Met One week afta Nifigi lock dung in Philafelphia Nikki (shabba Moggela wife) open club flexx. Everybaddy party left from nifigi Con had his party there last night. Met da place n party SELL off but nikki gonna regret eva open this place, all her mate was out badda dan her. More sleepless night this a new place for shabba carry his gal dem. Nifigi was hot but skilly neva put money in di place an all fi self n badmind. nikki say place hav liquor license and air. Nikki tryna hold her man hope it dont backfire

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    1. Marlo money been dun shabba get wha he waan plus every Otha man in party. Now them juss a pass her, her frens and daughta thru the group as usual. U see she calm dun rite. Dem get wha they was lookin. Plus di Otha licky licky man dem see the $ n start give her talk 2 so u dun kno she a spread her wings

  1. Nikki look like she love attenshan bad. She always a run gainst smaddy bread and butter. yea every body haffi hustle,but think of ur own unique hustle. Alissa dem a sell clothes all of a sudden she start sell clothes. She was party promoter at one point, now she a Club owner too. i take it this ago mash up Shabba and Skilly Enenmyship then?? Nikki you have some bad ways and you need fi change dem. You bill ur own enemies then u tunn round ah cry wolf. If mi no like smaddy mi no wah Emulate them or be near near them in no form ah way. You always trying to prove. BTW, no wah day you said you was moving back to Atlanta? I guess di buddy a control ur brains again so u calm and accepting of all di mates. Thank God you are no longer bickering About them on social media . Accept ur stupidity and leave us normal folks to enjoy some quality status while browsing. No matter how you pretend to be happy the sadness always show right where u can’t lie. in ur eyes..
    I’m starting to see why you had to leave Atalanta you are Drama and it fuels ur fire. Please go see a shrink, cause one person should not be so evil and vindictive.

    1. Skilli and Shabba enemyship. so dem no fren. altho they both walk and frig behind each otha. none of them bitchs aint loyal not shabba or skilli. skilli a quiet snake look all shabba gal dem an dem carry back news to shabba. n shabba fuk off all of skilli secret waste fuks. but i think dem plan dem things tru dem no bitchs run down hype at any cost. Dum bitchs caan make dem ole whorin man enemy an this is no nifigi. both place dun

  2. I wasn’t going cause thats not a good area.its around broad st and Allegany, thats a bad area. Sorry con but u and yu woman neva look good and a ur party……

  3. Buncha question to ask here i ghoes
    1.. Nikki,I like how you and Shakera a live loving considering she was ur 1 time mate and because a she you couldn’t get $1 from ur babyfadda when u needed it.
    2. Con had more than 2 woman in deh but mi juss wah know who was the main chick cause all of dem get the courtesy hug and pic.
    3. Where was Granny Taylor his Supposelibly dancehall
    4. Dainty please tell ur baby sis to not go there with Con, that’s jumping out of frying pan into the fire and not a good look. please be a good role model for ur sis. I know she is hurt because of shakera breeding for her boyfren, but staying single is better than sleeping with half of Philly especially someone that ur ex is cool with.
    4. Can someone contain Con and dat Snake he got in his pants. Yea i heard how big it is , but my God all these mixing of juices is sickening. Ebola, syphillis , Aids Gonorreah are no Joke .
    5. Con,please stay out of me and my fren’s DM and inbox you have more than enough groupies already. ewww

    1. OMG dont do the people dem soo! It too early!! Con big snake a go in every garden?
      So Shakky weh sooo nice a ask question bout this dump for party or she juss fass. she and Nikki a big fren yes, Shakky and everybaddy a fren!
      So Con Deh with Shakky man ex and she a sleep with half a Philly true she hurt?
      Sound like you get the snake tho, did you mek him use a condom, cause you do too much research on da man fi nuh sample it already mums. Mine u in his inbox.

      1. Di girl u just describe is Dainty baby sis/Kelly cuzzin (Danita)that is still messing with her Ex Bobby who jusss breed Shakera. Bobby and Con stand up ina di same corna and chat every time they in di club. So there u goes if she want to be a dancehall mattress. mi loose offa har, she really went and played her se;lf for another whore Con.
        What a bag a nastyness. Dainty please doh let ur sis follow ur footstep and mess up har life. mi notice you come out wid har like you did a encourage di slackeness.

    1. Yep him girl did inna white Fi true.. Was two girl inna white n him deh with both dwl. Both was standing out both look nice but who rass a the main squeeze.

    1. Grany taylor shape and resemble ah horse. She is in pics wid all di man dem. she always a watch Con snake ANd look yah, now him name a ll pon di blind deff and dumb. ah cah badda. She is always running behind Skilly and China calling dem her cuz. look for the Cheap long girl that always look like she roll out a bed wid $10 creppe/cloth sneaker in di club and always have her stomach out,which is flat by the way. her and her sister keisha are always standing wid all the men like the groupies rthey are.

