0 thoughts on “NEWS FLASH

        1. YEA MAN …mek wi hear now no shock here heart a beat normal …di bwoy is so corrupt mek wi hear bout di prostitution ting ….Let it be

        2. You cannot punish his sister for having a bad brother .I have family members who are said to killers ,we still talk and hail each other but I have no clue about their going ons .I am talking about people who used to be closer to me than a brother and numerous of times their names have been linked by people and the police to certain activities .We are now adults ,they took a road going south and I a road heading the other way .Should somebody kill me because I am related to them ? I can’t help the fact that I am related to them .She told the court about the brother she knew.If I was to be questioned about these guys I would probably have nothing of importance to say .All I hear is police and others saying they do things,I have never seen them with a gun or doing anything wrong and one of this person I mention is such a very nice yute you would not have a clue that his name as been mentioned in certain circles .But that is gang life for you .
          The Jamaican police saying someone is linked to over 100 murders means ,they just sit and make up numbers .100 murders and you never tap his phone ,100 murders and you only catch him because his friends decide to talk and Kartel was boasty enough to record himself ? This is just showing the police are not fit for purpose .
          The commissioner is only trying to divert attention from the case of the killer cops .They were listening Dudus for ten years and allowed him to murder as he pleases .Then this same commissioner was justifying killing children in the pursuit of Dudus .

      1. She know damn well long time bout har bad breed pickney. Mi tell yuh bout the woman wey sey Kartel come call out har son from the yard and from him call him she never si har son back again.
        Too many eye water him responsible for. Mi sorry fi fi him pickney dem, when the sins of father drop down pon dem and the daft madda, instead of trying to break it, have them a follow in the same footstep. Like Jim Brown and Dudus to rass.

          1. Ediot, yuh Eva hear bout nurture over nature? Clearly you didn’t. Why did I even dignify this numbskull with a response?

          2. so by your reasoning, we can conclude that black people are curse…because we went through centuries of slavery and today we are suffering at higher rate than other races WORLDWIDE…rid yourself of that fool-fool way of thinking…bout ‘curse’ there’s no such thing

          3. What is the premise of your reasoning? If you have no idea, slavery existed prior to the Atlantic slave trade. All other peoples were also enslaved at one point or another. What’s your point? Oh you have none. Were not 6 million Jews terminated at the hands of Hitler? And over 40 million by Stalin and Lenin?
            Stop yuh damn foolishness this morning yah!!!!

          4. @ Foxy
            Why did the jews get Reparation for the Holocaust , but Blacks have not gotten any reparation for slavery?

          5. The hell does that have to do with the foolishness you started? Dylan, behave yuh self this morning cos somn obviously off wid you today. Yuh drink yuh coffee yet?

          6. You are yet to answer my question…Why are black people in America, Brazil, Jamaica, the Africa countries…suffering at a higher rate than other races…are they curse ?…

          7. ‘The hell does that have to do with the foolishness you started? ‘- I’m just pointing out your idiotic reasoning…about ‘curse’…theres no such thing

          8. @dylan, let me preface this my saying, I have no tolerance for foolishness. If you wish you engage in sensible discourse, I’ll be here but this circular garbage is irritating. That said, try to grasp this…

            How the hell did you go from a comment I made about one man and his sons to an entire race of people? The correlation is moronic, it’s idiotic!

            There is 2 billion people in India alone, living in dire conditions without sanitary drinking water. While Jamaica is a third world country, the people do not exist under such conditions.

            Blacks are only 13% of the American population. There are more more whites on welfare as there are more rich whites.

            The a North Koreans live under such deplorable conditions and a dictatorial regime that is beyond our imaginations.

            Indonesia was afflicted with a tsunami that claimed over 400 thousand lives, when was Jamaica ever affected by any natural catastrophe with such cataclysmic results?

            Africa has been robbed of her riches and have been stricken by diseases and poverty that has been highlighted in the media for decades.

            I say all that to say, you’re a fool if you think only black people suffer.
            Further, 300 people control 90% of the world’s wealth so whether you know it or not, the entire planet is enslaved by the elite.

            So your idea that black people are cursed has no basis.

          9. faxy…Do you know the meaning of ‘higher rate’?

            for example…What percentage of the black population in America is in prison? …now compare that to other racial groups

          10. Dylan, have a good day cos you have no point and no destination. Like I said, any day you wish to engage in meaningful dialogue, I’ll be here. Ciao!

