Met Clarence went to the people them high end store on Miami Beach to steal for his Govenor’s Ball.

The store owner sitting quite comfortable at her home watching and waiting for him to return as he had hit her once before.

As soon as he made a purchase with the people them credit card thinking he threw off the assistant by making a purchase. But di owner did really a wait pan him suh dem call police and

dem bangle his azz with the people dem expensive clothes well hide up in a him kaka-hole

30 thoughts on “NO BAIL FOR CLARENCE

      1. Germs dem a road a walk by people and just randomly knock u the f**k out fi fun….
        1 punch to u head and dem gwan no care wha happen to u

        Damn idlers

        People dead from it already and seriously injured

  1. Morning met, only child n original. Only child a nuh game weh the teenager dem a play wen dem tump down ppl n gone

  2. em neva hav nutten hidden caw em pay fi dem em juss neva noe seh di lady dun tip har assistant n di police…anythin fi dancehall life smh

  3. Dem luv risk dem freedom to show off on ppl half of them ppl weh party is a bunch ah thief me glad da pinkwall is exposing them 1 by 1

  4. I think he bond out… but it’s the same night of Vini dance him get hold.. That why he was a no show at Vini party and had to cancel the Ball the next day… He was at a wedding over the weekend on Saturday so he’s out.. Unless dem pick him up since then.. idk

  5. Criminal Justice and Civil Infraction Cases – Case Information

    Printer Printer FriendlyFriendly
    Court Case No.: B-13-048237
    ** This case is not eligible to be paid online. For more information, please contact the Clerk’s Office at (305) 275-1155 **
    State Case No.: 13-2013-MM-048237-0001-XX Name: SMALL, CLARENCE FREDERI AKAs Date of Birth: 10/03/1963
    Date Filed: 11/13/2013 Date Closed: Warrant Type:
    Assessment Amount: $0.00 Balance Due: $0.00 Stay Due Date:
    Hearing Date: 12/05/2013 Hearing Time: 10:00 Hearing Type: A
    Court Room: MIABH – MIA BEACH BRANCH CT, ROOM No.: 2-1
    Address: 1130 WASHINGTON AVE.
    Previous Case: Next Case:
    Judge: RUIZ, RODOLFO A Defense Attorney:
    Bfile Section: B241 File Location: CASE PROCESS Box No:

    Seq No. Charge Charge Type Disposition

  6. Met knock out started I NJ where random group of children going around seeing if the can just walk up to people and punch them so hard to where they fell and knock out cold and unresponsive it doesn’t matter who it is man woman or children and take their stuff they did it to a professor and a woman walking with her child.

  7. Dis big gray tone fella cal him self govner and at 50 him still a scammer and thief. Jail and deport him. And vini still keeping dance? Kmft

  8. Blessed good evening Met and all others.
    @ Mocha yes he was out on bail but they came back for him.NO BOND!!!!
    Remember he is on probation for the fraudulent documents case ,
    Clarence need to go sit his battyman azz in JA as he does not appreciate living in the USA.
    He has gotten one chance too many.

  9. @ Addicted … What yuh saying to me? Ah when them pick him up? Yes man dem tyad ah him, dnt know how to chill! Weh the hell him ah duh dung deh suh Lincon Rd. Too brave

  10. hellloo met and metters,

    mi nuh surprise wen mi hear dis dem people yah nuh have nuttin good bout dem. dem really nuh feel no way a pose up in a di thifing clothes weh come out a dem cratches wid buzzer hole. di hole alone turn mi off from buy thiefing clothes. dem brave man i woulda fret and a sweat b4 mi walk in a di store. :peluk

  11. Hi Met…the whole Miami Dancehall Crew dem a set a Thief unno him alone unu need fi come off mi cousin name and take several seats,him nah beg, nor borrow, or couch anun body bloodcat yaard so gway.

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