Ned spending 15 years in jail for stabbing up his young ex-lover 

Popular Ocho Rios resident, Norman Thomas, alias ‘Ned,’ was sentenced to life imprisonment after pleading guilty to fatally stabbing his ex-lover, 22-year-old Kyria Nelson, a Torpedo loan clerk in 2016.

Thomas, who appeared in the St Ann Circuit Court on Thursday, was ordered to serve 15 years in prison before being eligible for parole.

Presiding judge, Justice Martin Gayle considered Thomas’ age, his general good character and the 21-months he spent on remand as factors in arriving at the sentence. 

He was also given a 50 percent discount in his sentence for pleading guilty and not proceeding to trial.

It was alleged that Thomas and Nelson were involved in a relationship, but things soon start to get sour between the two.

Thomas tried desperately to get from Nelson money made at a fish fry, days earlier on which he still owed bills, but she refused to take his calls.

Things took a turn for the worse as on June 29, 2016, both had an argument at Nelson’s workplace in the Ocho Rios town centre, which escalated as Thomas used a knife to stab her multiple times. He then turned himself over to the police.

Nelson waa assisted to hospital, where she was pronounced dead. 

Thomas was later charged with murder. 

5 thoughts on “Ned spending 15 years in jail for stabbing up his young ex-lover 

  1. This will teach some theifing gal fi stop Tek people things, I don’t agree to him killing her, but nuff a Uno dutty gal love bad up man fi money or over them money and make Uno little loose friends Dem cheer Uno on fi duh these things. Mi tell Uno, plenty a Uno a go dead because as women we too fuking greedy n disgusting at times. Was it worth it giving away her life ova fish fry money? See it dey 8 years n the man dey back a road, and u can see say a frustration the man stab her out of. Judge good sentencing, makes no sense put away a man fi life for Dem likkle theifing bitches a road. I hope others will learn from this. Wrong is wrong.

    1. Considering that she is deceased, How do you know he’s telling the truth. The dutty johncrow is obviously going to say anything to get a lesser sentence. i believe that if you take a life yo should get life ! no parole. no visits ! just like the young lady who lost her life. Furthermore there

  2. Cuh pon u too dutty gyal… know if the girl help finance the fish fry and hold on to what was hers or worked at the fish fry and never get paid. This man had no right to kill her over money you have the court system to air your grievance to get back your money. Who thief like Jamaican men, this big old man must did know say he has to pay to get this young girl. I hope her family kill him as soon as he gets out or better yet order a hit on him while he is in prison so he only comes out in a body bag.

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