Wait de …what a way munchie se she box up chin…weh the video de caw me faas..n if it go so fi true a how chin stay bad can’t hold a mam sister nuh defend she se she back broad..MI confuse…munchie talk nuff so mi woulda like see the evidence..MI hope ano mi alone



  1. Mi sorry dem never get a bloodclaat chip in a dem face cause dem gwaan like den a bad gal and dem no know badness dem just a falla. Chin and nana f*** like duck. Who dash weh belly like dutty nana. Chin a f*** box and gwaan like dem a smaddy, a try trick di crowd. Chin fi go find har right fada dats y she cyaa get file fah.

  2. Kmt unoo love boosts up the f*** eeh!! Met there is no video cuz it probably nay go so yaw! Even the school children in England knows munchie is not active ina none a har kids life. So all this fighting fi prove WHAT?? One bagga iglers weh need summen fi do. Weh dem need fi worry bout is weh di future hold fi dem. When real mothers a fight dem fight fi dem pickney education and fi mek dem future bright. Philly jus need fi be exterminated! All a dem gal ya a waste! Nutten betta fi do wid dem life but stunt pan fb fi likes! Munchie u stay trying to prove summen to ppl everytime dem lick u wid di fact you not raising none a yuh kids you run go post pics and the pics them always 2 yrs of more old. When yuh post dem you fi put throwback pan di caption. One thing me can say fi people with kids unoo behave really badly! What examples are being set for the children? People ina di unoo immigration situation stays below radar but not unoo!

  3. Nana Chin an Kelly lef di gyal nah unu fi go box down di community cocky weh unu war ova frm dusk til dawn di hol ah unu crosses tuh rass

    Kelly it hot yuh now bad gyal Munchie deh wid yuh side piece deh now Poor Owen need Jesus an all 12 disciples fi untie di mount ah tie yuh dash pon im
    News flash Kelly pretty neva ina it my gyal yuh fava Kaitlin Jenner blueprint yuh face trung fi r gyal mouth stay so bad mi tink seh hubby mussi like smell cah dem seh im lub battymon weh dry

    Chin how much man yuh f**k out an none eva own yuh all now Di one weh try fi f**k yuh last week talk di tings an seh yuh pusci loud up di likkle room weh yuh rent an how im affi tell yuh seh go ina di bathroom cah condom lef ina yuh frowsy croches Wen yuh go an come back im run gone str8 cah im cocky get frighten

    Nana weh fava one bleach primate yuh call out di gyal pikni names talk bout molest ah gwan an fi r gyal pickni lesbian Devil mussi send yuh fi throw kids up ina big ooman bangarang all call shi mudda name weh no deh wid loose talkin Yuh soon get yuh color back cah di mount ah wounds weh yuh ago get di bleaching ting affi rest

    Kelly ah yuh throw nuff stone an hide yuh hand like seh yuh innocent good wifey an mudda wen di hol ah we no yuh show favatism on yuh young gyal pickni ova di big one Yuh ugly nuh bbc inside an out Di Notime mascots an Shauna bline to yuh fukry soon ketch yuh chat bout dem to Chin BornBlack but Yellow now Bliss :travel

  4. Munchie we need di video if yuh di beat di chin di world wuda know senda yuh seem more obsess wid chin sista leave di gal alone she a mi fren in a mi head she inteligent an she nuh mix up wid ppl only when u f**k wid har sista stop watch di gal pussy yuh sound confuse is either she f*y f**y or she cant get nuh man pick one which is it????

  5. and it all boils dung if a really man dem a fight over it sad.. n di man naw go ina public wid none a dem smh di whole a dem need fi stop sleep wid each odda ex cuz a dat a cause most a dem problems

  6. met if munchie di a tek care har kids ppl wouldnt affi cuss r bout it she shame an run guh put up pitcha but dat nah tek weh from di fact say yuh nuh knw how d kids eat or sleep mi glad how somebody cuss out sadamite munchie she f**k wid ppl 2 much she shame suh till she affi say she beat chin munchie tap lieinggg kelly a nuh mi favourite but she always ave r kids philly ppl too wicked this is not bout man munchie love mek 2 much video suh she guh tek boosting an guh f**k wid chin an chin an r sista shell munchie out mek she nuh stop walk an bawl everything dem say a truuu

  7. the whole a di gal dem she did a beef wid up pics wid dem an dem pickney so munchies go draw fi a throwback wid fi har kids dem lol ppl a post a say is man cause di war when di gal dem clearly mek she know say a di video she mek cause it. she did a chat bout chanel broach weh Chin did a wear and wateva transpire from dat di mawning she post status a diss Chin an di sista come pan it an light har up. kids shudden involved ina dem argument BUT me see munchie post video bout ppl pickney an ugly nuff time. and ppl always laugh an say a chue bout ugly pickney an as soon as dem tell har say she is a absent parent ina har kids life is a problem. chin dem talk bout har kids an she talk bout chin kids say di pickney dem ugly. devil alwaysd work fi idlers so mek dem carry on. munchie a di black sheep ina har family. none a di odda sista dem no ina dem kayliss living deh an every state she go a di same thing

