sweater/blonde wig*..a face only a mother can love

  4. @ LOL & YEP unnuh dunce eeh or unnuh blind ah Tanya instyle not Jennifer Friday. Unnuh nuh see di different between dem one need fi go loose weight next one need fi go do more surgery cause di gastric bypass surgert fail yuh Tanya

  5. Tanya mi ere seh yuh mek police lock aff pak pawty cah nobody neva deh a fi yuh…a nuh mi seh so a di talk..dem seh how yuh a use bogle name an a keep bey dance a try mek money look how long bogle dead kmt

    1. That is what they do best….hate and bad mine them one another and then turn roun and smile up in each other faces all day every day :ngakak

    2. tanya please go and sit down somewhere anywhere cause you just look big dumb and stupid. no offense but it’s the truth lol.

    1. Bad enough she set bad, but she very nosey ah love faas inna everybody business and always ah malice people, she love dash word pa people ah chat people bad bad and den have ah nerve fe ah quote bible verse every minute… big ugly stay bad bull frog :ngakak

  6. Who is the lady in the silver boot, boogle wife. How di rass yuh manage fe zip dat boot up :matabelo
    My guess plastic scandal bag mussi put on first before yuh drop dat foot inside dat boot backside me know di foot hurt next morning.

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