          11. We need to elevate black people and stop reinforcing this nonsense about ‘curse’
            Naturally, if people close to 7 did wrong…it is going to affect you 1 way or the other…even more if you are their child

          12. yeah…bcuz I’m not agreeing with the brainwash things white men have enslaved your mind with…bout CURSE…you know much people inna the ghetto/country with endless potential to do great in life believe this nonsense

          13. All that nonsense to come back to agree with my initial post. Would it make a difference to say the deeds of the father will affect the child than the curse of the father? Or do you not realize it’s the same damn thing!

            Lord have mercy on slow to understand or lack of understanding folks!!!
            It’s called SEMANTICS Dylan, SEMANTICS for God’s sakes!!!!

            Now do you understand? If not, I can help you no further.

          14. nooooooooooo, it’s not the samething, I’ve been following the posts…you guys believe its GOD that curse the kids

          15. Because the concept of generational curse is a white man thing? Hahahahaha. You give the white man credit for everything that originated in Africa!
            Potential? Is a theory. Realistically, many physical, mental and intellectual deficiencies that people are born with robs them of the potential of an able bodied person. There are times when those odds can be overcome to an extent through perseverance.
            There are many youths in the ghetto who are simply products of their environment through hopelessness, normalcy and the inclination to take the path of least resistance. Yet, there are many ghetto parents who without money and food will still ensure their children receive an education thereby maximizing their potential for good.
            When Kartel spends his life in prison he leaves his sons without a father, increasing their chances of perpetuating the cycle. Clearly it’s already started by virtue of them deejaying about their love of money. Like father like sons. Sons emulate their fathers, hold them in high esteem. The murders he’s perpetrated leaves blood on his hands and on the head of his offsprings.

          16. maybe it originated there…but, you and others in/from Jamaica got that generational curse shit from European Christianity…that taught black people are curse

            I am telling, lots of black ghetto yutes BELIEVE that because they’re poor
            and black…it must be a curse…then they go to obea/pastor men/wonen who tell them crap about curse

            Yes…u’ll have exceptions, ie people who work hard and make it against the odds…but thats in the extreme minority

          17. if God cause generations to suffer because of something their parents did…it’s only logical to conclude that black people are cursed…since we suffer at a HIGHER RATE than other racial groups
            *that mek sense*

          18. @Dylan, you should never speculate on a person’s belief. First off, I’m not a Christian, I’m a Deist so your argument that I believe that God afflicts a curse is lunacy.
            Second, there’s cosmic karma, there are universal laws. The deeds of the man will befall the children and that has nothing to do with God rendering vengeance as I do not believe in a vengeful God.
            The same as it’s encouraged to live a good life and your good deeds will befall your offsprings, the reverse is equally true.

            I just don’t get your beef beyond lack of understanding.

          19. @Dylan, how can I get you to view the social, imperialistic control and a wide scale agenda attributed to the plight of people globally? Your theory that black people suffer the most is unsound and based on your mainstream media brainwashing. A bet you think there are only huts in Africa too?
            I already showed you the plight of all other races but you fail to realize how that debunks your theory of black people are the biggest sufferers.

          20. ”Your theory that black people suffer the most is unsound and based on your mainstream media brainwashing. ”

            What? lol

          21. @Met, you a conspire with @Dylan and a keep secret. Okay :babygirl :babygirl :kimpoi :kimpoi

      2. Shi a go ask dem fi di body wid ar old antique criminal self ……mi know a who nah go bi a civil servant september

  1. Ah wah dis, now? Please smaddy, anybdy (with reliable source) please come confirm, I don’t want to put de cart before de horse.

    Met, evening and blessings and Metter same tuh unno.

  2. Good Evening Met, I am not surprised by the commissioner’s revelation. Those voice notes sealed it for me. Di bwoi is a wicked gangster. The investigators should continue digging literally & figuratively.

    1. Serial Killer that is what he is …they should really have hanging because him deserve fi really feel it…prison nuh enough

  3. Kartel is going to be the downfall of a lot of others who were also involved in the killings..Metty, it was just a matter of time before the truth surfaced…as this world turns…what goes around must come back around. The unfolding has just begun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :nerd

    1. @Yep, I really believe that. It’s gonna be a domino effect. If a me, I ain’t waiting till them find me, I finna seek out a Lamar Chow deal.

        1. @Yep, I’m scared for others that might have been complicit so I can’t rejoice but every man makes a choice in this life and the consequences are oftentimes inevitable.

          1. Exactly!! Kartel and his accomplices/cronies knew what they were doing so they should’ve been prepared for the consequences to follow..I at least hope Lizard died fighting for his life..if not, then justice has and will continue to fight for him and the many other lives lost because of EVIL!!