  8. Munchy what a way u tun double six pan the blank board me over here somebody ask bk if a u him woman puppy Jesus fi man say him no know u no to rass Munchy just continue f**k yah goodie cause u ago always just be a f**box wid no title stop flap u mugly self bitch a u alone a call the people Dem man name

  9. Munchie an har fans dem love promise ppl beating 2 much run up inna di gal dem mek dem f**k up yuh nasty rase f**ka yuh di gal dem mudd yuh out lol come off A fb now munchie di gal dem a carry on wid life like ntn happen dii top comment weh dem say chin sista black she afi tap bleach cuz she ago tun nurse not cna all if a lpn di gal ambitious tap draw r out a mi fb fren she is a nice girl tap mix r up chin tap fala company fala yuh sista an stay in a nite time a she alone aguh hab yuh bak wen push cun 2 shub

  10. Talk truth u hate munchie like she thief grease out a yo passionate bout a one ya

  11. Whatever happen to Keisha Jaguar? She jus disappear offa the face di earth. A so she used to go chubble nuff a Philly to and get stab. Dem need fi sort out dem life and get them act togedda

    1. Di Jaguar affi a hide Ina har house..Shame a kill it.. She run go breed fi di ppl dem man and think him woulda leave. Di man teck flight cause him tyad fi see di day ghost . All dat make up turns her into a Barbie and him see di real Jezebel.. Now that di man no want har she a cry bout him nah mine him pickni. Gal when you did walk Ina di woman life you Neva see seh dem did have pickni too.. Please don’t speak her up cause she will think Philly people miss her non existence ass..

  12. Philly a one thing bout dem gal deh is dem recycled. Dem laugh up wid u when u an di man deh an when u an di man left a dem a now the man first lady

  13. Goodie work work when the register always short when the food stock and people fi get pay no money,when house rent and store rent no money work work wid two lickle foam plate and fork a dat mek u a boss dutty munchy you is a living poppy show living a lie,a dat a kill u goodie people don’t mek this none ambitious obeah wukka fool unnuh

  14. Munchy goodie u know above and beyond say a fact register always short rent no pay fi neither business nor house Munchy stop plz and tek s chill pill u only a set up yourself for failure and its the truth stop lie u sad bad and know your in bankruptcy the lickle 45 patch work weh deah pan u head top mamma tek it out like how u fight out the next one what a fight u and the people Dem man put down chu shaunalovinglife Campbell go under di cabana Munchy why u worried if she still f**g him Dem say old fire stick easy fi ketch goodie me have u secret Dem abayyyyyyy

  15. Munchie a di biggest crosses inna philly munchie tink she a fb bad gal but erybadi knw she jus bad wid r mouth wen last she have a proper hairstyle di way she mash up di food shop not even r hair she can do out deh chin an r sista musnt fala up nasty munchie she not even a live fi r kids she is a disgrace to di human race u nuh see how r fambily keep weh from r wid r state to state fu***y dem weh she keep up munchie yah guh dead bad bcuz a yuh **ng mouth leave di gal dem alone an guh war Wid bk weh a dis own yuh

    Ps twister soon cum beat up ur rase mek u keep quiet ole man shoes lace

    1. Kayann, Please to stay out this saga and go jump pan di nearest threadmill. Ask Kelly what is the secret besides the Dr Fisher weh ago gi she and Shauna heart Attack Kayann Please stop meck dem embarrass you and drag you out the house fi you be the laughing stock of the crew. Jonah Whale, what was that you had on at Pie cookout Sunday gone? No man that is past high self esteem you really ago overboard now.Kayann you keep forgetting to bleach your foot and it is not a good look. How come me always ah see your face brown and when me look down your foot blackka than tar are they dirty? Kayann Kelly dem no like you, cause if they did they would motivate you or not let you come pout the house looking a dyam fool in those fits that are clearly not for your body type..

  16. Smh munchy yuh dont have nuh shame!! Ole crosses!! Yuh need fi naptise yuh hole gyal….look how yuh salt up di ppl dem son.

  17. Munchy your just bk’s wipes poor goodie the man say him know why u keep calling him name when a two f*k u and him exchange here and there cause him have him woman plus him gal Dem which your aware of Munchy stop stalk the man line when s no your f**k night abayyyyyyy,u never get pick deh night deh.

    1. Is this the same BK wah Shana di Philly mattress and Wingy did a fight ova? What a busy cock him have.My Lord

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