1. Metty good afternoon! My girl a like u flex pink wall ago buss u. A Weh u deh all dem time ya? A no lie f**king matey dem too brite dem a f**k u man a tun round a pass them place with wifey r girlfriend r babymother. U know most a the time matey them rebel a wen the man dem decide say it is over.

  2. Now…only if the husband was around to sing his verse….ms.lady wife, may I just make a few suggestions to you?1?…okay good!! Being that you are the wife, you aught NOT be in any kind ah bandanglements with ah nex ooman whether she be mate or date or she wa hate…by you doing this here video ( and by the way…nicely done, you got skills, I will commend you on that ), shows that you are stooping to her or their levels, and that’s a long ways down. From yuh know seh you and nuh gal nuh eena the same league, yuh fe lowe dem. When some women want what you have and cannot acquire it ( and i’m not only speaking about ya man…it could be a number of things such as your style, your grace, your essence, your ora/energy and the list goes on ), they feel threatened and will try to do and say whatever it is to break you down, but yuh nuffe pay dem nuh mind cause they are just as irrelevant as that t.v program you chose to ignore fe come entertain wi wid yuh studio one lyrics. If ah dem tingz ya yuh choose fe siddung ah daytime ah duh, what else is yuh husband suppose tug do but fe gitup and go ah nex gal yaws fe mek she sing pan im micraphone? Yuh leave Wally British alone ca this is exactly weh she ah warn wi NUFFE duh and here you go making a ridicule of yourself on behalf of a mate?! Wally British would be ashamed of you…yuh fe tek heed to weh she ah try fe teach wi…..and don’t voice nuhmore tracks unless you include yuh husband fe come defend yuh argument yuh hear mi ma’am?!

  3. Woooiiiiiii….. Too brite….Gwan yeah mrs…sing fuh dem…hope u nah get too much bun and cheese

  4. Good evening Met &all others:)
    Question .Why is it she wears her wedding ring on her right hand?
    Was mine’s placed on the wrong hand ( left hand )?

  5. Duss one kwestian mi av……. Wifey, why di wedding band deh pon di rite han? Is it are burning di finga pon di leff han maam?

    Doe kill mi, juss an observation

  6. How u a wife and don’t know which finger the wedding band goes on miss wife and I use the word wedding band because its what join you guys together that’s why it should never be taken off and if you was a real wife that’s the basic that you should have known .hey met and metters

  7. she look too ole fi di song…..shuda mek har dawta record it.. next time fix up uself. wash cloth pan head nuh look good. no wanda u have mate lol

  8. Big woman to have more respect for themselves, coming out and broadcasting that you have mate. Like it is something good kmt….

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