12 thoughts on “NO APP

  1. I seen a throwback Thursday picture of this dusty bytch and back in the day she used to be Akons complexion now she’s the complexion of 3 day old dog shyt :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak : _Just another coconut bytch who’s trying to be something she not. Classy #ShesNot Naturally lightskin #ShesNot Wifey #ShesNot

    1. Stop it. Aneka neva black. She was always brown but not lightskin. She did have the true “browning” shade. We all know now she bleaches but she neva black.

  2. Lawd mi cyaan badda, why in the name of Fame these people nuh live a simple quiet life? She looks really off key with her skin tone.

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