Hi, Met The father that beat his son in upper darby cant make bail. I agree with the discipline,but he took it to far. God don’t like ugly it’s many other things he should be in jail for. The way they say he beat his son he should have beat the man in Jamaica. Three years ago he was in Jamaica sleeping with (Edited) girl. The father tried to talk to him nicely and he start making noise trying 2 diss the man. Met by time the man finish with him his friends could not even help him. The man give him some Bumboclot LICK !!!!!! nuff things him do a philly good dad bad person.

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  1. I’m going to see if I can see the video of the beaten later today. If you can beat your own child like this just think what he does to others not related. he is where he should GEORGE W. HILL CORRECTIONAL! that’s a real bad one too. They will make you sleep on the floor with a mat.

    1. They did not release the video.But I believe it has to be one especially from the broom beating in the store. But I hear that’s the same way he beat the baby mothers until the one from NY turn around and hit him back one day and he never went back after that. he told people “she 2 out of order” in my 1 grand voice lol

  2. Met weh fi pics from daymion party cause mi hear seh suck pussy Chrissy did deh deh ah throw word pon Barbie an shinging star.

  3. mi hear seh him nuh stop beat him philly baby mother keisher, and wen dem guh dance dem look so loving and gran yuh need 99 more gran fi duh road

    1. Yes him beat keisha bad one big fool. Me hear about the beat down him get in Jamaica for fu@#$&g the man Pickney. And the fool keisha walk around “no not my one grand” Bitch he had 2 kids on you.All baby moms get your tax money ready he needs out of jail.One grand can’t post bail.

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