    1. Indeed…. the street soldiers them need to start talking….cos Mr Bright Light cremate 98 outta the 100

  4. Omo nuh memba mi sey it has only just began, and ok uh know sey him doe feel no way bout who him kill, him not losing sleep over none ah de death dem not even him pick oh dem him miss what him miss ah de do ship ah road and de world boss status , ah who did disagree wid me again when mi sey him is mentally ill?

  5. Foxy :peluk

    Dat brightlite bwoy a fret, dat despicable display of gun brandishing is just to deflect his cowardice fem cyaad a trump next..

  6. I watched the video on hear today and gaza kim sey dem beat har till she urinate, and him just walk pass har while she just done get de beating, all de girl ah talk she still fraud fi sey nutten bout har, dat dirty s.o.b, is a cursed womb bring him here! Eye water wussarah dan obeah, death is quick, but I hope him live long, tormented and abandoned, not even senility him fi get, till him dying day when him old and grey him fi memba him wickedness, this diry skim bag aka de grim reaper

  7. Dis new news suppose to put a STOP pon de appeal wey him Lawyer dem a file fa. Finson and him son head top a hurt dem now.

  8. @ met, mi memba couple years back (2011/2012) when u ran the original story when di house did burn down an phone, laptop etc. get tek weh, memba either u or di bloggers did seh nuff killing and battymanism did inna di confiscated files. an in the post, it was also said that kartel kill nuff people, an a long time di police did wan hold him. maybe a dat’s why di judge stick it to him with the sentence.

    anyway this nuh surprise me one bit, nuh kartel same one did seh, ‘from yu a do crime, yu eva see dem kine a forensics yet?’ come in like a did him breakfast, lunch, an dinner

  9. Loved the interview with the commish and he brought up a few things that I’ve said before. We as Jamaicans cannot expect the police to continue fighting crime when we cover up and hide the criminals. And also I’ve said it here many times, kartel lawyers did not try to prove that he didn’t commit the murder. They try to prove that it was a conspiracy against him.

  10. mi seh gaza kim tie ar head a pray fi kartel ….and it tun ova and kick him dung ….all shorty she go si how much informing she do and a tlk bout shi miss him …go si how much knife and gun but she get………………unu love gun man and killa and a gwaan like unu want dem dead or go a prison

    1. Shortie n him madda cld hve done someting positive by publicly admitting him is a ole murderer. We need some mothers , wives and jump offs to show dem not condoning the f$ckery and start a positive trend.

  11. Let he without sin cast Di First stone… How irresponsible to come wid hearsay and you people condemning him without Facts. Pharisees and Scribes unu same one kill jesus then come a praise him.

    1. so u nah judge to…??/ uu seh innocent wi seh guilty… di bwoy wicked ….nobody neva chop or kill nobody fi u yet ……………….so u can hold on pon u stone

    2. but cuu pon u an weh u just write, yu capitalize everything except fi ‘jesus’ but see yah, yu hav all right fi compare dat to kartel…smh

    3. But u Nuh easy! Most ppl can cast stone pon dis Bcus sin ah sin but if mi Tief it different from kill hundreds. Anyways whatever. This is y to date I don’t read anything to do with the case indepth Bcus I can’t deal wid the idiots who saying stupid tings.

  12. Hold on pan u stone tight,nuh let it guh at all, we do n’t even have to judge him, him sins done find him, and the same sins condemn him, yuh luddy u and him.

  13. From u look at Martelly u c di mark a di beast pon him. Him a Martelly cause him a somebody bitch now! Them need to pull all his music from air play he is wicked! He is a wicked madda f**ka anyone a defend him need to go join him in prison. I have no mercy fi evil people seed them sow a it they all reap!

  14. Not surprised of this new development. From the voice notes, you can tell it wasn’t his first time to kill and that he is very cold and calculated…who the f*** you think you are giving a man until 8 to live…waych too much movie .

  15. Met all a them a killer listen the voice note a the poor lady them did ago kill n god work it round dem i wish no man dead but a better him than she kmt whoever she is…………………….

  16. Met all a them a killer listen the voice note a the poor lady them did ago kill n god work it round pon dem i wish no man dead but a better him than she kmt whoever she is…………………….

  17. 100 murders???who are the victims? What happened to the cases? Where did the police find this information? ….watch the ride people alot of things will be revealed.

  18. Hopefully, the video will be here when the sun rises… Given that Kartel is infallible–envied by the pope–don’t expect them to believe that he would ever hurt a fly…

  19. Met ,I know of about 7 murders where Kartel was directly involved as in ”Kartel dem just come kill so and so ” .Yep it was open secret in Gregory Park ,Waterford ,New Lands and dem place deh .

