What a TASK yuh a put before God fi deliver you from di lie whey yuh guh tell pan di dead man? Di person whey send yuh fi go tell di lie a dem a di enemy suh right desso alone di prayer……..reverse right back. Mi no know if yuh think a one eye God look through when him a cast judgement or him jus raise up when yuh call fi save yuh from whey yuh put urself ina but it shameful before man and God when yuh really have di nerve fi se such a prayer. All now yuh nuh admit to whey yuh duh but yuh a call out enemy fi put to shame and a yuh guh tell lie. God nah save yuh from not a court mi love because a yuh tek up urself and go buy yuh own court case so God only a give u what yuh select from di menu, HOT, SPICY AND RAW! Di lawyer dem cudden do it from long time dem cyah mek dem breed a miracle yah.. suh is beta yuh did se a prayer fi forgiveness and ask God nuh fi beat yuh too bad!Den I think yuh prayer wudda received beta……Also yuh cyah pray fi people whey nuh believe ina God…how him a go save dem when dem se him nuh exist? Nuh badda ansa :travel

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  1. A diss yuh call PRESUMPTUOUS SIN, unoo a call pon God now, none a unoo neva recognize God……..True how mi bloodc@$%t bad Mi nuh must know God cau Selassie a mi fadda……Tell God seh Selassie I a my emperor……..UNOOOOOOOOO BETTA GO CALL PON SELASSIE.

  2. Marnin Met U nu easy u kno.wha u sey a one eye god she go serve.She soon learn her lesson,dem tek god fi joke ting.

  3. Unbelievable, ask for forgiveness and call it a day! Why do these people believe after this young man lost his life that their going forward should be given more consideration. This young lady of all people knowing lied about seeing a man whose body is yet to be found and given the peace that he now deserves…..heartless and unremorseful in every sense of the word!

  4. Aftanoon. Bwoy it hard for mi to see that so many a dem people deh need some form of correction. Not one brave bone inna dem body. None a dem want to face up to their amorality. Mi kno that in life people are more forgiving than you would tink. But you haffi open and honest in your confession of transgression.
    Dem people yah want di pudding and want fi nyam it same time. If yuh eva guh ova the “official” kartel page pon facebook, a pure “Jah” dem a call dung fi mek dis poopinjay, bleach out man free. Dem nuh care wedda im duh di crime or not. Dem just want him free!

    1. Aftanoon but God is not to be mocked , whappen to Kartel lumination ring dat him was wearing kaws a couldn’t illuminati …but what happen to dat and di science ooman ?

  5. well in times of trouble and great sorrow, we all call upon di almighty god for help, all di guilty. so mi cyaah wrong har fi call pon god.


    mi deh yah a dead wid laugh cuz di devil dem weh seh fiyah pon a god a look to di hills from whence cometh help for the righteous.

    woieeeeee, gaza slim seh protect dem from di enemy, a which enemy u a talk gaza slim? a cyaah lizard family weh a seek justice fi dem son, brother, man, uncle etc u a call di enemy?

    All now lizard ppl dem no seh a proper goodbye to him. dem no know weh him body deh so dem can go fi it and mek him body rest in peace in a dignified way, an u a cum talk bout deliver u from di enemy????

    if a call u weh a want call u, mi ago sin, so i will hold my tongue.

    1. yes but God neva eva se di unrighteous fi call fi help or those with blame…him se di blameless di unrighteous etc etc and dat DONT include she..di enemy part frazzle mi doe mi a wonder if is har own mout a di enemy because a it tell di lie..i don’t get it

      1. mi no get it either met, she needs to come on jmg cum splain who di fu-ck a call di enemy.

        a cyaah we di public weh a talk weh wi hear and can analyse

        a cyaah lizard family weh a pray just like she, but for justice

        a cyaah di prosecution weh a do dem job with di evidence kartel and him fren dem mek as gift to di court.

        so a who she a call enemy? ano like dem no do di crime, even stevie wonda can si seh a dem mek di boy disappear.

        she a pray bout case, she would be more successful praying for sum porridge, she needs it.

  6. This girl crazy ….shi malnurish plus shi a bleach so it hard on the head ….which God shi a pray to ? plus shi a kip oman fi di devil …

  7. i wud neva figet di line weh dis man seh outtah em mout “tings weh mi duh ppl tel mi seh mi muss guh a hell mi seh puxxy mi nuh muss noe god” UTTER SHAME N DISGRACE su mek mi ask yuh agen vanessa IS DIS MAN YUH A PRAY FAH? doah ansa oooooooooooo :cd

  8. Them sing pure song about violence and fornification, them commit crime and do pure evil things and then when them in trouble them call on God.

  9. mi cant stan ar, she sooo nuff and mek not a damn sense!! pray to god fi forgiveness fi lie pon di dead man and pray fi him forgive the murderah weh yuh call yuh man smfh…all ah unno ago pay fi dah one yah…..EVIL and shame-LESS…..BUN PARASITES……………

  10. she reali sick mi wid da one yah…deleting every one a har song outta mi ipod now :marah :marah :marah
    people can wicked so? bwoy mi neva know a so gaza stay bad. mi loose offa di whole a dem. all shawn storm too…i just kaint!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Ah now the bitch den know bout God and Jesus. Ehh Gaza Slim is just now you realize that Kartel is not God?? I sorry fi you.. This is why so many artist lef that Gaza camp… The whole ah dem did have an idea about Kartel mudering habit.

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