1. Mi nuh like nikiesha because she is fake!!! From she and Marvin deh she nuh memba sher or Renee! Bitch nuh mamba weh she a come from! Nobody nah seh she caa happy but u can tell she a di type a friend as she meet a man she fi get har fren dem with her ever stay bad weave!!!! Bitch did want di spot light so bad!! Mi no wrong sher from doh chat 2 har!

  2. Senda u dunce nuh bloodclaat ! Or u think we wouldnt read the convo dem ?? Where inna this u see Sher and Nickiesha at it??? Or u neva sen in that prt. A only one ting alone mi care bout wah Sher seh and is STAY OUTTA FREN WAR, leave dem alone if it was well serious like dat tings woulda escalate but the girl dem a whol it cuz dem a real fren, mi believe that. Stop make sumn outta ntn.

  3. While im no real fan of these dancers you can tell SHER is a jealous stamma badmind bitch. She does not like the fact that people say tekiesha lol is a better dancer! Just becoz she may have looks over her she think she’s all that. Insecurity is a hell of a thing among female friendship that’s why mi nuh too run wid females.. as one’s light begin to shine a little brighter dem start distance dem self & in them feelings. Sher go lose some weight yu did look more natural less heavier.

  4. Di real war look like it bout fi start anytime now. nickii drop har wud an sher say she no ready fi answer, lawd it ago nasty if it really get to that level

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