0 thoughts on “NINJA MAN ONSTAGE

  1. Mawning Met, Metters & Peepers. This is a more mature, reserved and clearheaded Ninja Man. Ninja man seh de police dem guh all out fi win de Kartel case cause wid all de technology from America, Canada and Scotland Yard, if dem did lose it wudda be an embarrassment. Ninja seh de police step up dem ting a notch an de yute dem fi watch more Law & Order instead some odda show.

    Ninja seh de wuss pawt is yet tuh come, dat a de day of de sentence. Him know weh Kartel gwine get but him nah seh it pon TV but him a beg de judge fi show some mercy.

    Ninja new chune a gwaan good. It can tek ova Jamaica.

  2. Ninja them no smart lie you. Ninja done know say him na go a jail again fe him thing set. You think him can da around M&N that have so much money and them make him go back a hell pls. Just hope when him et out of this him say out of trouble. Love you ninja man.

  3. ” me and God a go in the court house”… A satan and Kartel go in the courthouse. And God mash down dem rass.

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