The police have released a 23-year-old suspect in the abduction and murder of two teenage girls in Clarendon last month.

It is reported that the man was released after his attorney was successful in filing a writ of habeas corpus in the May Pen Resident Magistrate’s Court.

The police had reported that they were awaiting an analysis of phone records, forensic and fingerprint analysis from two cars seized in the investigations.

They are trying to determine whether the girls were transported in the vehicles.

Nineteen-year-old Francina Johnson, a resident of New York, was found dead two Fridays ago on the Salt River main road in Clarendon.

Johnson and Nordia Fearon, her 18-year-old cousin, disappeared hours after the 19-year-old arrived in Jamaica.

Fearon’s body was found in a river three days after her cousin’s remains were discovered.


  1. Wel it only mean dem nuh have whe dem need fi go charge him yet and he can’t be held indefinitely. But I feel in mi belly dem going get whe dem need fi hold him. Just a matter of time

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