12 thoughts on “MY APOLOGIES

  1. Goodness gracious me my fingers are fed up of checking in. The server is very inconsiderate to put us through that stress!

    1. Yes man LaLa a long time mi nuh see u, u turn lurker now! I hope this post draw out nuff a unuuu :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :maho

  2. I was going to call the police for a missing website, thank the lort we up and running, MA’AM Please don’t do this EVA again, and let the IT man know say if this happen again I will find him even if a India him dah. Me heart almost drop out a me chest to rass :ngakak

  3. While yu at at Ms Admin…di pop up and redirects a tek ova di sight. When mi click pon a post fi read di drama it are baay tings a open up fi download crosses pon mi device. Mi understan di ads but di redirects a gimme mauly gripe and fluxxy.

  4. Oh Jesus! Mi blood count get low real quick Mi naw lie. But Mi get some juice still. An when it happened Mi did a read wah post say mi ago type sumting nice oh Jesus!!! All the battery Mi tek outta di phone lol no sah no all stawt say a prayer inna Mi mind.. Lol

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