  4. Shakeria aka no star time you leave dainty sister now you obsessed with the little girl your baby father still a run down the little girl you try everything in your power you trick bobby you was on birth control, all bobby mother cuss him say out of every girls him shoulda use a plastic bag on his d**k to f**k you no star u a Philadelphia MATTRESS, bobby shame

    1. nO DIS IS NOT sHAKERA. PLEASE TELLL UR fAMBILY SHE WRONG FI GO EVEN MECK cON SNIFF HAR DRAWSE. Now me see why Dainty love Ishawna soo. Har sister is living Ishawna epidose right now. Girlfren you can piss a nigga off by importing one from out of town for 1 night. Her getting with Con is another tragedy to her heart. Tell her to try not to save face and stay keep Con around to prove nothing. Run run doh walk. I hate to see when girls mess up their life trying to prove to irrelevant ppl. Thnaks God she did ,because maybe now she knows what kinda Rotwriler Con is now. I cn bet you nay money the Ex doh even wah look pan har now. He had her as his prized bull and she turn out to be a regula chiwawa now. Unuh betta stop it before me and mi fren empty out wi Dm pon here showing Con acting desperate for some pusc. Some as recent as last week. stop it and go clean up unuh mess, yuccckkkk. This is why unuh no fi hide and teck man unda secret they always have something to hide and you fools fall for it.

  5. Do way I see it Donita sista coulda f**k bobby bredda,fada r even him son if she want. Unnu lucky she choose him so called fren. Him propose to smaddy else and have a baby on di way bobby leave di girl alone mek she love u want to have your cake and eat it too. Just because man stand up together inna party dat don’t mek dem frens. As soon as a woman try fi move on unnu bash dem and when dem stay inna di f**kery unnu still mash dem. what unnu want di girl fi duh? Sit down n stress ova bobby? Live ur life young lady most of these people only want to talk about the bad and never share the good things continue excelling in school n hold you head up

  6. Wowwwwww , I think I might need something stronger then this tea Henny straight now chaser Pls Ctfuuu

  7. Sneaky skilli stay off my girlfriend phone chatty mouth rasta she say u love call an chat u Fren dem fi pussy. Where chyna

  8. Skilli be vewy vewy cawful today Dwl chyna call ur man nowww get him a day work dwl 2 much free time no good rasta

  9. Skilli be vewy vewy cawful today Dwl chyna call ur man nowww get him a day work dwl 2 much free time no good rasta.

  10. Long time me a hear bout Con big hood ah Wanda if him can use it good. Sumbady weh get unno cant tell me how him gwan mi waan knoah


  11. Shakky you try bring down the little girl think that can change bobby from stop stalking her ,shakky you worry about the wrong thing go have several seat because shawna Kay sleep with you man

  12. FAlling star why you try put Danita in the same category like you,bobby did say the little is threat to you now I prove it


  13. Shakiera wanna be barbie so baddd.. Bobby won’t be there for long and if so it’s because she’s putting up a front and not letting go to prove everybody wrong. She will Neva be in barbie shoes.. Both them chicks are cool but I tell it the way I see it. Shakiera wanna catch up to har bestie..

  14. Yes nasty I agree with you money make bobby was with shining star him love dainty little sister but you can’t trust man weh love money bobby how do u do it shining stAr sleep with 99% of the man in Philly the only person shining star don’t sleep with is my grandfather true him dead

  15. Why are gege and veechie warrin ova that lil boy. Munchy an Veechie eva love bully people cause they fava man but gege dun dem rass. like how nifigi dun u dont see dem big black bear inna no dance cause dem can not afford to get in. n notice dem not even defend dem bestie skilly now club shut down dem switch up on him to. all they do is chat bout all the bitchs he fukkin an set dem cuz on skilly fi watch him. from he move up ugly maine munchy no stop tell him who n who to talk tru he a clown, n she cant watch max free hood.
    An u no they aint keepin no V Secret dance if no nifigi free date a gwan cuz they dont have NOOO money to keep it anywhe else. they soon fren up shabba n Nikki so they can keep it here.

  16. Who is Con?? I’m happy to see nikki’s doing something progressive, I thought they only knew how to party n look war

  17. But dem deh pon con case… The whole f**king crew a dem a nasty whore. Clips a F**k the red head haitian whore Julia and one bagga dutty dancehall party whore.. Clips stop try f**k poochie and bomb head hulk hougan sherek looking gal name sha yuh nuh tyad Fi delete him picha dem offa yuh IG? Him nah stop gi yuh bun bitch yuh need a f**kn make over. Clips a big up Julia pon IG cause him wa him dutty gal dem know say when dem see she dem Fi stay far that nuh mean shit cause she a f**k pon yuh with the bouncer from u lounge so a bun Fi bun. Nasty kemar yuh nuh stop walk and nyam front

  18. Donte still dating shaunakay or nah? Nah go lie out of all the old whores donte be f**king in philly shaunakay look the best on his hands… I hope that old lady that look like his mom hurry up and give him his papers… Donte and shaunakay makes the perfect couple I love seen them both togather.

  19. Who else notice say con did deh pon instagram a do party recap yesterday!!? Him just gi weh him self cause him upload pics with him 3 girl dem and tun roun delete dem back dwfl.. woman troubles con? Dem Fi beat yuh blowow me strongly feel say a one inna the white enuh cause me Neva see him with the one inna the floral b4. The slim one always with him and him fren dem

  20. Thats kim the main chick. The slim one inna the white….it’s crazy how all dem gal yah him a f**k think him faithfull please….mi nuh sorry fi nuh a dem gal yah. All a dem jamacan man/bwoy yah inna dancehall have more than one woman…..

  21. Yes met no ano d slim one inna the white a di main chick is the next one weh inna the white she was the first girl him post furthermore d gal a outta port gal no sah lol con ya gwaan

  22. Kim or nuh Kim main chick or nuh main chick. Deh B deh yea the chiney looking one long time man a look har and she nah gi me nuh know and me know a con gal but me know him a gi har bun and all beg me beg har she go roun me. Maybe me have a chance now.

  23. For the record? No liquor license in the state of Pa after 2am. Point blank period! Nikki watch the crabs in the barrel!

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