So Munchy keep her round robin and these chicks have been exposed. First off Tia you and UR unclaimed belly shouldnt even be out not to mention that you walk with belly but not even a man to claim it. I get it now 86 is the number of potential fathers.For the rest of these chicks they good hole can’t hold nothing cuz only five out of hundred hand man that could actually claim. Just sad.

0 thoughts on “MUNCHY ROUND ROBIN

    1. Btw Munchy, love the hair…Lady in pic #9, if yuh naan ketch fly, close yuh mout. ..yuh fe duh betta ma’am!!

  1. Who goes to the club!! Pregnant. Damn every rass dance this gal deh, pregnant or no pregnant de gal Weh in a the black n white dress, noan respect the unborn child.

  2. so round robin is not like a real dance is jus like a back yawd cookout weh yuh draw on summen an go? mi curious becuz das weh di attires suggest to me

    1. It’s what they call “Partner Draw” back home…basically, people pool “collect” ah certain amount of money every week til each person get them draw “withdrawal” from the pool of money. With Round Robin, them charge patrons bout $10 to get in, but the RR members get in for free with free drinks, etc..

  3. Pic #3 talking about money dave money team broke nuh rass just gwaan hype up fi d name and for rest every year unnu change man

  4. Dem gal ya no ready dem waa see when Jamaican girls a step out fi ho the simplest thing a really far in dem deh

  5. What an impoverished broke set ah joncrow. I knew this was Philly without looking at the bottom caption.

  6. a dem say come out ina u yawd clothes an call it round robin…but weh me curious bout is if a suh ppl dress fi round robin becuz we no have dat weh me live…an even when a summen simple like polo tshirt an short shorts di ppl dem dress nuh puss foot ina dem polo an batty rider…or is juss a philly thing fi wear judging clothes go dance

  7. Horrible looking set of ppl smdh can’t dress to save them life, all those man must feel shame. Come on now who rep they man looking a hot mess? philly girls that’s who

    1. di woman dem dress how dem pocket can reach. ano everybody have sticky fingas like u. Btw which man a Philly rich fi di woman dem a rep. Plus dem dutty club deh no worth wearing a $20 outfit into anyways. Theres more to life than impressing ppl ok ms. Bruckk and Bosey.. How about they comfortable and that’s all that matters.

  8. The two women sandy British aka walk dead and har fren ugly cherry Davis need fi go hold a sit every jump pan beat present too bloodclot old pure wrinkle pon the face cherry don’t even have a man and that’s a fact the one dutty gal sandy British fi har man inna prison him only want har fi put money pon him book .

  9. Dem gal deh f**k out and rinse out leave di big oomon dem atleast dem look better than di young f**k out done gal dem tia is so f**king ugly with har dog face bitch dont have no class shes a f**king rental with har ugly ass

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