11 thoughts on “NO AGEN YANIQUE

  1. A coconut Bytch never realizes that there is a difference between fat and thick, this chick is more on the fat side. Even when you spend money to get a plastic body you still have to keep your weight down. I bet this bytch farts out scandle bags, ole made in China broad.

    1. Go suck you rancid, crack head, neighborhood cum guzzler mother! And if de cum container dead go dig de slut bitch up and gnaw pon har hind quarter! FOH! here bout “coconut bytch” dead dog, massa s!*!t pot yankee!

      That coconut shit not missed by all round here you damn dead dog!

  2. Some of these pictures of Yannique are distorted. You can see the videos and better pictures on instagram and snap chat.
    Yes, Yannique could lose a few pounds but, using distorted pictures to make a point is ridiculous.

  3. Look like when u tie up hog fi roast over open fire and mek sure to strap dem up tight so dem nuh burst open while dem spin and roast over the fire pit. Overdoneee and overfilled with cement
    Kitty a beat u wid class and intelligence. She tone down her dressing and makeup and a say class, class whe u a sey see mi ya, mi a dash it out dey

  4. Mi curious fi kno if Broadcasting Commission nuh see Magnum and how TVJ fi hav her out deh like dat! Dancehall is about style and fashion, di skin tight a nuh di problem but more di fact that a bere, cut out and see through and print out a gwaan, every week! It nuh look good! And to be honest it get stale!

    Who nuh like how mi talk hush!

  5. @anonymous 12:23pm

    Can please define coconut bitch because I recall growing up the American hating ass bitches wanted to style us Jamaicans as coconut.
    Anyway, the video of Yanique in this outfit including the shoes look fine. This picture up top doesn’t do her any justice.
    Now it’s going to take a village to make her look classy. I don’t believe the network have that type of money to invest in wardrobe. These enchancement weren’t done to create class, these chicks want to look like Jessica Rabbit…#Sexsells.

    1. Not a rass definition but one duty yankee a come wid dem RACIST/Xenophobic slight. Yes racist!

      When stale fish oil smelling, pissy jancrow dem did a call Caribbean people ‘coconuts’ dem did a tell we fi go back pon we banana boat, call we spear chuckers and ask if a tree we live inna.

      I hate majority black americans and this one think a pure newbie to dem phuckry de bout yah.

      Yankee go spread out so lapd or nypd shit on you! Nasty sewage sucking rat!

      …self sustaning is what we be. Coconut have character,orgin and purpose.

      jigaboo bytch :p

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