27 thoughts on “SHEBADA HIM

  1. Shebada start look like a demon. He’s living in sin ‘ yes we all sinners but every year yu getting uglier prayers for shebada look at the nails. Demon Demon dat fully.

  2. Yes met, them need to humble because soon them fame ago leave because they r not getting any younger. Y our ppl cant work in unity n love? Now them have shibby a write off this man n we all know when shibby start him nuh stop.met a honest n a humble question shibby sta888 or narrow?

  3. Sher and renee a get flap soh dem nah dun a sher dweet sher is a likle insigator wid her 5 yrold child like talking

  4. How bruk Shebada reach inna dis? Why him nuh go back pon go fund me go start a new begging page? Is Sher set him fi cuss d man, Sher look like a damn puffer fish, bloated wicked bitch wid her dog looking side teeth. Shebada a look a buss offa Front & Back. Mi caan fathom how Shebada can a cuss man an call dem batty man? Him is what den? A Queen Queer since him refuse to admit him is a nasty batty man. Gwey Shebby u bruckkkkkkk

  5. Sher mix up nuh rass she should a glad the man send fe her stay bad rass a England bout entertainer which part with her lean body mixup duty gal sher go sit you ass done and stop mix up people

  6. No shebada breast a get big.. like him out fi soon start breastfeed.. him nw bout bottom eeeehhh. A batty expert. No sah..

  7. I despise Shebada. He is gross, loose and disgusting. Front and Back need to ignore him.

    Stay deh Sher, when a ur time Shebada gonna cuss u dog rotten he hates women. Wait man your time soon come Sher.

  8. Did anyone watch sher on onstage talking garbage how much they are like beenie and bounty, headtop is well spoken and one humble girl!!! But nasty sher talking about there’s no challenge out there girl fall back there’s a lot of great female dancer look at (dancing rebel) how reene is like beenie or bounty? This gal sher don’t give credit I can’t stand the girl for nothing so too much! Slow down stiff gal even Winford gots to remind her about carlean!

  9. Shebada want the man bottom because fi him own done. Me nah ask if u can put two hand up inna Shebada and clap. Shebada need to go worry about him td4 cell count and gweh.

    1. LMAO, weh yuh seh Simone, two hand can clap inna Shibbi, although mi and yuh couldn’t gree on the Kasi posts, I’m enjoying your comments, big up yuself. All now mi caah stop laaf.

  10. Why are we making these empty barrel people important? Seriously? Can we get some more inspiring people. My God. It’s not like they dance for Alvin Aileys . Are they on Broadway? Are they backup dancers for Lady Gaga? They just social media poppyshow. Them making money is only temporarily. How long this dancing is going to last? Look at DHQ Carlene, did her dancing take her far? Smart thing to do is come out of Jamaica get an education to fall back on. But no, them just want to skin out, party all night, sleep around. What they going to do when they get older? What’s they going to do if they break a bone? These young girls need to get it together. Sad thing is the younger girls are looking up to this mess thinking this is the only way out.

    1. Carlene is different than these stuff balloons. That woman had real talent. All dem do is roll pon floor and jump outta tree. So over them. If they had any sense they would all come together and create dance workshops or even a Saturday day program where young girls can learn REAL dance moves instead of lay down a day time with dem man when dem parents gone a work. But nooo dem rather partake inna f**kry

  11. Unuh move unuh dutty bloodcl**t an gweh if all a unuh can pick side an who naw cuss sher a cuss Nicki why shibby caan seh something to unuh a 2 mouth cutliss mi hate unuh ….an if shibby a teck man inna him battyhole nuff a unuh nasty bitches a teck man inna fi unuh batty ole to . Kuh pon unuh to pot a cuss kettle kmft

  12. @7:45..whats the story with shebada him go both ways or what? I am honestly trying to understand.its very confusing i like him joke sometimes doh.but dont push no fire cry peace n unity n stop lose u all self on social media

  13. Whats up with this “yeah” it irks my nerve. I never watch this Shebada dude but why is he even caught up in this ghetto hot mess. Aren’t you somewhat of a star my youth. The things that just came out of your mouth for a grown ass man is a turn off. Thank goodness I never waste my money to watch any of your plays.

  14. @745 get a life sher stay bad like wha and all a them sher move you duty whoring rass self you should a glad for the buss to go England with u stiff f**k out self you a gawn like you a anybody stop it ya man member foota elephant man and the numerous other D J and sound man whay u f**k and dem run you rass bitch a hype u a look off the man whay sorry fe Unu and go Unu a buss him should a did cancel
    Unu visa bout you get duty shebada she to a cuss fe you why shebada never send fe you or carry u pan tour with him him she whatever nuh rate u don’t gawn DuPpy know who to frighten sher you soon meet u match

  15. Everyday front and back get up and post things about sher and tag her in it on ig.he needs to stuff ,he’s not a woman she has all right to cuss him.people tired of him on ig

  16. Front and back, please go and get her work permit revoked. That gal is a damn fool, and don’t know how to do business.

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