  20. A question that must be asked is ,when did the police found out about these murders and why wasn’t the Interception of Communication Act used to pursue Kartel ?
    Why did it take his own friends and careless attitude to sink him ? Are the police highlighting their incompetence ? Is this his pre-resignation interview ? How can you claim someone was responsible for so many murders under your watch and keep your job ?

    1. Jay just like the mob is responsible for hundreds of murders that the authorities know about, that doesn’t equate to either an arrest or conviction. When there are no witnesses willing to testify, there is only so much that can be done. As in the case of the mob, it’s invariably the willingness of their own members when faced with death that results in a conviction. There is rule of law and people are never just arrested and charged on hearsay, particularly when they have power and influence. The police have been after him for some time and have tried cracking different links in his chain with no avail. I commend them for the eventual outcome.

      1. If Kartel spoke so many times on his phone about 0ne murder just imagine how many times he would have spoken about those hundreds .The commish is lying,he is just making up stuff either that or he was protecting Kartel..

        1. Jay no no. They have information in his phones about the other murders. The commissioner could never put the government in such a legal bind.

  21. I said it a MILLION time on this blog, will not literally a million times…LOL. That Kartel killed a lot of people in Jamaica!! People missing for how LONG and NO “body” or they just simply cannot be found. I understand that people may be scared but they need to come out a talk! All the mothers who lost their Son’s and Daughter’s to this EVIL DEVIL. Someone make mention that *Lizzzas* “In My Jamaican accent”was a sacrifies, YES HE WAS……..He had to take the fall for all who was murder so this Idiot and His wrong doing would come to light. MR BRITE LIGHT!! WAIT YOU HEAR??? MET? NO STOP PUT BRITE LIGHT ON BLAST!! PEOPLE IN JAMAICA ARE ACTING DUMB TO THE FACT! THIS MAN NEED TO BE IN JAIL FOR ALL THE BODIES HE CREMATED. SMH

  22. Morning Met and Metters!!!! Mi keep hearing the talk bout the lowlight bredda (cause fi him light nah shine at all) bout how him know nuff’ tings and cremating gwaan and all heap a sittin but….. Di devil said on the voice note that lizard a mince meat now, which leads me to wonder if dem have a butcher a wuk wid too and if so we needs to find out a WHO!!!!!!!!!! Mi like waterford ppl unnu stap nyam meat from unnu local butcher cause unnu nuh know fi di devil orda di man fi sell unnu di ppl dem… ijs!! Keep up di splendid work Metty.

    1. Same here at Whol on deh
      I’ve been hearing these stories about Kartel for several years now (ie: him having link with a funeral parlour where he would bring whoever he killed to get cremated) , so when he was charged and convicted of Lizard murder it was no surprise to me. As one can only do so much wickedness for so long and get away with it.

      There was even a hit on Kartel in England. Remember when he came to London to perform and had a bullet proof vest and plenty security around him (I can’t remember the date, maybe 2004/2005)? Well word is one of his family members threaten to kill him if he ever set foot in London.

      1. I wonder if kartel have something to do with the funeral woman weh missing? check out har surname and see if it nuh match with a former don from spain town.

  23. Morning met and everyone it’s funny how you post this yuh know seh a yesterday mawnin mi a talk to 1 a mi linky a England and him a say Kartel kill 1 a him bredda and a 3 years now and all now dem can’t find him bredda body fi bury and him mother a tek it very hard dat bwoy evil bad and god have something fi him.

    1. good morning a suu come a have some tings fi explain

      Jay mi nuh se dem fi fire maureen because a kartel but because she run bout a put on har pity parade and a blame people bout people shudda support dem..I dont think Kartel’s doings were any secret

      1. Hurry up and come back Met, I is here and ready to read, I need to sigh up and be an offcial blogger because you no stop tell me say me fi slow down cause me a type too fast all when me leff fi 10mins and CUM back. LOL…..I NEED A NAME, I DONT KNOW WHAT TO CALL MESELF FI SIGH UP. MET GIVE ME ONE NAME OOOOOOOOOO.

          1. Mi tell people before say nuff man go do time sake a Kartel. A lot of his boys did time and come back pan di road so the police knew what he had been up to.

  24. So a how so much thugs and badman deh a yaad and nobody touch kartel.all de stage shows him do and ting…….seems like ppl only good fe who dem good fah.

  25. Met, how long now mi a tell unoo seh kartel a mudera?? him big battyhole mumma need fi address this now, because a she gi birth to this psychopath of a son fi terrorize the community. much more left to reveal about rape of the little girls dem over a portmore ,some dem body still missing.

    1. she will address it with God in time, it she and di sister did keep dem mouth shut I dont think dem wudda sin so much but dem mouth shall defile dem

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