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  1. You look like smiegle from lord of the rings. The ugly lil thing who wanted the ring. Your hairline is pushed back you need edges boo some jamaican castor oil may help .your eyes look battered as well nights of partying has played a toll on your face.. please add lil concealor next time

  2. Without makeup she looks ok, the problem is she’s too cocky about herself, I guess when u have ppl constantly criticizeing you, a person tend to say things to make themselves feel good, she knows dam well she’s a 5! If she was so confident about Her natural looks, she won’t be half naked all the time, real Beuty speaks for itself without showing breast or ass cheeks!!!!

  3. What a pair of ears Apple yuh can hear the di pin whey drop couple houses down di block around di corner

  4. Apple no mo wigs dem doing u sides in..u will soon have to find a hair transplant Doc or maybe u boss do that to. Anywho u nuh look too bad in dis pic, look bettah dan when u innah di wig dem!!

  5. yuh no tree bad looking widout di makeup…..but please stop di bleaching….it mek yuh yeye dem fava raccoon…..and oh yes….di baby hair dem a shat……lol

  6. @kenny it doesn’t mean you lack confidence that’s why you wear reveling clothing . Some people just love looking sexy. And she may love the attention she gets from wearing xrated clothing. I’m a give it to Apple her body does look good and she sexy as f*k in her reveling clothing 90 percent of the time. And I’m not a sadamite . Apple is not a ugly girl . She just love attention a bit too much. That’s all. Apple is a nice girl and she and her baby daddy does match and fit each other . They are birds of the same feathers. My word of advice to Apple is girl turn down yuh ting a little . U not on the real level to be turning up like that . U and ur crew need to swallow a wise pill and drink some smart water

  7. Apple looks very nice an mi like how shi roll shi always neat an luk good mi neva si har looking greasy and her makeup always on point!

  8. she look better than most people without makeup. I mean the whole point of makeup is to look different

  9. why does apple have on them ghetto ass square asss earrings are you kidding me fordham road jewelery im tired of these bitches gassing eachother up on instagram at the end of the day all yall bitches is really strugglin i dont care all yall bitches do is show off with nothing lmao have a seat.. ah chinese good yuh a buy mi woulda think you want mr. CHOWS


  11. Apple was never pretty from she black why would she be pretty light ? It just show up her features more no way she looks even a little attractive here ! Her eyes look sinked in and her hairline pulled back ! Yuck she wear revealing clothing to show off her fake body because she was too insecure with her natural body ! Aka LOW SELF ESTEEM .. bleach low self esteem … Blah blah blah

  12. She doesn’t look bad. I would give her a 6 out a 10. But the bleaching and raccoon eyes not working. Plus she looks a bit in her 40. How old is she?

  13. I don’t know this girl personally but she doesn’t look bad here. Her hair looks like she has good hair she should just wear her real hair if she doesn’t already but otherwise she’s not bad looking. If she is out there acting like she’s a piece a cake and a bag of chips why can’t she is she truly bothering someone by the way she dresses is it really bothering some of you women out there or is it really because you can’t do what she does is that it, so it’s eating you up inside… come on ladies uplift each other instead of tearing each other down..

  14. she looks very pretty to me, i can say that being i’m a nice looking girl myself. most o the time its the not so pretty girls that see what they want to see instead of the truth or sometimes a person’s attitude can make you feel as though their ugly when their not.

  15. This is so sad. This girl was probably somewhat attractive at some point in her life. Her face neck chest hands and ears are 5 different shades of brown. False hair stripped you of your edges and eyelashes are gone.

  16. Why would anyone be jealous of a this old bleach out , plastic surgery body thief.
    You must be crazy.
    Let’s not forget welfare recipient,
    illegal alien, who should be glad America has 52 states.
    She can only get a one way ticket to Jamaica, courtesy of deportation.
    She is dunce,in Jamaican terms.
    She is a federal informer
    Every department store security knows this thief.
    She is a scammer.
    For Apple fans with all these titles attached to her name, why should anyone be jealous.

  17. Apple hold di faith! causz yuh dun know as Jamaicans its very hard to live around dem if yuh ugly or pretty dem talk if yuh fat or slim dem talk if cann dress properly or yuh luk cheap dem talk suh dont worry about nasty nagga dema talk bout hoe pleasee di whole world know sey ah 1 man to yuh ting for yrs str8 up, Apple mi cann wait fi si what you will wearing to your nex dance stay sweet an sexy girl peace!!

  18. people confuse bleaching for light skin u could tell apple bleaching . yall and this “clean” yall bitches be fronting for instagram bout “real sisters ” lol yall bitches chat eachother like dogs lmao especially apple and Christine . but this picture she is pure old looking

  19. Apple skin look grey and wash out . Plus she look like a sick patient please keep the makeup on .she run guh Puerto Rico guh be wid her gal Christine she too nuff nothing can miss she bunch of fake hoes

  20. I always thought Apple was attractive (The days she use to be with Silky) so it’s quite shocking to see that she has ruined her looks with bleaching cream especially when she wasn’t a dark skin female to begin with. I agree she does look sick in this picture, however at least she’s comfortable with posting pictures minus make-up and weave.

    If you look into her eyes, it speaks volumes; A sad lost soul! Her mother is right, she is the spitting image of her father, Henry “Junjo” Lawes (RIP). She has his nose. BTW does Apple ever smile in her pics? I mean, smile showing teeth? I can’t remember ever seeing a pic of her smiling.

  21. She has horrible teeth that’s why she don’t smile showing teeth..all that surgery and she won’t fix her teeth

  22. Her Kizzy and Kerry all have horrible teeth and dead u look tired and ran thru the party life is catchin up to u and beating your ass

  23. Look I dont care she is not pretty or cute she is average with out hair and makeup she don’t look good and god know say no matter how much hrr clothes cost when it is on her it look cheap no shade real talk these bitches is wacky kerryann stop f**k breadhead a jue friend

  24. Apple u like power Ranger when they transform the greatest thing Icon love u fi who u is u a him ride or die chick

  25. Very late on this post but I saw Apple and her BF at a carwash on 222nd. She was in FULL makeup and a sweat suit. She looked a MESS!! Like a Walking DEAD MESS!! THIS picture goes to show u that the makeup, maybe enhances, but is not needed. Had she left the bleaching alone she probably wouldn’t need the concealer and the heavy make up. She looks 10xs better HERE then w/all the makeup. The bad butt/hip job gives her tranny looks. Ladies either u pay the BIG money to do it right or leave it alone. I know Apple body was better before the surgery.
    Gotta give credit where it’s due. She looks good here.

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