Them say this is the mysterious Jodi weh a deh wid di two promotor them from ochi.
Big up Jodi caus a she a di real mvp. Wife on one end and matie on the other. Two friend she have fi har self. Mek di money ya mi gal.



5 thoughts on “MVP JODI

  1. Suh Rankin an him wife leff???? Mi notice every girl weh ina di spotlight comin’ like pass round donkey. Is like dem jus a fukc ina circle so. From one fren to the next one associate to the next one hype man to the next. Smh . A so man really short???????

  2. So a woman them a war over so what happen to TIFFANY everyday she post up brownspeed pic and HIM no post 1 pic with she poor thing. no wonder too much mate!!so jamilla and norval left??

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